A New Home In Shattrath

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

December 31st

Dear Journal,

Here we are already at the end of the year and awaiting the dawning of a new day tomorrow that bring in the New Year.  Where has the time flown and where has this year gone?  It’s something that I always ask myself when this day arrives – where has the time gone.  One thing I have noticed is that the older you get, the more fleeting the time seems to be and there seems to be no way to “Slow Down” as the Panderian remind us so frequently.

I’m sitting here in our bedroom in Shattrath, writing at my desk and having a nice cup of coffee that I made for myself this morning.  I do miss having Agatha bustling around the kitchen but I have a feeling that she is much happier in the houses in Silvermoon where she has free rein to run as she sees fit, I do trust her judgment on that as well.  Anyway, I will have to admit that I do miss the spaciousness of the house in Dalaran but that is not something that I can dwell on too much without becoming depressed.

We had a wonderful time for the holiday and I am sure that everyone is still enjoying their gifts as much as I have enjoyed mine.  My lovely wife bought me a new portable writing table that I can take back to Panderia with me and some new pens and inkpots – I needed those desperately since the ones that I had been using were getting to be quite old, me too, and getting to be more than a tad bit worn.  Now, I have a place to keep my journal, pens and a few other items all in one place.  I don’t know exactly what kind of wood the little portable writing table is mad of but it is very fragrant and reminds me of the times that I was able to slip into Darnassus undetected years ago.

I’ve spent the last couple of days in Nagrand overseeing the construction of the house there.  I do think that it is going to be quite the showplace once it’s completed.  Of course, we’re not making it so large that it will be easily seen by the casual observer and we haven’t encroached too terribly much into the area of the lake here in this hollowed out little cove of an old volcano, I’m sure.  We have plenty of room for the little guys to run rampant and of course the lake for them to swim in and we’re not too terribly far away from Shattrath, just far away enough to where we have the privacy that I like to have.

No, no, we won’t have eight suites of bedrooms, we’re down to six, which can be shared if push comes to shove and that will be it.  Of course, I’ll miss the bathrooms that we had in Dalaran with the heated water but we’ll get used to waiting on the water in the hot water cisterns to heat up unless I can figure out something that Vashlan can do to make the water stay hot all of the time.  I mean, he is a mage and there should be some kind of spell he can put on the cisterns that will keep the water hot each time it’s filled, right?   That’s how they did it in Dalaran, however, I’m not sure how often it had to be reapplied or if there were several mages that just did that sort of thing. 

The kitchen is rather small in comparison to what we had in Dalaran, however, it is more open to the great room where we will have the dining area as well.  It’s going to be cozy if not exactly spacious.  Fireplaces have all been installed already and I think that the place will be pretty much completed by the time I have to report back to duty in Panderia which won’t be for another ten days.

Of course, Amyn is all excited about the new place because it will be the first time that we have lived in a house that we have actually designed and built together.  Who would have thought that it would mean so much more to her than the mansion in Dalaran where she had free rein to do anything that she wanted to do.  I guess the whole thing boils down to the fact that no one else will have lived here except for our family, maybe that’s the real thing.  A new home, a new life and our family can be together without any concerns about any outside influence.  No, I don’t think that I will be offering many people an opportunity to come “stay” at the house for any extended periods of time either — it had gotten quite crowded in Dalaran a few times when I had offered the place as a sanctuary to some people that I had known that had needed it.

I know that it was hell to pay to get the marble for the fireplaces because I had to have that shipped in from Northrend.  At least the artisans were able to carve them neatly – they look rather simple and utilitarian but that’s how our life will be here in Nagrand.  Very simple, not real elegant, however, I think that we will all be comfortable.

Naturally, we will keep the house in Shattrath as well as the one in Nagrand.  I know that Amyn is enjoying spending some time with some of her old friends and the little guys seem to like going to school on the Terrace.   However, the house in Nagrand is going to be the place that I will consider home, it’s too crowded in Shattrath and sometimes I feel like there are just too many people in the city these days.

I know that I have seen an incredible influx of Blood Elf refugees that are supposedly from Dalaran, however, I find that a bit hard to believe – the place would have been crowded unbelievably if they had all lived there.  Who knows though?  I know that most of us used the city as a base of operations for our businesses or we were in and out of there so quickly that we just didn’t just seem to congregate around the city for socializing most of the time.  I’m just damned happy that I had the foresight to get my family out of there before everything went insane up there.

I’m kind of enjoying myself going out hunting with Kal now and again.  It does seem like old times and we seem to be able to talk more now.   I have to recognize the fact that he is no longer a child and that he has grown up quite a bit since he has been in Panderia.  I have to laugh at him every now and again when he starts talking about his little house and his farm – he actually seems to enjoy being a farmer, in fact, not some fellow that has a bunch of people tilling the land for him.  I suppose I’ll feel the same way once my little plot of dirt starts looking more like a home instead of just a place where some city fellow is growing veggies. I hope that I will be able to build a little house on mine one day and have Amyn bring the boys up for a visit, once things cool off a little bit more and it’s not likely to turn into a warzone if someone happens to see a Kaldorei woman living at my home.

Yes, I did seriously consider trying to resign my commission again and talked to a few of the people in Orgrimmar when I was passing through there and was told that resignations were not being taken because it was a “time of war” and the Horde needed every able bodied man in the field.  Well, I wasn’t exactly able bodied but I wasn’t severely wounded either, just the neck wound that is healing, finally.  I’ll do my duty for the Horde, however, I don’t think that my heart will ever be in it as it has been in past conflicts where we had a common enemy and it wasn’t just the Alliance that we were fighting against.  It seems pretty much a land grabbing thing to me right now and there is plenty of land to go around.  I’m sure that the Panderian people probably recognize the reasons why we are there and will eventually put a stop to it, I hope.  Right now, I just feel like my people are being used as fodder for Garrosh’s war machine and nothing more.

Well, war never makes sense at the time that it is going on.  It only makes sense that you were involved in something when you have the time to sit back and look at things intelligently when it’s over.  As to when this war will be over, no one even has a clue because it really has only just begun, it’s not going to be some quick and dirty conflict, it is going to take years for it to be truly resolved.

I will say that I have enjoyed spending the time with the family here in Shattrath.  It may not have been under the most ideal of circumstances, however, we were together sans Amyn’s parents, which she sorely missed.   Everyone seemed to put on their best faces for the time we were together and there weren’t any little family squabbles that seemed to put a damper on things.

The only troubling thing is that poor Faendra really must have thought that Dawnglory was going to propose to her and he hasn’t done that.  He didn’t even give her any kind of promise ring or anything of that sort while he was here.  I think Amyn and Felaran have tried talking to her about it but she still seems disappointed and sad about the whole thing.  I didn’t say a word to Dawnglory about it, that whole thing is between him and my sister, if anything comes of it, fine, if not, that’s fine too.  I learned my lesson about interfering with them when we were in Silvermoon.

I know that I am just enjoying being able to crawl into bed with my wife each night, holding her in my arms and the two of us talking quietly together.  Of course, other things will happen when you put the two of us in a bed, but that’s not the only thing I look to my wife for.  We’re friends, lovers, however, we’re truly becoming closer as companions.  The Sentinel and the Ranger, together we are probably stronger now than we have ever been in our relationship.

Fnor Morningstar


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