The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I will have to admit that I have been more than a bit remiss in the last few days in writing or even making an appearance in-game. However, I got a gift for Christmas that I wouldn’t wish on anyone at this time of year.

The gift was a cold that seems to like to torment me quite a bit by just staying in the cranial region, runny nose, fuzzy feeling and ears that seem to echo mindlessly when you aren’t really paying attention. Naturally, my spouse has decided that I shouldn’t have this gift alone either, so, we’re sharing it.

It seems like I can get up for a while and then end up going back to bed because nothing makes any sense with the meds we’re taking.

Here it is New Year’s Eve and our plans are pretty simple. We have a nice bottle of champagne, however, we may not partake of that tonight as is our usual wont. We may just go to bed and wake up tomorrow and say Happy New Year.

Speaking of Happy New Year, I do wish all of you the best and hope that 2013 will be a good year for all of us.

4 thoughts on “The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    • Thank you so much – I’m sure that we will start feeling better soon, it’s been kind of a miserable thing with both of us being down at the same time, however, that’s what happens sometimes.

    • Oh,I’m sure that we will be feeling better soon. All of the racing about and getting things ready for Christmas and getting exposed to only who knows what when you’re out in the crowds. I’m positive that we will feel a ton better when it gets a little bit warmer too.

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