Getting Ready For The Holidays

December 24th


Dear Journal,

Well, I finally have everything unpacked in Shattrath that I intend on leaving here and still have the things that will go on to Nagrand packed away until the construction is finished.  My Sindorei should be arriving home today to spend the Holidays with us as well as Kaldor.  It will be nice to have them home again, I’ve missed the friendly banter that has developed between the two in the last few months.

Shattrath hasn’t changed all that much since I moved to Dalaran and came back.  Same people, same friends and same old thing with the exception of the fact that there seem to be even more Sindorei here than ever.  I guess with the dangers that were being discussed in Dalaran and a lot of them are persona non gratia in Silvermoon, they had no other place to go.  It’s not crowded yet, however, I am happy that we kept the house here so that we didn’t have to worry about where we were going to live.

Speaking of crowded, I never realized how much we had accumulated in Dalaran until we moved back here.  I know I spent a great deal of time just going through boxes and boxes of things and trying to decide what to keep and what to give away.  I suppose everyone accumulates stuff all of the time but I never realized how much Fnor and I had between us that were just sentimental things that are of no further use to us, other than the memories attached.  I mean, how many uniforms do we need between us?  I still had some of my old Sentinel garb that I don’t even know how I wore it back then, much less now after having four children.  Your body changes as you get older, or so they say.  No, I didn’t pitch any of Fnor’s belongings away because he needs to make those decisions, I don’t think he needs to keep his very first set of armor that he had when he became a Ranger, do you?

I did get rid of all of the baby clothes that I still had by donating them to the orphanage along with some more of the leather goods that I had made for them for the holidays. I mean, I didn’t need to hang onto the cradle that Fnor had made when Kal was born and I didn’t hang onto the beginner bows either because they were just taking up room. 

My Sindorei and I have made the correct decision in not expanding our family at this time.  We have no idea what is going to happen with this “new” war in Panderia and there was no sense in us bringing another little soul to have to defend for the next few years.  My oldest boys are definite proof that there is still a certain bias against their heritage, however, it still isn’t as flagrant now as it was a few years ago where they had to hide their differences by wearing masks and disguises. My two little Kaldorei boys are having the time of lives since we’ve returned to the place that they have spent most of their lives – they are truly little terrors and I know that I will have my hands full with them for quite a while with this war on.

I really miss my parents and I wish that they would reconsider their decision to not come here for the holidays because I know that the children will miss seeing their grandparents.  I suppose that they are correct in their opinions that they need to stay home and get things organized there again and get back into the routines that were disrupted when they moved to Dalaran with us. I will miss my Mother’s pastries and her kimchi the most right now.  She wants to stay home and tend her garden and I guess my Father wants to go out hunting with some of his old cronies – I hope that they won’t drink too much and do something foolish because they are all getting up there in age.  I know that sometimes my Father’s mind will tell him that he can do the things like he did when he was young man and his body just can’t deal with it like it did back then.  Silly old darling.

Faendra and Felaran are already here to see the family and I will admit that the two of them have been a great help with the little ones.  Fel really isn’t the motherly type, however, she does her best to keep them entertained and has taken them out foraging a few times since she’s been here.  However, I really do need to talk with her privately about some of her language – the boys have come out with some very different oaths since she’s been here.  Faendra is here to see Fnar, if the truth were to be told and I know that he will be arriving here shortly because his little sister is here, all aglow with the thoughts that she might want to take up residence here instead of Silvermoon.

I have to laugh because one of her main reasons that she wants to move to Shattrath is not because of her training.  It’s to get away from the iron hand of Agatha, the housekeeper.  I guess that Agatha has made it very clear of what she is going to allow to go on in the houses in Silvermoon as long as they are under her watch.  That means that Felessa has a curfew that she has to abide by or she has to go sleep at the dorm at school if she misses it.  I’m sure that Agatha has kept Dawnglory appraised of any indiscretions that may have happened.  Of course, Felessa is at that age where any man in uniform is going to be attractive to her. Oh Elune! I hope that she isn’t going to turn into the female version of her brother, I don’t know how my Sindorei and I could deal with two of them.  She’s always been a quiet little thing, especially after the last incident with the demon in Silvermoon, however, I am fully aware of what people say about “still waters run deep” and all that, it does make me worry.

I was very happy to get a letter from my beloved that told me that he is going to take an extended leave from his duties in Panderia.  Well, not that long of a leave.  He will be here until after the first of the year.  That means that not only will I get to spend some time alone with him but it also means that the construction in Nagrand will definitely be boosted up to high speed with him overseeing a large part of it.  What was once a little rustic cabin will be turned into another Sindorei showplace with adequate room for family and friends.

For the holiday, the sleeping arrangements have been altered somewhat and I am sure that Kaldor and Vashlan are not going to be too happy that they have share not only their beds but their room with their little brothers. I am going to have a very stern talk with Vashlan about not turning his little brothers into sheep any time they upset him, that has got to stop.  I have visions of him taking them to the market or something and selling them as livestock to some unsuspecting individuals.

Kal has already informed me that he will be spending some time with his girl from Stormwind, he just hasn’t said where they will be just yet.  He said that he is waiting to hear from her on that.  It almost sounds like he is trying to let me know that he intends on taking things to another level with that relationship.  I hope that he knows the ramifications that it might bring, I mean, she is from Gilneas and we all suspect that she has the Curse like most of her people.  I really need to talk more seriously with Fnor about it too because I know that Kal has a Kaldorei woman staying at this farm in Panderia too.  Talk about playing with fire and adding more heat to it.  He keeps saying that both relationships are platonic – well, it may mean that he hasn’t done anything physically with them yet, however, he’s not very smart when it comes to females, he’s that much like his Father.

Oh, I had better get busy and finish up with some of the baking.  I don’t think that Dawnglory’s sister knows how to cook really well and we don’t have Agatha here to handle the kitchen work like we did in Dalaran.  Oh, Fae does okay in the kitchen, however, Felaran does make more munitions in there than she does eatable fare.  I almost broke a tooth on the berry pie that she made last night, it smelled delicious and looked fabulous, however, I think one needed a very sharp axe to even cut it.  Yes, yes, I know that Death Knights don’t eat often, if at all, however, as often as she blew up the kitchen in Dalaran, I was hoping for some improvements in that area of expertise.

I need to make sure that I get our bedroom aired out today and everything in order before my Sindorei comes in.  He has mentioned that he wants to be able to sleep as long as he wants in that big bed of ours.  I hope he doesn’t want to really sleep all of the time because I have some other ideas that I want to try out with him.  He loves a good romp as much as I do.

I think that most of our friends are here in Shattrath, however, I haven’t been able to find the time to go out and look for them.  I heard tell that Raleth and Lalli are here already.  Lalli must be getting fairly large with her baby now and I am sure that Raleth is a nervous wreck.  I hope we can connect with them while Fnor is home, I know he enjoyed talking with Raleth.  I wonder whom else might be here?



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