OOC Thoughts – Scared To Death of Dungeons and Scenarios

January 27th

Well,  just as a side note, I’m finally getting over my stage fright about scenarios and dungeons I think.  Since I have an Alliance main and a Horde main, one would think that I might be able to get it into my somewhat thick head that I “know” how to play my characters – not super by any means, however, I do know what I can and can’t do with them.  So, I ran a couple of dungeons day before yesterday and no one called me rude names or “booted” me out of the instance and today I ran a scenario – these things are still stressful to me but I’ll take it one day at a time.

I can honestly say that with my experiences with the dungeons in Cataclysm when they first came out, there was some reasoning to my fear of running the new ones in Panderia.  Being an older player in the game can be a bonus at times and a hindrance at others because “changes” do make one a bit skittish.  Of course, being an older player with several health issues, there are times when I don’t want to take on the challenges and sometimes will not even bother to log in due to that.  It’s a part of life that everyone will face eventually. With some of the medications that I take, you kind of have your own “world” going as it is – a tad bit loopy.

When Mist of Panderia dropped, I was very excited and was looking forward to having many adventures in the new content.  So far, the questing has been unbelievably awesome which is where I have been spending most of my time.  The reputation grinds have been rather tedious when you are trying to level multiple characters at once in both factions – being an altoholic can be a detriment sometimes.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I am running behind everyone in the guilds that I belong too due to the fact that I was letting what I read on the Blizzard forums to heart and was scaring myself to death. 

I fell behind initially when my dog got sick for a month before we had to have the poor little thing put down to put her out of her misery.  She lived a good long life of 14 years and we still miss her dreadfully, however, we do have two rather frisky cats that keep everything under control so that we know that they are the bosses of the domain. Of course, all of this had to happen right before the holidays which can be stressful at the very least – Thanksgiving was especially hard because our little dog’s birthday was Thanksgiving Day.  Oh yes, add Christmas shopping after that, two elderly people trying to fight the crowds to get gifts for the grandbabies and grown children is an adventure – we move a bit slow.   Definitely didn’t have the stamina for much in the way of “game playing” at that time.

I definitely still love the game and enjoy the friends that I have made while I have been a part of these wonderful pixellated adventures.  World of Warcraft is my first real MMO that I have played and I have played it with a vengeance for almost eight years now.  Hell, I even have my kids playing the game now, which is the reason that I started – they left and now they are back when their schedules allow.  It’s a great game for building teams.

Most of my characters are located on an RP (role play) realm known as Wrymrest Accord and it’s where I have been for the last almost three years.  It’s one of the reasons that I have stayed in the game as long as I have, I suppose.  To be able to not only play a game that you love but you get to “play” out the roles of your characters and live that life that would be awesome if it were “real”.   As of late, due to my many absences and having the dependability of a gnat I have lost some of the contact with the RP community and will continue to try to get back in-step with the people.  It’s not an easy task, trying to rebuild bridges or even keep up with all of the storylines. I miss being a part of that community and will continue to strive to get back into it.

Why did I write this?  Well, part of me wanted to just put it down on paper so that I could say some of the things that I wanted to say and to see if it was just me.

One thing I will have to tell everyone is that RL (real life) comes first and foremost.  When you have grandchildren that are clamoring for attention, you just have to shelve your writing and game playing for a while. 

As for my writing, I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things with that and learning all of the new things on WordPress that will enable me to make my website look a tad bit more professional.  Never have had a domain of my own before and there are so many things that you can do that are just mind-boggling to one of my years and inexperience with PCs.  I’m one of those old mainframe geeks with primarily business and military applications to my name.

Oh don’t worry, I’ll be introducing some of my many characters to the website overtime – too many alts.  One day I may want to be a dwarf and one day a Night Elf or even a Worgen.  You just never know which one of those characters has something to say when you log into the game.  I hope that they aren’t too boring for some of you there.  I write to entertain myself and the people who seem to be following this effort along.

Well, time to get back to the game and see which one of my characters wants to run their mouth today – they are a bossy lot.   Thanks for reading the blogs and thank you so much for the support, it makes a senior citizen feel like they haven’t lost their touch at some things.


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