Letter To Amyn

January 30th

My Dearest One,

Let me start this letter off by saying that I am sorry that I haven’t written to you before now.  Yes, I was angry and it took me a few days to get over my anger and hurt about your decision to go back with the Sentinels and do your duty to your faction.  I understand your reasons for doing so and I have reconciled myself to the fact that this is how it was meant to be.

I think that your leaving home and sending the little fellows to their grandparents to live for a while shook me to the core.  It isn’t as if I had spent all of the time trying to make things as comfortable for you and the children in Shattrath and Nagrand for naught.  I know that you weren’t truly happy living that domestic life that I had envisioned and I should have realized it, however, I was being a fool.

I wish we had had a discussion about the fact that you were thinking of doing this before you left.  Yes, I would have tried to talk you out of it and we probably would have had one of our famous battles, however, it would have given us both a chance to discuss our feelings on the matter.  You and I talked about things before I left for Panderia the first time, I had to go, I was ordered to go and there was nothing that I could do to prevent that – there was no choice for me. 

However, you had the choice for your decision.  You’ve made your choice and we will adapt to the situation just like we always have in the past – it breaks my heart a little to think that you might be in harm’s way and I won’t be able to come to you in Mount Hyjal. No, that’s wrong, I can come there, I can go anywhere in Azeroth as long as it doesn’t break the orders that I have been given to follow.

I just want you to realize that I love you with every part of my being – the children are secondary to that love.  You will always be the only woman in my life now.  It should have been that way all along and I shouldn’t have strayed – I will regret those dalliances for all the days of my life because I know how much they hurt you and the boys. 

Yes, it has taken me years to realize that you were the primary reason that I felt driven to find better things, more money and a better way of life. I was building a life for the two of us and didn’t even realize what I had until I almost lost you through my trial and error method of finding what I already had in my life. I love you, dear Heart.

My visions of you staying at home with my step-sons was just that.  A vision, it wasn’t what you were meant to be and I should have realized that that Sentinel blood in you must have been simmering for months while I was off doing what I had to do.  No, I don’t blame you for anything, sweetheart, you are doing what will make you happy and what will be good for us as a couple in the long term.  I knew that it was bound to happen, however, I didn’t realize that it would happen now.

Please take care of yourself, sweetheart.  I don’t want to lose you because my life would have no meaning to it without you.  As for the businesses, we both have people that can operate those without our constant “hands on” approach that we were trying to endeavor.  Oh my love, things will be fine and we will be together soon.

Please let me know when you can get a leave and I will join you wherever you are so that we can be together.  I miss you and I am looking forward to having you join me in Panderia in the very near future.  You are truly my love and my life.

Your Loving Husband,


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