We Moved – Orgrimmar

January 29th

Dear Journal,

Well, I haven’t written in a while because Bri and I have been kind of busy of late. The last couple of months and we’ve moved to Orgrimmar.  Guess things didn’t work out so well for the Blood Elves in Dalaran, so, they moved their offices to Orgrimmar – glad it wasn’t Silvermoon because sometimes those Elves aren’t real hospitable to the Forsaken.  No, I don’t think we smell funny at all, no matter what they say, snobbish buffoons.

Anyway, we have a little house here in Orgrimmar and we’re happy I guess.  Oh yeah, we’ve made enough money to actually buy some beds, although we still have our coffins in the closet just in case we have to move to another place in the future.  Can’t get good mahogany coffins just anywhere, you know.

I guess the Blood Elves teamed up with goblins because that big green guy is the Warchief and they made a bomb and dropped it on a Fort south of Orgrimmar.  I’ve made the trek down there to see the damage, Bri didn’t want to go, big ninny.  Anyway, they made a fine mess of things and I guess we’re at war with the Alliance full-blown now.  Oh, that made me giggle – yeah, guess the goblins didn’t start things off with a bang. There wasn’t even enough left at that Theramore place to grab a quick snack while I was down there, just a big hole in the ground and the buildings are all wrecked.  Not a place for a vacation in the future, I’d suspect.

I wish I could get Brianca a bit more inspired to get off her tail bones and get busy doing something other than fishing these days.  Yeah, sure, they sell for some good gold because these people in Orgrimmar sure don’t like to do that sort of thing very often.  Killing boars ain’t half bad if you get away from the city.   I suppose her wanting to go back to Undercity to visit with old friends isn’t all bad but it sure isn’t making us any money.

I don’t know that I like this new boss that we have in Orgrimmar very much.  Some silly little chit of a girl that takes her position as a boss too seriously.  I don’t mind getting contracts from her and she pays me but I think that those Sindorei girls are just too prissy and she should have stayed in Silvermoon.  The goblins are fun to talk with when I’m in the office because they are constantly cracking jokes and they let me know how to make some extra money now and again, if they get a cut of it.

Pandas, I think that half that new continent has moved to Orgrimmar.  At least they don’t stand around and scratch their butts like the Tauren, but still, they seem to be taking over the place.  No, I don’t think I like bamboo to nibble on – throw some meat on it and it might make a good salad or something.

Well, I guess Bri has decided that she wants to tag along with me today when I go back to the Swamp of Sorrows – lots of contracts for those skins over there and the pay is good.  Maybe we’ll run across a gnome or two to punt around and hope like hell we don’t lose a toe in the process.  They just look so cute flying through the air and they get so pissed off about it too.  It’s not like we’re gonna kill them, just like to see them airborne.

Hazey Smythe

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