First Winter Veil Away From Gilneas

December 21st

Dear Journal,

I guess that I have decided to start keeping a journal like everyone else has here in Darnassus.  Sometimes it is just as well to keep your thoughts to yourself rather than try to discuss them with anyone else here in our displaced community.

I should introduce myself, I suppose.  My name is Felicity Fitzpatrick and my friends call me Felley, most of the time.  I used to live in Gilneas before we got routed from our homes by those ugly Forsaken things.  Yes, I didn’t escape unscathed and I did get the Curse – seems a lot of us got that gift whether we wanted it or not.

I’m kind of sad at the moment because I keep thinking about how the snow will be falling at home, how my Mom would be up early every day baking more holiday goods – lots and lots of different kinds of cookies and candies.  I miss those smells.  Heck!  I just miss my house and my own bedroom.

I miss having someone come in and helping me get dressed in the morning, brushing my hair, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek and telling me that I was probably the prettiest girl in all of Gilneas. I miss seeing my Father sitting at the head of the table with that ever-present steaming cup of tea in front of him.  I miss hearing my Mother ring the bell and having the serving wenches bring the fare – oh, the food, I miss the food most of all.

I miss the parties that we would all attend at this time of year.  I would have a new gown for each party with shoes and bags to match.  My shiny auburn hair would be set aglow with jeweled pins and my Mother would always make sure that my bustle was just perfect to show off my tiny waist and rather larger than it should have been chest.  The smell of verbena that would come off my clothes from them being stored away in my armoire. Oh, those were good times and I had a pampered life – my parents loved me, I was their only child.

Now, I have a slightly used set of armor to wear when I leave the city and I don’t even own a dress, which sometimes makes me weep.  I never knew it was so hard to make money or even to find a place to sleep at night until all of this happened.  I know my parents aren’t here, they didn’t survive the onslaught of the worgen running wild through the town – I saw them slaughtered in front of me before I screamed and fainted. I awakened to find myself out in a field not far from the house, the house was burning and to be honest, I was less clothed than I have ever been away from the bath.  I just know that someone saved my life and left me with the Curse.

I have met someone here in Darnassus, a fellow named Oakelsey or something like that – he said to just call him Oak.  He seems nice enough and he seems to be a fair hunter, which, I think will help me in the long term because he seems to know all of these tricks that I have never seen before.  I know how to set a fine table and what linens to use when you have guests, however, I have neither table nor linens anymore, so, that’s not really a good thing to know, I guess.

I may have passed Abner when we were riding through town in our carriage, he does look familiar to me sometimes.  Maybe it’s just the way that he carries himself and the way that he talks to me, I’m not sure. He has been a good friend to me since we met. At least he has shown me how to use a bow properly and has taught me how to hunt.  He also taught me how to control my inner wolf and when to feel comfortable with it.  I know that sometimes, before I met Oak, the change would start and I would just lay down and curl up in a ball until it passed.  I’m not sure how I hadn’t gotten killed in Gilneas because I don’t know how many people would have passed up an opportunity to shoot a “sleeping” wolf that was curled up in a ball.  I know that when everyone was told to get on the Kaldorei ship to flee Gilneas, I just followed everyone else.

Oak has been so kind to me and has even allowed me to share his room without making any kind of advances to me. I think that he knows that I am from a different group of people, his parents were trades people as was he – he is still searching for his wife and daughters.  Poor man does seem to get rather distraught sometimes when he sees a woman with golden hair walk by – he always thinks it might be his wife. 

Oak is doing everything he can to start his new life here with the elves and I think that I will stick close to him.  I don’t know, maybe he is one of those Alpha males or something, I just feel safer with him and I am learning so much from him.  He even brought home a little tree for us to decorate with bits and pieces of things that we had found out hunting.  We actually found a little jeweled hummingbird that we put on the front of the tree so the light from the fireplace would make it glitter.   He’s promised me that we would make the trip to Stormwind and Ironforge to see Greatfather Winter for Winter Veil.  I’ve never been to Ironforge before and I hear that it is really kind of warm and scary with a lot of dwarves running around – I haven’t seen that many dwarves, if the truth were to be known.

Well, I had better clean up my armor a bit and make it shine as much as I can, I don’t have a gown to wear when we go traveling – no carriage either, just our mounts.  I wonder if Oak knows how to braid hair? I would like to put my hair up so I look a bit older and I’d like to look nice for him. Oh, maybe we can get some roasted nuts in Stormwind, if they have them there – I love those things.


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