Back In Shattrath – Settling In

December 18th

Dear Journal,

Well, I still have more boxes to unpack and put more things away.  One would have never thought that I would have accumulated so much in the short time that I lived in Dalaran, however, a lot of the things that I have here are from the main house, things that Fnor has gotten over the years.  He told me not to leave anything behind, which I didn’t, however, I think we will need a place to store some of it since we don’t have the room in the house for all of it.  Maybe once the construction is done on the house in Nagrand, I can move them over there.

No, my parents didn’t come with us to Shattrath, I knew they wouldn’t the moment that I mentioned it and my Mother started to tear up.  They decided to go back to Dolonaar and their little house there rather than make the change to Shattrath.  They weren’t happy with having to move again, however, after I told them about some of the things that my Sindorei had told me, they were understanding of it at least.  I’m sure that Mother will be happier once she has the time to putter around in her own little garden and my Dad will be able to get away and do some of the things he enjoys, some light hunting and fishing.  I know that I already miss them more than words can say, it was nice having them near us, even if it was only for a short time.

Of course, Vashlan was the one that caused the more uproar about moving than any of the rest.  He was upset that he would have to leave his instructor and his friends there in Dalaran.  Now, he’ll have to go in search of another apprenticeship in Stormwind, which I know won’t be easy for him.  I’ve already sent out several letters to the various mages that I have knowledge of in order to find placement for him.  In the meantime, he can get settled back in at the apartment over the warehouse and try to connect with the friends that he had before he left for Dalaran.  If he truly isn’t happy in Stormwind in a few months, I’ll have to do it all over again in Darnassus. He could even stay with my parents, if he wanted too.  I know when I mentioned that he gave me that wrinkled nose look and told me that he’d like to live in Darnassus if it came to that because his Grandparents wouldn’t understand what he was doing because he was the odd one in the family.  I guess he has some feelings there that may have been hurt because he is the only mage in the family and we’re not exactly sure where that came from.

I guess the Bitterbeers went back to Ironforge for a while.  I did go to check on things in Stormwind and had hoped to run into Kal while I was there, however, Romey hadn’t seen him.  I sent word to the dwarves that their services were going to be required even more than ever since a few of the employees have decided to go off adventuring in Panderia as well as my son. I am kind of surprised that they didn’t follow Kal to Panderia for two reasons, they liked him a lot and enjoyed his company and I’ve heard talk that the beer is so much better in Panderia.  Of course, with them brewing their own, I’m sure that they would want to investigate the breweries, at least, in Panderia.

Luckily for us, the house isn’t that far from the Scryers Terrace and that is where the little guys will be attending school.  I certainly hope that they don’t start blowing things up like they did in Dalaran.  I don’t think that the people here would turn a blind eye to those antics.  I’ve heard talk that some of our old friends from Dalaran are already here although I haven’t seen them just yet, I’ve been too busy getting things put in order here at the house.

I know that I miss my Sindorei more than ever right now.  It seems like old times in a lot of good ways and bad ways too.  I can remember the months and even years that I have spent here in Shattrath with the children while he was off in search of something that he already had.  The way the rumors would fly and I would find out that he had taken up with some Sindorei girl, those were hurtful times for me.  If I didn’t truly love the man with all of my heart, I would have left a long time ago.

I can’t help but think about my Kaldorei mate while I sit here at the table writing.  If he were still alive, he’d have been here with me, helping me to put things away and telling me that everything would be okay.  He was totally different from Fnor in a lot of ways, he didn’t mind doing household chores and he definitely didn’t mind taking the children with him, to give me a few hours peace, when he would go out hunting.

The two little guys are having some trouble adjusting to being back in Shattrath.  The first thing they wanted to do was to go visit their Father’s grave, which we did.  Of course, we went there and they looked so surprised when we got there that I asked them what they expected.  The gravesite was in order and as it should be, however, I didn’t even think about this until they said it.   They were in hopes that he had somehow come back to life and the grave would have been empty – children wish for the strangest things.  So, we had to have a long discussion about that, how when a person dies that they are rejoined with Elune and, no, they don’t come back.  A few tears were shed and the first day in Shattrath was rather sorrowful for them.

Yes, they love my Sindorei as their “new” Father, however, they still have that love for their real Father that I will never try to dampen down.  He was the only Father that they had known for most of their lives and they are still trying to accept Fnor as their Father.  it will all come in good time but it almost breaks my heart when I still see them kind of jump and look at each Kaldorei male hunter they see walking around the city.  I suppose if they don’t settle down soon, I’ll have to go talk to someone to see what I can do to help them get past this.  At least they have found some of their old friends and have been playing with them a lot.

I think that my Sindorei will understand the changes and the way the young ones are acting because he told me that it was going to be hard for them to step back into a life that we had left behind when we moved to Dalaran.

I really miss my parents.  My Dad would know how to handle what I am going through with the boys, he always seems to understand and knows instinctively how to deal with things.  He truly has been a constant throughout the boys lives and I know they love him and respect him.  Maybe I can get them to come to Shattrath in a few weeks for a visit.  Well, they will be coming down for a visit to spend some of the Winter Veil with us.

Oh well, these boxes aren’t getting unpacked with me sitting here writing and I think I’m almost done with the things that I can unpack here.  I do wish that the construction on the house in Nagrand will be finished soon so that we can have some room in this house. 

I miss my husband. 




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