Everyone Is Crazy…or is it just me?

January 10th

Damn Book!!

Here I am wandering around in  the Jade Forest and wondering if everyone is safe in Orgrimmar.  Naturally, the rumor mill cranked up full steam fucking ahead when the news hit here and there is all kinds of crap going on.  People are deserting like there is no tomorrow just because they want to go home and make sure that their families are okay and that they haven’t been injured or even killed in that craziness.  What in the Hell is going on?  Are people just going apeshit crazy at home?

I got the dispatch pouch this morning and Fnor’s message looked like it had been turned into some kind of paper doll.  Things were cut out and left holes in the paper and made the whole thing seem like it was like trying to read someone’s lace fucking curtains.  I guess that diplomatic pouches coming out of Orgrimmar aren’t even safe anymore. I would imagine that he didn’t know that all of the telecommunications going out of the city would be censored either; he’s going to be so pissed.

From his message – there was a riot, it was quelled and everyone is just hunky-dory.  That’s the gist of the damned thing anyway.  Business is booming, goblins are staying at the warehouse-apartment now.  Fae is okay and I don’t know if she is staying there or what the fuck?  I had to laugh that the Tauren are there healing something – that part was cut out and there are flies in the city – what’s the big deal there because there are always shitload of flies in Orgrimmar.  No mention of dead bodies, just hole-hole-hole pikes at the gates.  Guess if you carry a pike you leave it at the door now?

I’ll admit that I am real torn about staying here in Panderia right now or going back to Orgrimmar to see things for myself. Not to mention, I want to show Fnor this message that I got – yes, the seal was definitely broken and put back on – they really need to learn how to forge those family seals better because Morningstar looked like “splat” Star.  I suppose that he’s being watched anyway with the way rumors were flying around here before he went home to the family for the holidays.

I’m not going to worry about it, that’s all there is to it.  I won’t worry about it until it walks up and bites me in the ass.  Besides, if I went to Orgrimmar right now, I might be walking into a wedding that I am not real ready for.  I care for Fae but I’m not ready to be tied down and I think that Fnor understands that a lot better than some others would.  I’m really happy that Fae is okay, however, I don’t think now would be a good time for us to be together – I do have a soft heart and women’s tears always affect my head with ways to fix it and make them happy again sometimes.  I’ll probably go back when Fnor is off his leave and back at the command post again here in Panderia.

I also got a letter from one of the instructors back in Silvermoon which has me puzzled a bit.  It seems as though there is a young recruit training there right now that has a strong physical resemblance to me as well as using a name that I am very familiar with – my own. Apparently his Mother was Amber Darkstrider and he has been raised and educated in Silvermoon. He goes by the name of Darkstrider-Dawnglory, which is kind of weird.  I don’t think that I have any distant relations or cousins that live in Silvermoon or even exist at this point, I just know of my sister and myself.  The name sounds familiar. Plus, this kid has been making inquiries about me with various people – I wonder what is up with that?  Well, I’m not going to worry about it right now, I have other things to do.

Darkstrider?  Is that the girl that I shacked up with when I was training in Silvermoon?  My estimated age for this kid would be about right if she had a child back then.  I find it rather doubtful that that could have happened.   I do remember that she was a beautiful girl and we were together for a long time until Fnor and I left for the Barrens.  Oh, those were exciting times alright and I haven’t been back to Silvermoon or heard anything from this girl for years and years.  Oh we wrote for a while and I’m sure we both said some silly things to one another, we were young and thought that you had to “love” someone to sleep with them.  This kid would be close Faendra in age, if I’m guessing right.

Okay, I’ll admit that my curiosity is aroused and I think that I will be doing some inquiries of my own, just to find out who he is. Who the fuck am I kidding, I don’t have any kids out there in Azeroth, the Fates would know better than to play that joke on me.

Fnar Dawnglory

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