He’s Just Dreaming…Really

December 19th


What the hell happened when I decided to go off fishing for a few hours on my own?  You guessed it, my best friend decided to get himself  fucked up and in trouble!  That’s what happened!

I had just decided that since we had done the thing, got the duty rosters out, the briefings done, that it would be okay if I took off and did something that I enjoyed for a while…alone.  Noooo!  How was I to know that some rookie would get his ass in a sling, cause a major uproar that wasn’t necessary and cause a bunch of people to die?

It’s not my fucking fault.

Fnor is in his tent, the wound on his neck wasn’t really properly cleaned and it’s infected.  The healers have been here a few times and they keep feeding him potions and changing the dressing on the wound, however, it appears that it is indeed a minor wound in the realm of injuries.  It’s still infected and he’s running a fever.  He doesn’t even know where he is half the time and it’s hard as hell to get him hydrated enough to help with the fever. He pushes the water away and starts thrashing around under the furs.

By the Light!  I know that a lot was going on that day, however, I think that things could have been dealt with differently.  Now, I’m sitting here worried that my friend could end up dying because of some mass hysteria about the fact that he killed an already wounded idiot.  Well, sounds like it was justifiable to me.  Oh well, I just have to go on what I was told and the hearsay that I have been able to garner since Fnor isn’t able to tell me exactly what happened in his own words.

Of course, he’s been delirious for part of the time and it’s been a bit chancy when he starts rattling off in Kaldorei like it was his second language (it is, but it sure doesn’t need to be spoken in a Horde camp)  and the last healer that came here left with some extra gold in her pocket.

It always creeps me out when they send out a Forsaken healer anyway.  If their patient dies, Light help us all, there is one way they can get rid of the corpse that always crosses my mind and it sure isn’t pleasant.

Anyway, the healer calls me into the tent to ask me why he’s talking in a language that isn’t really welcomed in our camp and I lied.  I told her that he had spent a great deal of time in the Barrens when he was younger and I was sure that he picked the language up there.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he’s lying there, mumbling away to Amyn and is sporting a good strong boner.  The healer cackled manically and asked me “Is that a new weapon we’ve not heard about yet?  Looks like a good strong polearm to me!! Doesn’t look like he’s thinking about war with that!”

I don’t usually blush but she sure had me going there for a few minutes.  I lied again and told her that I knew he had had a Kaldorei lover a long time ago and maybe with the fever that he was reliving that again.   A few people know that he has a Kaldorei mistress, however, they don’t know that he’s married to her now. They sure as hell don’t know that he has children either, although some know that he spends an inordinate amount of time away from camp sometimes. 

Yeah, I’ve heard the gossip here in camp since all of this shit came down.  I know that the two of us will probably be watched for a while until something else happens to draw the attention away from us.  It’s probably a bad thought to have, however, a new offensive attack would probably make things go away faster.  We just need to watch our step and make damned sure that no asinine fuckwad is watching if Fnor happens to talk to Kal at the farm.  I know we’re both treading on dangerous ground.

Of course, everyone here knows that we have a civilian business that we have to monitor from time to time which requires one of us to make a few trips to Orgrimmar to make sure that it is still going the way that it should.  I’m wondering if there is any way that Fnor could gracefully resign or something so that the heat would be off the two of us.  Hell, I wish both of us could resign but it’s doubtful that Hellscream would accept the resignations in a time of war.

Speaking of business!! It’s booming and I wish I had the time to spend with Faendra and some of the new employees that she’s hired.  Wartime has always been a profit time for us on a whole lot of levels, however, it’s just crazy right now.  I even have some contracts stashed away in my bags that I plan on filling in my spare time because we don’t have enough people up here in a civilian capacity right now.  Damn, the contracts for leather alone is enough to make you want to throw your hands in the air and celebrate the windfall.

Ah, good!! Seems like the fever is breaking again and he’s asking for more water and some food.  Maybe that last round was the end of it.  Maybe that Forsaken had better skills than I had suspected and the infection is finally subsiding. Damn it!  It sure does seem like he’s more fragile the older he gets sometimes.  I shouldn’t say that either because there isn’t that much of a difference in our ages and I seem to get through things pretty much unscathed.

How the fuck is it that I end up being a nursemaid sometimes?

Fnar Dawnglory




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