Riot in Orgrimmar…the Aftermath

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

January 8th

Dear Journal,

You knew it was going to happen sometime in the future, however, none of us expected it to happen so soon.  Yes, people were unhappy with the way that the war was started and the things that seemed to have happened with Dalaran, yet, you never thought that a group of people would think it an opportune time to attack the principles of the Warchief and the Horde.  Not in Orgrimmar, of all places.  I’m not happy with the war nor am I am a supporter of Hellscream and his ideals, however, you learn to pick your time and place to bring these things out.  You don’t start a riot in Orgrimmar.

Here I was, sitting in Shattrath, enjoying some peace and relaxing with my family and the news started coming in that all hell had broken loose in Orgrimmar.  At first, I was just chalking it up to some kind of hysteria that some discontents were trying to start rumors, however, as I heard more, my concern was elevated.

My first thoughts were of Faendra, she had gone back to Orgrimmar to handle the business there.  Was she safe?  Did the riots extend as far into the city as the warehouse in The Drag?  Was she caught out in the streets unaware of what was going and trampled by the mobs?

Of course, the comlinks that we have for the company haven’t been working all that well since the war started in Panderia.  There was no way that I could contact her other than the mail services or actually get off my backside and head back to Orgrimmar to see what was going on.  Naturally, my wife didn’t want me to go and get involved in all the strife that was probably going on but she understood why I had to go.  My sister was in danger, our livelihood was probably in danger as well.  I know how rioters will go from one building to the next, destroying anyone and anything that they feel is a danger to their “cause” regardless if it is real or imagined.

I am in Orgrimmar writing this.  Apparently, there was quite the uprising and there are heads on stakes at the gates of the city.  Some faces I recognized, some looked familiar, however, it was hard to tell without drawing notice to myself. The noises of the city seemed to be somewhat subdued as well as some areas seemed to be nosier than usual – some kind of hysteria there, I’m sure.

Apparently, the noises of the conflict reached the warehouse long before the actual riot traveled that far and my sister was calm enough, even with her fear, that she closed the doors and threw the crossbar across the main doors to avoid having anyone barge in with a torch or even just run in there to hide from the guards that were roaming the city killing anyone that stood in their way.

I never realized how small or how young Faendra was until she rushed into my arms when I stepped through the side door of the office. Of course, I knew that she was okay, just hysterical with everything that she had witnessed.  Poor little thing was shaking and crying as she tried to crawl deeper in my arms — fear can be a horrible thing if you’ve never been exposed to the violence that she witnessed and managed to avoid.  There had been some damage done to the exterior of the building, axe marks and blood spattered on the big doors that had been barred as well as some scorching from what I would assume to be mage fire. 

You could smell the blood in the air mixed with the dust and the dirt of the city, which is not entirely unusual considering that it is Orgrimmar.  There must be a mass grave somewhere that hasn’t been completely covered over yet with the number of insects that are still flying through the city.   It must have been a massive uprising and I am sure that it was a day of horror for those civilians that have never been exposed to war or a battle – my sister being one of them.  She sobbed out her story to me and as I wiped her eyes, I was wondering if it was even going to be safe to leave her here in Org or even to operate the business from here any longer.

Luckily, the little goblins had made their way to the warehouse when all of the troubles started and had been inside with Fae when the riot escalated. Naturally, Zippie was trying to make some kind of sense of things as well as Dooddah, however, Zednick was busy applying more wards to the doors and windows, as well as trying to come up with some fire prevention invention that we could sell to the other businesses in the area.  I guess he has been back to the little shack that they have in the Slums and everything was okay there, however, the girls don’t want to move back there.  There is enough room to accommodate them here in the apartment upstairs and I don’t think it would be a bad idea if they stayed here for a while.

 I guess that the Tauren came to Orgrimmar as soon as they heard what had happened, Mooma, Nahai and Tahfal have been healing some of the survivors – the ones that weren’t accused of being traitors and killed outright.

It looks like I will be staying in the city for a few days until things start to settle down.  I will definitely get word to Dawnglory that Fae is safe and unhurt.   I can send the message out with the military dispatches from here.  I’m sure the rumor of the rioting has spread to Panderia by now.  I wonder how the morale has been affected by it all?  At least it wasn’t an all out attack against Blood Elves as it was in Dalaran, I saw heads from all the races on the pikes, there was no discrimination against a specific group exhibited there.

Hell, we don’t have to fight the Alliance to win or lose the war.  it looks like we can lose the war right here in our own capital city without any help.  Damned maniac sitting as Warlord as if nothing has happened.  I have never heard of a riot in any city of the Horde, now, I can sit here and see the aftermath of it here in Orgrimmar. 

Why these rebels decided to act now and here in Orgrimmar is beyond my comprehension.  An open rebellion in the main city of the Horde?  Apparently, there must not have been a whole lot of thought put into this matter and people were just carried away by their emotions.  This was an ill-timed and ill-planned effort – it would be like going into a battle with a full frontal attack and nothing to back it up except to pile bodies higher and deeper to get to their objective.  No, there was no strategy involved.  Didn’t they realize that the guards and grunts in this city would stand with the Warlord? It was such a wasted effort and total waste of life.

I may disagree with what we’re doing in Panderia but there are more subtle ways of handling those feelings.  Diplomacy and tact can be used in times like these – it’s like a huge chess game, each group making their moves and the other group countering. 

An open rebellion in the government seat is not something that is going to be overlooked in the long term, I’m afraid.  I wonder if martial law will be invoked complete with curfews and the like for the citizenry of Orgrimmar?  Somehow I doubt that that will happen but people will definitely have to guard their tongues if they plan on keeping their heads on their shoulders.

I can’t help but notice that we have even more contracts here in the Orgrimmar office than ever before.  Business is booming and I’m heartsick.  War can be very profitable, however, war on your front door step is not exactly conducive to running a business. 

I will admit that I’m just sitting here in as much shock as a man can be.  I would have never believed that anything like this would ever happen in Orgrimmar.  Now that it has happened, I suppose that the troops going through here and coming back will be a bit more guarded in how they conduct themselves while in the city. 

Poor Fae is sleeping at the moment because I definitely kept filling her glass with brandy until I knew she was drunk.  It’s not a cure for all that she has been through, however, I have never seen her quite this distraught. To her, I’m sure, it must seem as if her whole world has gone crazy and there isn’t anywhere to go for any kind of respite from it.  Shattrath?  Yes, it’s somewhat peaceful there and I wonder how long that will last before some dissenters try to start trouble there.  I’m going to talk with her and see if she feels safe here in Orgrimmar now or if she would like to go back to Silvermoon to stay with Dawnglory’s sister? I’m sure that we can have the files transported back and forth like we have done in the past, it’s a pain in the backside, however, it can be done.

Light!! How I hate this war!!

Places that I felt were safe for my family may not be as safe as they once were.  I have to report back to duty in a few days and I will constantly be worrying about the safety of my loved ones.  Now I’m torn between doing my duty for the Horde and trying to protect my family and businesses.  I am thankful that I was already on leave when all of this came down because I am pretty sure that I would have gone AWOL just to make sure that Fae was alright.

Now, only a few more days of leave are left and I want to make sure that everything is okay here in Orgrimmar before I leave again.  I also want to get back to Shattrath to finish the house in Nagrand, that is one place I know that Amyn and the boys will be safe.  So much for relaxing and getting a much needed break from the war.  I had no clue that it would follow me back to where I felt that things would at least remain somewhat normal. 

I still don’t know all of the things that have happened in Dalaran but it does sound like it was a bloodbath up there as well for any Blood Elves that happened to be caught in the city.   Some people were killed and some were incarcerated for the time being.  Damn, I think that people are just going insane these days and there is nothing that I can do about it.

I’m also wondering if there would be some way that I could set up a permanent camp in Feralas out in the forest.  We could definitely avoid contact with most of the people and with Amy around, I doubt we would have any trouble with the Sentinels from Feathermoon.   Damn, I am torn in so many directions emotionally right now that I am finding it difficult to even concentrate on some of these contracts in front of me.

Well, I think I had better get up and do some recon around the city to see if I can hear anything and to make sure that some of the people that I know are still here and alive.  Of course, I will linger around and try to find out what else may be in the works.  I hope we have no more riots that will involve my family and friends.

Fnor Morningstar

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