Thoughts – Visiting Stormwind

December 18th

Dear Journal,

You ever had one of those nights where you don’t really feel like sleeping and the harder you try, the more frustrated you get to the point that you just get up?  I’m having one of those nights now.  It doesn’t happen all that frequently, however, it does happen more here in Panderia these days.  I guess part of it is the fact that I am homesick for a place that the family doesn’t even live anymore.  I know we had only been there for a few months, however, it was such a huge change from Shattrath that I instantly fell in love with the place.  Crap, the new hadn’t even had a chance to wear off of my bed there yet before we had to move again.

I did manage to slip into Stormwind for a while yesterday to just check things out.  I wanted to see if anyone would make it a point to be insulting to me or even try to attack me there.  Nothing happened and I deliberately went to places that I knew would be more filled with people than just walking down the streets.  I even hung out in the Cathedral Square as well as the Trade District – nothing happened.  Of course, I’ll willingly admit that there did seem to be more guards around than what I remember from before but they didn’t even seem to glance at me or do anything out of the ordinary.  I even wandered over by the shop where Josie works in hopes of catching a glimpse of her, however, the place was packed and if Josie was even in there, I couldn’t have seen her anyway. I wonder if Harrier is still giving her a hard time of it?  I hope not because she doesn’t deserve to be treated badly.

I even took the time to go to the warehouse and the apartment there.  Of course, Vashlan has already moved all of this stuff back in from Dalaran ant there were books everywhere.  He wasn’t home because he must have been at his studies or over reconnecting with his friends at the Blue Recluse.  I doubt that he even realizes that there is a new kind of danger lurking around in some of the alleys of this fair city – those people that have a grudge against anything remotely close to Horde. I’m sure that Mother made arrangements for some of the employees here to keep an eye on him and make sure that he doesn’t come to harm.

I’ll admit that it was nice to see my old room hadn’t been invaded by anyone yet, everything was left just the way it was when I decided to go off to war.  It also meant that Josie hadn’t felt the need to come in and use the room either.  I did make that offer in all sincerity because no one needs to feel uncomfortable about the place they live and it sounded like Harrier was making her uncomfortable in the worst possible way.  Poor girl really does need to be careful with that fellow, he’s kind of different for an elf.

I would have liked to have stayed in Stormwind a little bit longer but I had to head back to Panderia for the obvious reason.  My time is not my own these days since I enlisted – I just had a few hours that I could slip away.

I wish I had had a chance to talk to Mother but she hadn’t been in the warehouse all day and Romey, our trusted Draeni accountant and attorney,  said that Mother was getting things settled in Shattrath and really didn’t expect her in for a couple more days.  Oh well, maybe I will get to talk to her in the next few days because I do plan to come back to Stormwind for a little while.  Maybe I’ll even go to the shop and act like a customer by purchasing a watch and maybe a couple of those little mechanical figurines that are in the window for the little guys for Winter Veil.  I know that it would shock Josie silly but at least I would be able to see her, even if would only be for a few minutes.

I think that I may have caught a cold while I was in Stormwind.  The differences between the temperature there and where I live in Panderia is totally different.  You could feel the chill in the air and the winter winds were very prevalent and I noticed them because of the fact that I hadn’t warn a warmer cloak and hadn’t brought any scarves or gloves with me.  Here in Panderia, there are times when I just sit around in a loin cloth when no one else is here at the house.  I have that stuffy nose and head feeling that you always get when you feel a cold first coming on.  Damn it, I can’t afford to get sick right now either because there is so much to do.

I think I’ll go brew some tea to see if that will make me feel better.  I do have a couple of hours before I have to get dressed and report back in for my next patrol.  If things go as planned, it will be a quick patrol and I’ll be back at the camp in a few hours and be able to head back to the farm where I can count on being able to get to bed early there.

Kae did act a little bit funny when I got back tonight though.  She knew that I was going to Stormwind for a while and she even asked me when I got back if I had seen Josie.  Of course, I told her that I hadn’t seen Jose and she kind of said two different things.  She told me she was sorry that I hadn’t seen her but was smiling – women are strange creatures.

If Josie does come to visit, I’ll definitely have to ask Kae to make some other arrangements for a few days or maybe we can put up a few screens so that there will be some more privacy, just in case.  I mean, I’m not planning on taking Josie to bed or anything but if the opportunity presents itself, I want to feel like it’s okay.  You know what I mean?  Who knows, they may meet and like each other.




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