Love The Ones You’re With

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

December 26th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that it is nice being back in Shattrath although I do miss the creature comforts that I once had in Dalaran.  I miss my office, Amyn’s sitting room and our huge master suite with the private bath. Oh well, those days are gone and it’s time for me to get settled in here, even if it is a little bit crowded at the moment with all of the guests for the holidays.  My desk fits nicely under the windows in the bedroom and I can gaze out and view Shattrath any time I choose.  However, if I want to indulge in my nasty habit of smoking, I do have to step out the front door and sit on the porch.

I know that when I arrived home that I shocked Amyn a little bit.  Yes, I had lost some weight due to my fever that I had with such a minor injury – that throat wound was still just a troublesome thing and the scar that it was leaving makes me feel that much older somehow.  Of course, I explained to Amyn what had happened and how I had gotten – the whole story and she was mortified that it had happened at all, however, she understood.  Only she could have the knowledge from her own experiences in the past with the Sentinels.

Our reunion was everything that I had hoped it would be.  Just being able to see the little boys and seeing Kal with his brother Vashlan was well worth the trip.  All seemed as it should be even if we were in a new location.  It was just nice seeing us all gathered in one place where we could at least see that each of us was still giving around on this world.  It made me happier than I have been in years.  It was a shame that Amyn’s parents couldn’t make it, however, I can understand their reasoning behind it because of their ages and the fact that they have had to move twice in the last six months.  It still put a bit of a damper on the occasion for Amyn anyway.

I can remember the years when I thought I had everything a man could want for the holidays – I always had a nice young Sindorei woman on my arm that I thought I was in love with and I had the only thing that I didn’t have was a family of my own.  Oh, I would go to the parties with my Sindorei friends and we’d drink and laugh, exchange gifts but it always made me have a hollow feeling about things.  I’m glad that I woke up before it was too late and had lost the only real love in my life and my sons.

How Amyn has put up with me all of these years is almost beyond my ability to fathom at times.  She has been through so much because of me and, yet, she only gave up one time.  She took a Kaldorei mate and started a new life.  I know that there are times that she misses the man terribly, I can tell that when she looks at my step-sons a certain way because they both resemble him more than they do her. 

I almost hate to admit it, however, he was probably three times the man that I am.  Oh, yes, I met him on more than one occasion and he always very kind and understanding.  Of course, he would be understanding, he had a woman that very few people have ever really truly known, a home, children and a subtle happiness that I was still searching for at the time.  I know that Amyn mourned him when he died and his sons still miss their true biological Father, however, I am trying my very best to fill that gap for them.  Hunting accidents are always the worst when there isn’t some stupid war or conflict going on and his loss was felt very deeply by his loved ones.

Odd as it may sound to outsiders, we have one of his bows hung up over the mantle so that everyone can see it.  It’s in memory of the man that his mate and his children loved very deeply even though I was always lurking in the background somewhere.  I am proud to have been able to call him a friend and still admire him very much for the man that he was.  I wish that I had some of his skill as a hunter and the patience that he always had with his sons – there are times I want to thump them, however, they are still little guys and they have every right to be children.

Oh, we had quite the feast here.  It was wonderful being able to spend some time with the family.  My sisters seemed to be happy with the gifts that they received, although, I can’t understand why Felaran felt the need to cry when she got a kitten for a gift – a soft cuddly little fellow that she promptly named Blackstone. There are times that I think that my Death Knight sister still has some of her emotions from her previous life and this was one time that it showed.

Of course, the little guys had toys and games that they definitely enjoyed, much to our chagrin when they really enjoyed playing with the boxes and using them as “forts” for their toys to have all out battles with one another. I had brought back some little carved jade figures for them from Panderia, which they promptly turned into “warriors” to fight their battles with.  I ended up giving Vashlan a fur-lined cloak for the time that he is in Stormwind because his Mother tells me that it can get to be quite cold with the way the wind will whip through the city streets – I can honestly say that I have never been to Stormwind in the winter months. I think Kaldor was a bit surprised when I gave him a very nice cross-bow, however, I think that he will still use his long bow and probably use the crossbow occasionally. 

Ah, Amyn was very pleased with the armor that I had made for her in Panderia although the measurements were a bit off and she will have to have the adjustments made.  I always end up with the wrong measurements for her chest, I either have them made too large or too small, heaven forbid that this chest piece was too small.  I also brought her back some gems that I had picked up so that she can have them set into a necklace – yes, she got some jade too.  Of course, we have had our alone time where a husband and wife can exchange their emotional and physical gifts to one another – I can’t say that it was my best performance, however, I think that she understood about that.  It had nothing to do with any kind of dampening of my desire for her, it had a lot to do with the fact that I had been ill just a few days prior and was still recovering.  I’m sure that we will be able to make up for that during the time that I am home this time.

Dawnglory showed up with his usual blaze of glory and had everyone laughing so hard with his tales of his adventures in Panderia.  How he even let it be known that he is deathly afraid of the Panderian women.  I never realized that he actually was afraid of them for more than just sexual reasons, he’s petrified of them just for being themselves, I guess.

Faendra has stayed glued to Dawnglory’s side since he walked in the door. It still disturbs me a bit to think that she is going to give her heart to this man and he may not have made up his mind about what he would want their relationship to be.  He gave her some very nice gifts for the holiday, however, there was no ring in the gifts for her.  I think that he is trying to make up his mind and yet, he’s already decided about a few things. Faendra may want to settle down, have babies and a home, however, I don’t think that Dawnglory is ready for all of that domesticity that would grow from that.  I’m not going to say a word to either one of them about it and let Nature takes its course.  If they end up hurting one another, I am not going to let it change my relationship with my friend.  Yes, Fae is my sister and I love her more than life itself, however, I think that I understand where they both are in their lives right now.

I did have to laugh when we all saw Pan and Lumina slipping off for some of their own brand of “alone time” together.  Those two have such an attachment to one another that it is almost frightening and almost like they were people instead of our trusted feline companions.  You can almost see the years shed off from Pan when he sees Lumina, much like mine do when I see Amyn.

Yes, I’m having a wonderful time here at home with the family and I know that the days will fly by and I will have to report back to Panderia soon enough.  I will treasure this time with my wife and family when I go back to war and hope that we have more like this in the future.  One never knows what the Fates will have in store for you during wartime – I definitely have no idea how the Shas will influence our lives in the future either.


Fnor Morningstar




2 thoughts on “Love The Ones You’re With

  1. This was so sweet, and I loved the part where Fel was crying over the kitten; she probably needed something that sweet and fluffy in her life ,especially since she had no luck in the romance department herself. I feel for Faendra though, she was probably hoping that Fnar was going to propose to her,and when he didn’t, probably felt hurt .Fnor is wise, in letting them figure it out on their own,

    • Fel doesn’t often exhibit her emotions, however, the kitten caught her off-guard. As for Fae and Fnar, time will have to tell on that one although, I think that you’re right about her hoping for a proposal from Fnar, I don’t think he’s ready to settle down just yet. Yeah, just one big happy family and there is always something going on, it’s never boring in the House of Morningstar-Shadowmoon

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