Guests Have Gone…Alone Again

January 2nd

Dear Journal,

It’s actually nice to be able to sit down here at the kitchen table and let out a sigh of relief.  Most of the people have already headed home after the holiday this morning and I just look around at the mess that we will have to clean up so we can feel more comfortable.

Oh, I think that everyone had a good time and I know that I enjoyed having all of the people and family here, however, it’s nice to just have the house back to where it’s just the little boys and my Sindorei now.  I think my face hurts from smiling all of the time and I know that I have never laughed so much at so many jokes for a very long time.  Some of the jokes were old and stale, however, being in our new home almost made them seem like they were fresh and not so time worn.

It was nice having my two oldest sons home together for a while, however, I think that poor Vashlan felt a little awkward around his big brother because there are so many differences between them now. Kal has been out in the world and Vashlan has been sheltered away in Dalaran or Stormwind since he left Shattrath.  Oh, they put on a good front, however, I could tell that Vash was a little envious of his big brother and his independence. Kal was very generous with his brother with his gifts this year and I think that it was a good thing for him to do, however, I think it made poor Vashlan feel bad because he had spent all of his time putting together a new journal for Kal that had some magic worked into it so that others would be unable to read it other than Kal, himself.  It was a beautiful book and I could tell that Vashlan was very proud of it.  Kal was very gracious for the gift and he was very pleased at how Vashlan looked in the new robe he had brought for him and that staff that he gave him was magnificent with all of the jade worked through the staff head – I was actually kind of envious.

I actually felt kind of bad for Dawnglory while he was here.  His sister was driving him crazy with all of her begging to stay in Shattrath, however, he stood his ground and told her that she was going back to Silvermoon whether she liked the idea or not.  Oh, she definitely can be a pouty little thing when she wants to be.  Of course, I also think that everyone was expecting Dawnglory to pop the question to Faendra or at least give her a ring of some sort and he didn’t do it.  I could tell that Faendra was more than a little disappointed with him this trip.

Fnor and I had a wonderful time with the family being here, although I could tell that he was really exhausted most of the time and would have loved to have spent more time in bed sleeping.  He gave the two little guys some beautiful bone bows that they are still anxious to try out, however, they promised that they would wait until Fnor took them to Nagrand to do some hunting – I do hope that they will be careful, that’s how I lost my mate, their Father.  It actually sent shivers up my spine when they were talking about taking the hunting trip down there.  History repeating itself? 

I’m just letting Fnor sleep this morning for as long as he wants.  He looked rather exhausted yesterday and acted as if he was half asleep most of the time.   I think he was just tired from having to be constantly on the go with all of the people that were here and feeling like he had to be the good host even if they were mostly family.

I know that he will be happier when the house in Nagrand is completely finished and we are able to go there for most of our time. It’s much larger than our house here in Shattrath and I will have to admit that he is really trying to make it almost as comfortable as the home we had in Dalaran. Oh, no, not nearly as large as that was, however, it’s big enough to accommodate the people that might be visiting there from time to time.  I know that our bedroom is as big as the old one and the bathroom is just as luxurious, however, it won’t have that constant flow of hot water that we got so spoiled with in Dalaran.

I know that I shouldn’t say anything but I have never seen anyone pine for a place that they have lived in for a long time like Fnor has been doing for the house in Dalaran.  It meant more to him than just a building and to have it wrested from his hands like it was has been very hard for him to take.  Maybe someday we will be able to return there again and take the house back.  Who knows what is going to be going with this war and the stupid politics that are involved.  I just know that some crazy woman is in charge up there now and it almost makes me physically ill to think what might be happening to our old home.

I know that my Sindorei is wanting to find a healer like he had in Dalaran.  As vain as he is, that scar on his neck is still an angry red and is very noticeable since it starts below his right ear and disappears into his collar, no matter what he wears.  I might make the suggestion that if he can’t find one here in Shattrath that he go back to Silvermoon and find one, I know that they have the best there now.

Well, I just got finished giving breakfast to the two boys and they are off to school.  My Sindorei is still sleeping and I can tell that it is a very deep sleep.  I always laugh to myself when I see him sleeping like this because he will end up with only the furs wrapped around his waist and the rest of his body exposed.  Silly man only sleeps this deeply when he’s home, where he knows that he’s safe and sound.

Oh well, I guess I should start cleaning up and I’ll make some food for Fnor when he wakes up and maybe we can spend some time wandering the stalls in the Lower City before the boys get out of school.  I want some fresh fruit and I have been smelling the freshly baked bread all day.  

I’m just thankful that the holidays are over and we can settle down for a few more days.  Fnor will be home with us for a couple more weeks and I am looking forward to spending some time alone with him.





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