Accepting Life for Winter Veil

December 26th

Dear Journal,

I never thought that I would have this much fun with Winter Veil this year but I think that finding Felicity and making friends with her has helped a great deal.  No, don’t get me wrong, I still miss my wife and my girls more than anyone could imagine.  I still hope that someday I will find them again, I’m still catching myself every time I see a woman walk by with the same hair color as my wife, just hoping.

Felley and I went to Iron Forge and I think that she was really shocked at how the dwarves actually live so close to the Great Forge, the celebration had definitely dressed the place up and she was in awe of everything.  We were able to get to the tree and able to get our gifts without too much trouble – there was definitely a crowd of people wishing to do the same thing.  Oh, I was in awe of everything too, especially the way that Felley looked in her winter red gown that I was able find for her before we left Stormwind.  I’m sitting here with a huge smile on my face because she was so happy with her gift even though it was more personal than what it should have been if we were following social amours and proper etiquette.

Oh, we really enjoyed going outside and letting our mounts run through the snow.  Of course, we had a bit of a frolic throwing snowballs at one another until we both just collapsed with the laughter.  She’s a damned good shot with those snowballs, however, I was able to wing a few in her direction that she couldn’t dodge completely.  We both maintained our human forms within the confines of the city, however, once we got far enough away from the rest of the folks and got out into the woods, we gave our wolves free rein.

I can’t really explain the freedom that I feel or probably what Felley feels when we both take on our wolf forms.  We’re totally free from the binding clothing that we wear as humans and can let our instincts carry us across the snow and the ice covered lakes.  With all of the fur, we hardly felt the cold until we were both chasing one another and tried to skid to a halt before we slid through a hole in the ice.  No, we weren’t hurt or anything, just noticing that even with a fur coat to cover our skins we still felt that chill blast of cold water as we fell in.

We were able to find a cave not too terribly far away from the lake and we were able to build a fire, trying not to glance at one another in our naked human forms.  I’ll admit that I took a peek and definitely like the sight that I was able to behold.  She is definitely a beautiful woman as well as a beautiful wolf.   I know that we enjoyed that time in the cave, drying ourselves before the fire and I think that if anyone walked by our little hideout, they would have heard two wolves chuckling inside.  I know it felt “right” for us to curl up closely together for just the sheer warmth of our bodies being so close together, it also felt “right” for us to be there together.

No, no, nothing happened in that cave other than sharing body heat.  I respect Miss Fitzpatrick too much to have made any advances to her other than just cuddling together.  Besides, my heart still belongs to my wife and my daughters and it would have felt like I was betraying both my vows and myself if anything other than being close would have happened.

It’s really strange how only a few months ago, I was bemoaning the fact of the Curse and now, I think that I have gotten to where I know that I will learn to adjust to it more.  I think initially, it was the not being able to control the beast when it wanted to appear, now, I’ve gotten the gist of it for the most part, although I will sometimes lose that control – depending on the circumstances.

I know that getting back to Iron Forge and feeling that warmth again was definitely more to our liking.  We definitely had a marvelous time at one of the Inns by having some hot chocolate to drink and having a decent meal prepared for us.  Naturally we both decided that having a little bit of the local alcohol wouldn’t be such a bad idea either and we were both surprised.  Everything just tasted so marvelous and I think that we both enjoyed each other’s company quite a bit. 

I would have liked to have been able to take a room for the night, however, with the crowding there, we would have had to share a room not only between us but with several others as well.  We opted to head back to Stormwind where we were able to find  an adequate room, even though it wasn’t as warm as the ones in Iron Forge might have been.

I know that we both blushed as we exited from behind the changing screens in our room in Stormwind and saw each other covered from head-to-toe in our night clothes.  We had a good chuckle as we crawled under the blankets, having used the warming pan to warm up the sheets first.  Oh yes, we observed the proprietary thing of having a bundling board between us, so, that in our slumber, the temptations wouldn’t arise.  We lay there stretched out and talked about our frolicking in the snow as wolves and we both fell asleep.

Getting back to Darnassus this morning was both entertaining and enlightening to both of us.  I suppose some people with more base levels of thought were thinking that we had gone off for some kind of romantic tryst since we hadn’t returned until this morning.   Silly people and their baser thoughts.  Sonshine just winked and grinned at me when we passed one another, us loaded down with our baggage and equipment.  Oh well, someday I’ll have to tell him how we spent our time.

After getting our things put away in our room in Darnassus, I checked our financial situation and decided that we could afford the luxury of just staying home today.  Felley is curled up on the bed and I’ve noticed that sometimes when she is sleeping, she lets out a little yip and growl – it’s kind of nice knowing that if she alters to her wolf that I would still be comfortable with her.




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