Women Are Vicious!!

*Some very salty language here, so be aware that he’s in a rant.”


January 16th

Now Book!!

You’ve got to understand that I was just going back to Orgrimmar to check on things – to see how Faendra was doing and to check on how the business was going.  That’s all I was going for, just to make sure that things were as they should be.

Talk about getting pushed into a fucking corner!!   I guess that Fae was more upset with me than I thought she was about not getting a marriage proposal and a ring for the holidays.  My face still hurts and I will have to admit that my crotch isn’t feeling all that great either – the girl has some boney fucking knees.  All I said was “hello” and winked at her and she cold-cocked me in the face and when I went to grab my face, she kneed me in the balls.  I guess that means she’s okay, right?

I tried to talk to her and all she would do was to glare at me with her lips drawn in a line that was not making them look like they were all that kissable.  Damn, she hits hard – I even had stars in my eyes, not from just getting my face slapped but the other part about my damaged manhood made my teeth even hurt.

I walked out of the office and took off down the street to the nearest tavern so that I wouldn’t open my mouth and possibly put my own feet in it.  I almost told her off but I guess I had this coming even if I don’t think I really did.  Yes, I care about her and yes, I want to take her to bed but there was never any mention of us getting married.  She dreamed that up on her fucking own, I just kind of played along with it.

I know that I stayed at the tavern a lot longer than I had planned because I was just listening to some of the conversations going on.  Seems like I’m not the only one having issues with women these days.  Maybe you get a free drink if you can say something bad about the woman that you’re with.  I don’t know, there were quite a few of us sitting in there and just bitching about women and how damned contrary they could be.  I had a few chuckles about a couple of the fellows that seemed to be almost in the same boat as I am – they were trying to get in some woman’s pants and all she was talking about was marriage.  They just wanted to get laid, they didn’t want the house and the picket fence in Silvermoon either.

I know I was a bit on the drunk side of things when I got back to the office and Faendra wasn’t there when I first got back.  At least I had a moment to look over a few of the contracts and took a few that I knew that Fnor and I could deal with in Panderia ourselves – they weren’t real pressing but would fit in to our schedules fairly well.

Well, the princess comes walking into the fucking office, starts telling me what a horrible man I am and that I mislead her and that I owed her an apology.  I did kind of apologize and told her that I thought that she was over-reacting to things and maybe she should take some time away from Orgrimmar and go chase some of the fellows in Silvermoon.  Well, my face got slapped again.

Damn it!  This is not how the fuck this was supposed to go. I had planned on talking to her and making sure that she was okay and I had brought her back some boots that I had made in Panderia for her.   And I even bought some fucking flowers.  Well, the flowers went in the trash on my way back to the portal and the boots went up at the Auction House. 

I do care about her but I don’t think that I care that much enough to give up my freedom especially when she’s screaming at me like some bleeding harpy and calling me every name that she could think of when there were other employees in the office.

Well, maybe she was just having a bad day and I happened to set her off for some reason.  I don’t know, however, I do intend to talk to Fnor about how she acted and get his opinion on what in the fuck I’m supposed to do now.   No, I don’t intend on asking her to marry me right now, however, there could have been a potential for that to happen somewhere in the future.  Right now, I think that the rioters were lucky they didn’t come into the warehouse because she would have kicked their asses and any of the guards that followed them in would have gotten the same damned treatment.

I’ve never seen this side of her before, she’s always been kind, gentle and fun to be with, not this trash-filthy-fuckin’ mouthed-bitch that I ran into today.  Part of me kind of liked it but the other part was already heading down the street.  Damned redhead!!

I’ll figure something out – maybe I should just let her cool off for a while before I go back to Orgrimmar again, which will probably be in a week to ten days.  I am also going to let her brother know that if she hits me like that again and tries to damage my junk again, I might have to retaliate.   I can’t hardly sit down right now and let’s just say that the equipment is going to take a vacation for a few days.  Damn, I can’t go to a healer and have them know that some girl kicked me there.

Well, at least I can take the day off today and do some fishing or maybe just find a nice cold stream to sit in for a while.   Women are just fucking vicious and I still don’t know what I did other than not to ask her to marry me, which wasn’t even remotely on my mind at this point.


I Need A Change

January 15th

Dear Journal,

My Sindorei is back in Panderia and I am sitting here in Shattrath while the boys are in school.  The house seems empty after the holidays and even emptier since my husband left.  He has a way of just making  the house a lot more lively.  No, I’m not talking about the bedroom, I’m talking about the fact that he is always doing something – working on his armor, talking a mile a minute to while away the time.

We had so much fun at the Faire even though I knew that he would be heading back to Panderia later on that night.  The children had a wonderful time and Fnor makes a wonderful step-Father to them.  A part of me realizes that the time that he spends with the two youngest boys is almost because he is trying to make up for the time that he missed with the older boys.  I know I can almost see it in his eyes when he’s talking with the little ones that he wished that they were Kal and Vashlan.  Of course, the little guys don’t think anything about it, they just enjoy having with those moments when he’s home.

Now comes the lonely times again.  I know that I am sitting here and hoping that he will be able to come home again in the near future even though there is a war going on.  It seems like each time he comes home that it is harder for me to let him go back and it’s harder for him to go.   I know the last war was the one that we thought would end all of this nonsense, however, it didn’t.  We had a few years there where the world didn’t seem to be in constant turmoil. There had been some semblance of peace and we could lead different lives.

When my Sindorei and I first met, it was a time of war.  When our first child was conceived and born, it was a time of war although it was waning and did not affect the area that we had chosen to live in Outland.  Shattrath seemed like such a larger city back then, not crowded like it is now with the refugees from Dalaran that have flocked here. Now, it is a bit overcrowded and people seem to be in various stages of hysteria of things that they have seen or heard about.  It’s not dull by any means.

One thing that I have noticed in the last few weeks is that there seem to be more people like my Sindorei and myself.  Blood Elves and Kaldorei living together openly, so, there shouldn’t be any danger to the family here.  We thought pretty much the same thing when we were living in Dalaran, however, there isn’t a Jaina Proudmore living here, I don’t think anyone of mental ilk would even be allowed to come here and cause the trouble she did in Dalaran.  Damned insane human!

I wish my parents had moved with us to Shattrath.  I miss them and miss having them near me so that they could keep an eye on the two youngest boys once in a while.  I don’t mind the domestic grind that I have gotten myself into during the last few years, however, I do miss doing the things that I loved.  I loved being a Sentinel and , in my heart and mind, I am still that same person.  I just have more baggage now than I did back then.  I may take the boys to Dolonaar in the very near future and have them stay with my parents so that I can go back to Feathermoon and become something more than what I am at the moment.

If my husband and my eldest son can go off to war and fight for what they believe in, I can do the same.  I don’t want to spend my entire life just staying behind and raising children.  I want to see the things that they have seen, no matter how horrible that could have been, I want to see the world that has changed so much in the last few months.  I want to stand by my son’s side on his farm, I want to visit my husband and not have to wait until he can get leave and slip away to come home.  I don’t like being here away from the things that are happening.

I think that I am just in a bad mood or something today because normally these things don’t bother me. I think I need to start looking at things differently and do something about it instead of sitting here and being frustrated.  Alone again and I miss my husband.


Now What?

January 14th

Dear Journal,

Well, I will have to admit that I did have a good time with the family and everyone seemed to enjoy the gifts that I brought back to Panderia.  However, I still have one gift in my possession that is still wrapped and will remain so until the person it was intended for comes to claim it.

It was truly with a heavy heart that I came back to Panderia because there seemed to be so much unfinished business that I didn’t get a chance to deal with.  I don’t know what happened to Josie, however, I never did hear from her while I was on leave.  Maybe she really didn’t want to see me, after all? I know that I really wanted to see her and talk with her.  Maybe I’m just being stupid by trying to hold onto a relationship that seems to be almost invisible to everyone except for me.

Maybe I should just mail her gift to her and hope that she gets it?  It’s just a pair of boots that I made for her, which took a lot of time and energy.  I’m not even sure that they will fit her because I had to guess at the size. The jade necklace and earrings will be okay for her though, I’m sure that she will like those.

I even left Shattrath a day early so I could hang out in Stormwind and try to see if I could see her and that didn’t even work.  The shop was busy and I didn’t even see her inside.  It made me feel like some kind of weird stalker, just lingering out there on the street and looking in the windows.  I didn’t go in because I didn’t want anyone else to know that I was there other than Josie. 

I don’t know what to do.  Should I just give up on my feelings for her and just get on with my life?  It’s hard to think that my feelings weren’t reciprocated because I felt like they were.  Maybe something happened to her and she’s somewhere where she can’t write or something?

I just know that I have to quit moping around about this because I know that Kae is getting tired of me talking about it all of the time.  She even told me to shut up the other night, which she has never done to me before.  I’m sure that she finds it annoying to constantly hear about my feelings towards another woman, however, she is the only one I have to talk to about it.

I guess Dad is back from Shattrath because I saw the lights on at his little house across the fields.  Maybe one of these days I will get a chance to talk to him about this stuff and he can give me some ideas as to how I should handle it.  It’s not like he lives that far away, however, I am sure that someone would notice us talking together unless we do it in the middle of the night like we did the last time.  I’ll just have to bide m time and see what happens.

It was nice getting back Panderia.  The farm is really flourishing and Kae did a great job in keeping up with things here while I was with my family.  I wonder why she didn’t go back to Darnassus and Dolonaar to see her family for a few days?  I know she had the leave time but she says she just stayed here on the farm. Heck, I wonder why she even stays with me sometimes because I’m no prize.  I’m sure that she gets some flak from some of the other people in our unit because of the fact that I’m not a full blooded Kaldorei, however, if she does, she doesn’t pay attention to it.

Well, it’s time for me to get back to work and go to the briefing and find out what our assignments are for the day.  I hope it’s one of those uneventful patrols where we just go out and see where the Horde is setting up camps again.

I know that I have to get my feelings under control so that I don’t have my mind on other things and get myself killed for being stupid. I’m too old to be moping around like this about a woman, she’s not the only girl that I have been with before, however, she may not have the same feelings that I do and it hurts me more than it is helping.  I need to get focused on my job, that’s why I’m here.




Oh, Those Days of Wine and Roses…Back To Work


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

January 13th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that I am extremely depressed this morning as I sit here and write in this journal because I am back in Panderia and my family is in Shattrath.  At least I hope that Amyn and the boys will be safe there and will be able to have some kind of normal life without the stresses encroaching on them too much from this war.  I want them to be safe and happy even if I am not able to join them for a long time, unless I can make other arrangements, I won’t be home until Summer.

Faendra has decided that she will be staying in Orgrimmar because she feels that the work will keep her mind occupied and she won’t have to think about other things, like what is going on in Panderia with her boyfriend and, I hope, with her brother.  She was adamant in the fact that she wasn’t going to let the dangers of living in Orgrimmar to force her out, she has already been forced out of the one home that she love in Dalaran and she won’t let it happen again.  I guess she came by that red hair honestly because she was actually furious with me for even suggesting that she move back to Silvermoon.  Not that I blame her that much because I know how Silvermoon can be sometimes and it isn’t all that pleasant.  To be honest, I think one of her reasons for staying in Orgrimmar is that she knows that Dawnglory will be making frequent trips to the city and she is in hopes that she can try to repair or continue on with the relationship that she feels like that they have.  She’s being very stubborn about this whole thing and there is nothing that I can say or do to make her understand that she could be in for a broken heart if she pursues him too hard.

I did take Amyn and the younger boys to the Faire last night before I had to come back to Panderia.  It was fun and to watch those two scamps run amuck and just have fun like all children should have made Amyn and I feel happy for them, at least for now.  I swear that they can get into more trouble in a short amount of time without really trying to do it.   I asked Amyn if Kal and Vash were like these two and she just started laughing and told me that they were even worse because they felt like they had to prove themselves all of the time.  I don’t think they had the canon at the Faire back then, however, these two little guys know how to work it where they only have to use one ticket and they both get shot out at the same time – scary as anything I have ever seen on a battlefield.

Apparently, one will make the ticket attendant pay attention to them by asking all kinds of ridiculous questions and the other one will slip up behind the attendant and get into the canon.  I wonder if they either thought about the fact that the one sneaking around might get stuck in the canon with a Tauren?  Oh, that could be painful and not to mention, a full grown Tauren can pack a mean punch when they are angered. Amyn and I caught them doing this and paid the attendant for the “free” ride that they were getting out of it and I think Amyn took them behind the tent and did more than talk to them because they were looking rather shamefaced and were rubbing their backsides when they came back.

I know that we both laughed until we cried and some of their antics and fishing them out of the water after their canon rides was just part of it.  We all took a turn on the merry-go-round with the two little guys fighting over the murloc to see which one would get to ride it first.  Of course, this was causing a scene and Amyn yanked them off the ride until they could behave like civilized people and not little street urchins.  Of course, while she was disciplining them, I hopped on the murloc and rode it around too because it’s my favorite mount on the ride.  Naturally, I got the crusty looks of the boys and the stern look from my wife for not setting a good example. Hey!! I’m not going into my second childhood, I never got out of the first one yet and that ride is fun.

We actually spent a lot of time just walking around and watching the people at the Faire.  I know that I saw quite a few Panderian there last night which was really kind of refreshing.  Actually, I saw quite a few families there last night.  You could always tell the soldiers there with their families because they looked like they were having a good time, while their laughter seemed a bit hollow because they had their minds on the things going on in Panderia.  I hope my laughter didn’t sound quite that bad because I was genuinely having a great time with the kids and my wife.

Of course, Amyn and I walked around and got our fortunes told and we’ve decided that with the news the Fortune Teller told us that we are going to step up the tea taking quite a bit.  Not that I wouldn’t mind having more children, however, now is not the time to bring a new life into a world that is so unsettled. 

I know that Amyn and I both blushed red as can be when the Fortune Teller said that we were going to be welcoming a new member into the family because we had taken some liberties while the boys were eating to slip off into a side tent and took some private pleasures with one another.  See, even parents like a quickie now and again.  I’ll admit that it made me feel like a young kid again, going after his forbidden fruit, and I know that Amyn enjoyed it as much as I did.

I don’t know how those kids can eat so much of that fried food but they sure can pack it in.  Amyn and I both laughed at them when we were heading back to Shattrath because they were complaining about how much their stomachs hurt.  Oh, we ate our fill of the greasy fare because it does taste wonderful in that atmosphere.

We walked around holding hands as openly at the Faire as we once did in Dalaran.  Of course, we got some odd looks from a few people and only had one drunken fellow try to make a scene, however, his friends hauled him off and away from us after they apologized for his behavior.  I think that one of them may have actually been one of the fellows under my command in Panderia.  I hope that this incident doesn’t cause problems when I get back to Panderia.

I will have to admit that we had to have looked like a family there especially with me carrying the youngest one around on my shoulders so that he wouldn’t wander off and get lost.  He reminds me a lot of Vashlan because he will get so distracted from things that he will often times just get lost from the rest of the family.  Of course, Amyn and I have discussed the fact that maybe there might be something to this High Elf business on both sides of the family, however, it would be a bit awkward to have two mages in the family. We’ll have to wait and see how things go as the kid grows up, he does have a great aptitude with a bow though, maybe he’s just a little dreamer too, that can happen.  Look at Dawnglory, he writes poetry and draws but that hasn’t stopped him from being one fine Ranger.

We actually stayed at the Faire until they shot off the final fireworks, listened to the music and started watching the lights closing down on the fairway.  I know the two boys were worn out and Amyn was actually a bit tired too.  So, hopefully, they will get to come to the Faire while I’m away, I did tell Amyn that I thought it was good for them to get away from Shattrath once in a while.

We made our way back to Shattrath and got the two boys put into their beds after making them at least wash up a little bit.  Of course, I couldn’t separate them from some of their prizes that they had won, even though they were a bit sticky and dirty.  I’m sure that Amyn will make sure that that gets taken care of today after I’m gone.

I had packed all of my belongings that I was taking back to Panderia before we left for the Faire because I didn’t want to be pressed for time when we got home.  Amyn and I wanted some time alone to spend as husband and wife.  Yes, we made some passionate love for a while and just lay there holding one another.  She didn’t want me to leave and I didn’t want to go but we both knew what would happen if I didn’t show up when my leave was over.  No, she wouldn’t want me to go to prison for being a deserter either.  I was able to slip out of the house without waking her up because I didn’t want to see her eyes filled with tears and I didn’t want to say “good-bye” – I know there is always a chance that I might not ever be back but I don’t want to see the pain in her eyes when I leave.

I’ll admit that I didn’t even stop at the command center for very long when I got back, just signed in and told the young fellow at the desk that I was heading over to Halfhill to unpack some of my stuff and check on the farm, however, I would be back for the briefing this morning.

I will have to admit that coming back to Panderia in the pre-dawn hours was almost mind boggling.  The skies seem so clear, the air so much fresher than anything I have ever felt.  Yes, it was cold and the kite ride was exhilarating in its usual way, however, I had time to sit there and just take in the beauty of this land.   No wonder my son has just fallen in love with the place and will probably want to settle here when the war is over.  Can’t say that I blame him and part of me is sorely tempted to do the same.

I’m just sitting here and reflecting back over some of the things that have happened with Amyn and I.  We’ve had some beautiful children together and the romance hasn’t seemed to have dissipated as far as I am concerned.  She always gets that little girl look on her face when I bring her those white roses that she loves and a bottle of wine – it’s not always a thing for sex.  Sometimes, I just bring her the things to watch her smile.   Oh, those days of wine and roses, long before we ever had children – those were days that I will cherish for the rest of my life – we had such freedom back then.

I know that Dawnglory asked me once if I ever regretted mating and finally marrying Amyn and I had to tell him without blinking an eye that I thought it was probably the best thing I ever did in my life.  He just looked at me a little bit perplexed and shook his head as he smiled.  I don’t know if he believed me or not but it’s how I feel.  I don’t regret anything concerning Amyn and the boys – they are why I fight.

Yes, they are why I fight.  My wife may be a member of the other faction and my sons may be half-breeds, however, I fight so that there might someday be peace for both factions and we can have something to live for. 

Well, time to slide back into my armor and head back to the camp.  I still have the majority of this day off but I’ll be using that to get caught up with the paperwork that I am sure is on my desk there.  I wonder what kind of adventures have been happening while I was gone?

Fnor Morningstar


Traumatized and Lovesick

January 10th

Dear Journal,

I think I’m better now.  I don’t think that I have ever been so frightened in my life as I was during the riots.  The screaming was enough to make me join in with them because it was like the hysteria was just taking over everything in the city.  I know I tried to hide my fears, however, I’m not so sure that I was really all that successful in doing that.

I know that I was so relieved to see Fnar slip in the side door, which in my infinite wisdom, I had forgotten to lock.  I’m happy it was him that stepped through that door instead of some blood-crazed Orc or even some poor frightened person that was participating in the riots. 

I kept thinking the whole time, please Light, don’t let anyone know about Fnor’s wife being Kaldorei because they will kill us all – just because. I know that a few select people are aware of his marriage and his children, however, it could be a death sentence for all of us – does he even think about that?  I think that we would be all considered traitors to the Horde if this information was discovered and that we all condoned it.  I’m not ready to die yet.  I can’t let this drive me away from the only family that I have left in the world either because I can’t bear the thoughts of being alone…and poor.

I had hoped that Fnar would have shown up here in Orgrimmar in the last few days.  I have been absolutely heartsick because he hasn’t shown up yet.  Yes, I was already a bit upset with him because I thought for sure that he would propose during the holidays in Shattrath and he didn’t.  Doesn’t he love me?  Am I not good enough or pretty enough to make him love me?  I know that other men find me attractive but I have been in love with him most of my life – that long flowing blonde hair, the way he gets that crooked little smile when he’s thinking some of his more evil thoughts, the way his green eyes dance with laughter when he thinks I’m saying something funny.  His kisses seem to melt my knees and all I want to do is to be in his arms.

I’m being silly and I know, he does care in his own way.  Maybe I am expecting too much from him right now.  It’s wartime, there is a chance that he might even get killed in Panderia – wouldn’t he want a woman waiting for him somewhere, a wife…maybe a baby.  I just know that I miss him and I want him here in Orgrimmar with me.  Of course, Fnor thinks I’m being foolish.  While he’s telling me that I am being foolish about Dawnglory, he’s telling me that he’s sure that his friend loves me in his own way but maybe he isn’t ready to settle down just yet.  What kind of brother would tell his sister that?

Maybe I am being foolish, I don’t know.  I’ve never seen people slaughtered the way that they were here in the city.  So many dead, so many corpses lying around.  I know that I would stumble over someone’s arm and proceed to throw up.  Oh, the smell, I’ve never smelt anything like that in my life – the screams still echo through my mind.

My brother wants to know if I want to stay here or go back to Silvermoon?  I can’t go back to Silvermoon right now, the company needs me to do the books and keep the employees in-line.   Besides, if I stay here in Orgrimmar, Fnar will know where to find me when he makes his trips back from Panderia – that was my whole point of taking over here in Orgrimmar.  I know that if I am patient, I will make him love me enough.

I know when I was in Shattrath, Fnar spent all of his time with the family and we would slip off together to be alone.  No, even as much as I wanted him to take me in a more intimate fashion, all we did was touch one another.  I could tell that he wanted me and my body was almost screaming for him to take me.  I know my body would ache for hours after we would kiss like that and run our hands over one another.  Was that ache the same for him?  I don’t know that much about men and how they can feel about passion – I just know that it left me feeling empty and very alone.

I guess my brother thinks I need to spend some time in bed so I can recover from the trauma of the riots.  That’s not what I need!! I need to get back to work so that I can feel like I am in charge of my life again.  I wish my brother would go back to Amyn in Shattrath, that’s where he belongs, not here playing the mother hen to me.  I have the employees here that can help me, they don’t need the Boss to be sitting in the office managing things.  I need to be in that chair and doing the job that I am being paid for.

Of course, Zippie and Dooddah are being very attentive, however, their cooking is a bit strange and I want something else.  I want Fnar to be here to comfort me and to take care of me, not the two little goblins.

Faendra Morningstar



Everyone Is Crazy…or is it just me?

January 10th

Damn Book!!

Here I am wandering around in  the Jade Forest and wondering if everyone is safe in Orgrimmar.  Naturally, the rumor mill cranked up full steam fucking ahead when the news hit here and there is all kinds of crap going on.  People are deserting like there is no tomorrow just because they want to go home and make sure that their families are okay and that they haven’t been injured or even killed in that craziness.  What in the Hell is going on?  Are people just going apeshit crazy at home?

I got the dispatch pouch this morning and Fnor’s message looked like it had been turned into some kind of paper doll.  Things were cut out and left holes in the paper and made the whole thing seem like it was like trying to read someone’s lace fucking curtains.  I guess that diplomatic pouches coming out of Orgrimmar aren’t even safe anymore. I would imagine that he didn’t know that all of the telecommunications going out of the city would be censored either; he’s going to be so pissed.

From his message – there was a riot, it was quelled and everyone is just hunky-dory.  That’s the gist of the damned thing anyway.  Business is booming, goblins are staying at the warehouse-apartment now.  Fae is okay and I don’t know if she is staying there or what the fuck?  I had to laugh that the Tauren are there healing something – that part was cut out and there are flies in the city – what’s the big deal there because there are always shitload of flies in Orgrimmar.  No mention of dead bodies, just hole-hole-hole pikes at the gates.  Guess if you carry a pike you leave it at the door now?

I’ll admit that I am real torn about staying here in Panderia right now or going back to Orgrimmar to see things for myself. Not to mention, I want to show Fnor this message that I got – yes, the seal was definitely broken and put back on – they really need to learn how to forge those family seals better because Morningstar looked like “splat” Star.  I suppose that he’s being watched anyway with the way rumors were flying around here before he went home to the family for the holidays.

I’m not going to worry about it, that’s all there is to it.  I won’t worry about it until it walks up and bites me in the ass.  Besides, if I went to Orgrimmar right now, I might be walking into a wedding that I am not real ready for.  I care for Fae but I’m not ready to be tied down and I think that Fnor understands that a lot better than some others would.  I’m really happy that Fae is okay, however, I don’t think now would be a good time for us to be together – I do have a soft heart and women’s tears always affect my head with ways to fix it and make them happy again sometimes.  I’ll probably go back when Fnor is off his leave and back at the command post again here in Panderia.

I also got a letter from one of the instructors back in Silvermoon which has me puzzled a bit.  It seems as though there is a young recruit training there right now that has a strong physical resemblance to me as well as using a name that I am very familiar with – my own. Apparently his Mother was Amber Darkstrider and he has been raised and educated in Silvermoon. He goes by the name of Darkstrider-Dawnglory, which is kind of weird.  I don’t think that I have any distant relations or cousins that live in Silvermoon or even exist at this point, I just know of my sister and myself.  The name sounds familiar. Plus, this kid has been making inquiries about me with various people – I wonder what is up with that?  Well, I’m not going to worry about it right now, I have other things to do.

Darkstrider?  Is that the girl that I shacked up with when I was training in Silvermoon?  My estimated age for this kid would be about right if she had a child back then.  I find it rather doubtful that that could have happened.   I do remember that she was a beautiful girl and we were together for a long time until Fnor and I left for the Barrens.  Oh, those were exciting times alright and I haven’t been back to Silvermoon or heard anything from this girl for years and years.  Oh we wrote for a while and I’m sure we both said some silly things to one another, we were young and thought that you had to “love” someone to sleep with them.  This kid would be close Faendra in age, if I’m guessing right.

Okay, I’ll admit that my curiosity is aroused and I think that I will be doing some inquiries of my own, just to find out who he is. Who the fuck am I kidding, I don’t have any kids out there in Azeroth, the Fates would know better than to play that joke on me.

Fnar Dawnglory

Riot in Orgrimmar…the Aftermath

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

January 8th

Dear Journal,

You knew it was going to happen sometime in the future, however, none of us expected it to happen so soon.  Yes, people were unhappy with the way that the war was started and the things that seemed to have happened with Dalaran, yet, you never thought that a group of people would think it an opportune time to attack the principles of the Warchief and the Horde.  Not in Orgrimmar, of all places.  I’m not happy with the war nor am I am a supporter of Hellscream and his ideals, however, you learn to pick your time and place to bring these things out.  You don’t start a riot in Orgrimmar.

Here I was, sitting in Shattrath, enjoying some peace and relaxing with my family and the news started coming in that all hell had broken loose in Orgrimmar.  At first, I was just chalking it up to some kind of hysteria that some discontents were trying to start rumors, however, as I heard more, my concern was elevated.

My first thoughts were of Faendra, she had gone back to Orgrimmar to handle the business there.  Was she safe?  Did the riots extend as far into the city as the warehouse in The Drag?  Was she caught out in the streets unaware of what was going and trampled by the mobs?

Of course, the comlinks that we have for the company haven’t been working all that well since the war started in Panderia.  There was no way that I could contact her other than the mail services or actually get off my backside and head back to Orgrimmar to see what was going on.  Naturally, my wife didn’t want me to go and get involved in all the strife that was probably going on but she understood why I had to go.  My sister was in danger, our livelihood was probably in danger as well.  I know how rioters will go from one building to the next, destroying anyone and anything that they feel is a danger to their “cause” regardless if it is real or imagined.

I am in Orgrimmar writing this.  Apparently, there was quite the uprising and there are heads on stakes at the gates of the city.  Some faces I recognized, some looked familiar, however, it was hard to tell without drawing notice to myself. The noises of the city seemed to be somewhat subdued as well as some areas seemed to be nosier than usual – some kind of hysteria there, I’m sure.

Apparently, the noises of the conflict reached the warehouse long before the actual riot traveled that far and my sister was calm enough, even with her fear, that she closed the doors and threw the crossbar across the main doors to avoid having anyone barge in with a torch or even just run in there to hide from the guards that were roaming the city killing anyone that stood in their way.

I never realized how small or how young Faendra was until she rushed into my arms when I stepped through the side door of the office. Of course, I knew that she was okay, just hysterical with everything that she had witnessed.  Poor little thing was shaking and crying as she tried to crawl deeper in my arms — fear can be a horrible thing if you’ve never been exposed to the violence that she witnessed and managed to avoid.  There had been some damage done to the exterior of the building, axe marks and blood spattered on the big doors that had been barred as well as some scorching from what I would assume to be mage fire. 

You could smell the blood in the air mixed with the dust and the dirt of the city, which is not entirely unusual considering that it is Orgrimmar.  There must be a mass grave somewhere that hasn’t been completely covered over yet with the number of insects that are still flying through the city.   It must have been a massive uprising and I am sure that it was a day of horror for those civilians that have never been exposed to war or a battle – my sister being one of them.  She sobbed out her story to me and as I wiped her eyes, I was wondering if it was even going to be safe to leave her here in Org or even to operate the business from here any longer.

Luckily, the little goblins had made their way to the warehouse when all of the troubles started and had been inside with Fae when the riot escalated. Naturally, Zippie was trying to make some kind of sense of things as well as Dooddah, however, Zednick was busy applying more wards to the doors and windows, as well as trying to come up with some fire prevention invention that we could sell to the other businesses in the area.  I guess he has been back to the little shack that they have in the Slums and everything was okay there, however, the girls don’t want to move back there.  There is enough room to accommodate them here in the apartment upstairs and I don’t think it would be a bad idea if they stayed here for a while.

 I guess that the Tauren came to Orgrimmar as soon as they heard what had happened, Mooma, Nahai and Tahfal have been healing some of the survivors – the ones that weren’t accused of being traitors and killed outright.

It looks like I will be staying in the city for a few days until things start to settle down.  I will definitely get word to Dawnglory that Fae is safe and unhurt.   I can send the message out with the military dispatches from here.  I’m sure the rumor of the rioting has spread to Panderia by now.  I wonder how the morale has been affected by it all?  At least it wasn’t an all out attack against Blood Elves as it was in Dalaran, I saw heads from all the races on the pikes, there was no discrimination against a specific group exhibited there.

Hell, we don’t have to fight the Alliance to win or lose the war.  it looks like we can lose the war right here in our own capital city without any help.  Damned maniac sitting as Warlord as if nothing has happened.  I have never heard of a riot in any city of the Horde, now, I can sit here and see the aftermath of it here in Orgrimmar. 

Why these rebels decided to act now and here in Orgrimmar is beyond my comprehension.  An open rebellion in the main city of the Horde?  Apparently, there must not have been a whole lot of thought put into this matter and people were just carried away by their emotions.  This was an ill-timed and ill-planned effort – it would be like going into a battle with a full frontal attack and nothing to back it up except to pile bodies higher and deeper to get to their objective.  No, there was no strategy involved.  Didn’t they realize that the guards and grunts in this city would stand with the Warlord? It was such a wasted effort and total waste of life.

I may disagree with what we’re doing in Panderia but there are more subtle ways of handling those feelings.  Diplomacy and tact can be used in times like these – it’s like a huge chess game, each group making their moves and the other group countering. 

An open rebellion in the government seat is not something that is going to be overlooked in the long term, I’m afraid.  I wonder if martial law will be invoked complete with curfews and the like for the citizenry of Orgrimmar?  Somehow I doubt that that will happen but people will definitely have to guard their tongues if they plan on keeping their heads on their shoulders.

I can’t help but notice that we have even more contracts here in the Orgrimmar office than ever before.  Business is booming and I’m heartsick.  War can be very profitable, however, war on your front door step is not exactly conducive to running a business. 

I will admit that I’m just sitting here in as much shock as a man can be.  I would have never believed that anything like this would ever happen in Orgrimmar.  Now that it has happened, I suppose that the troops going through here and coming back will be a bit more guarded in how they conduct themselves while in the city. 

Poor Fae is sleeping at the moment because I definitely kept filling her glass with brandy until I knew she was drunk.  It’s not a cure for all that she has been through, however, I have never seen her quite this distraught. To her, I’m sure, it must seem as if her whole world has gone crazy and there isn’t anywhere to go for any kind of respite from it.  Shattrath?  Yes, it’s somewhat peaceful there and I wonder how long that will last before some dissenters try to start trouble there.  I’m going to talk with her and see if she feels safe here in Orgrimmar now or if she would like to go back to Silvermoon to stay with Dawnglory’s sister? I’m sure that we can have the files transported back and forth like we have done in the past, it’s a pain in the backside, however, it can be done.

Light!! How I hate this war!!

Places that I felt were safe for my family may not be as safe as they once were.  I have to report back to duty in a few days and I will constantly be worrying about the safety of my loved ones.  Now I’m torn between doing my duty for the Horde and trying to protect my family and businesses.  I am thankful that I was already on leave when all of this came down because I am pretty sure that I would have gone AWOL just to make sure that Fae was alright.

Now, only a few more days of leave are left and I want to make sure that everything is okay here in Orgrimmar before I leave again.  I also want to get back to Shattrath to finish the house in Nagrand, that is one place I know that Amyn and the boys will be safe.  So much for relaxing and getting a much needed break from the war.  I had no clue that it would follow me back to where I felt that things would at least remain somewhat normal. 

I still don’t know all of the things that have happened in Dalaran but it does sound like it was a bloodbath up there as well for any Blood Elves that happened to be caught in the city.   Some people were killed and some were incarcerated for the time being.  Damn, I think that people are just going insane these days and there is nothing that I can do about it.

I’m also wondering if there would be some way that I could set up a permanent camp in Feralas out in the forest.  We could definitely avoid contact with most of the people and with Amy around, I doubt we would have any trouble with the Sentinels from Feathermoon.   Damn, I am torn in so many directions emotionally right now that I am finding it difficult to even concentrate on some of these contracts in front of me.

Well, I think I had better get up and do some recon around the city to see if I can hear anything and to make sure that some of the people that I know are still here and alive.  Of course, I will linger around and try to find out what else may be in the works.  I hope we have no more riots that will involve my family and friends.

Fnor Morningstar

Thoughts & Dreams


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

January 6th

Dear Journal,

I think Amyn decided that I needed to sleep the whole day away yesterday, which I gladly did, although there were so many things that I could have been doing other than losing myself in sleep.  I’ll admit that this is the first time in months that I have felt “rested” and can honestly think a bit clearly.  One can collect one’s thoughts when the fatigue is so heavy that it clouds your judgment.

I think I only woke up long enough to eat some soup that my beloved had made and was sitting on the side of the bed spoon-feeding it to me.  I guess I was really out of it and she just wanted to make sure that I had some nourishment in my body at least.  It’s not like I didn’t eat like a complete pig during the holidays, ,however, I know that all of the food that I had eaten wasn’t exactly on the regiment for good health.

Just laying there in bed, staring into her eyes was enough to make me happy and later on, holding her in my arms when she came to bed was closer to any kind of heaven a man could have imagined. I know that she is here with me, she comforts my soul and my body in ways that no other could.

I’m getting all mushy with this stuff but I can’t help myself.  It isn’t every day that a fellow can admit that he is still madly in love with his wife either.  These are the things that I miss the most when I am in Panderia, being able to come home to my wife each night and falling asleep in her loving arms.  It’s almost enough to make a man run away from all of his duties and this stupid war, however, the cost would be too dear to us as a couple and to the rest of the family.  However, I will admit that the temptation is there.

I know that I have gotten several contracts from Garrosh’s cronies to start picking up deserters but somehow, they seem to end up on the bottom of the pile.  I can’t blame some of these young fellows for taking off and losing themselves in the beauty of the country and the lifestyle of the Panderian people.  Yes, they have a duty to the Horde, however, how many of them were conscripted into the service without any choice in the matter?   I think that there are quite a few.  My orders to report back for duty came from Silvermoon, not Orgrimmar, and I sometime wonder if the people in Silvermoon had an inkling of what it was that we were going to be ordered to do. 

Yes, yes, I know of the involvement of a few Blood Elves with the thing in Theramore, however, the rest of the race is also being painted with the same brush, which is entirely unfair.  Oh, hell, I know that life isn’t fair, however, this particular instance is one that most of us never asked for and to have to continue to serve under that bastard in Orgrimmar is sometimes more of a punishment than an honor.  There was no honor in Theramore.  There was no honor in the things that are now occurring in Dalaran which is driving all of my people from a place that they had learned to call home, including myself.  I really and truly hate this war with a passion that I haven’t felt in my gut for many years.

There are times that I look at the orders that I am giving and I don’t know whether I want to give them out to my troops are not.  I know that in the old days, it wasn’t uncommon for a Commander to be fragged for sending his troops off to certain death and I just hope that my men aren’t feeling that way about me with some of the nonsense that we have had to deal with.  The orders show no mercy to man, woman or child, however, I make sure that there aren’t whole scale slaughters going on under my command.   Civilians didn’t ask for this war, the Panderian didn’t ask for this war.  The only one that is asking for War is Garrosh and he is doing it for power and greed for himself, nothing more.  He could care less about the races under his banner, just gaining that extra piece of dirt to make him feel more powerful.

There is some discussion that the Shas may be involved with his current insanity and I sometimes wonder if there isn’t some truth in that.  Some of the things that I have seen happen, that turn my stomach could only be directed by a madman.  I am loyal to my oath as an officer, however, I do draw the line when it comes to whole scale slaughter.  My Rangers weren’t meant for this kind of work, they weren’t meant for higher ideals than just kill, slaughter everything and burn what we can’t carry with us.  No, I’ll probably get demoted or worse for flexing my ability in giving out some of these orders – we even escort civilians out of harm’s way.

Just looking over at my wife as she lay sleeping in our bed, I wonder what her thoughts would be if she were actively working with her Sentinels at this point in Panderia.  I know that she can be as bloodthirsty and as ruthless as any Sentinel, however, would her heart be as torn as mine with some of the things that both of our factions are doing?  Maybe it’s for the best that she hasn’t been called up yet, although, I do expect it at any time now.  Not only will I be keeping an eye out for my son but I will also be keeping an eye out for my wife when the time comes.  I know that when she does go, which is inevitable, that the little guys will go stay with their grandparents again.

I’m sure that if some of my thoughts became public knowledge that I would be tried as a traitor to the Horde, however, to be honest, I don’t know that many people that aren’t hinting at the same thoughts sometimes.  I do guard my tongue very carefully and stay as on track with the elements of the Horde as much as I can because I’ve heard that hanging is not a pleasant death. I’ve witnessed a few hangings and will admit that it isn’t a quick clean death.

My dreams have been rather strange this trip back to Shattrath.  I constantly find myself wandering the green hills and mountains of Panderia.  Maybe there is some truth to the fact that once you have walked this land of plenty that you truly never can go back to the old way of life. 

In my dreams, I see Amyn and the boys at the farm, seemingly happier than I can recall seeing them in this lifetime, they seem content. In my dreams, there is no war, there is only peace and we’re all enjoying the freedom of the land even if I keep hearing some unseen Panderian saying “Slow Down” all of the time.  There is a tranquility in my dreams that I don’t think that I have ever truly known in my life, if only it were real.

The only disturbing things that I have seen in my dreams are people that have been long dead.  I actually had a cup of coffee with my own biological Father and we were discussing military things, him giving me advice and me nodding and smiling.   It was such a strange part of my dream that I woke up, yet I felt happy that he and I had been talking as Father and Son.  I think that in my heart, I always knew he was my Father, although he waited until he was on his deathbed to tell me.  I wonder if things would have been any different for me if I had known for certain prior to that time?  Probably not, I know that he was indeed a task master with me to make sure that I did everything correctly to climb the ranks within the Rangers.  He succeeded in that regard.

I’ve always been a firm believer that sometimes your dreams have some truth in them.  Even the nightmares that you have will sometimes reveal things that are unpleasant, although, they can still have some bearing on your life. I know that some of my nightmares have come true rather unpleasantly at times.

I know that I am enjoying the time here in Shattrath and I’m really enjoying seeing the house come to pass in Nagrand.  I can hardly wait for it to be finished, I know that Amyn will definitely be pleased with it there.  I am in hopes that it will be completed before I have to go back to Panderia or at least extremely close.

I’ve also noticed that my bride likes to take off a little bit now and again, coming back smelling of the ice and cold that only Northrend can bring, along with a few bruises here and there. After some discussion, it was finally brought out that she was going to Northrend to the tournament and that she was trying to surprise me with how much she had learned.  After much laughter on both our parts, we’ve decided that we will take the boys and go for a couple of days.  Of course, it will seem strange not being able to stay in Dalaran but it will also test our mettle against all of the things that may have changed there. Of course, it will be hurtful to me to be so close to my old home and not be able to go there, but it’s time for me to face that and get on with my life.

It has been more relaxing to be alone with Amyn and the boys than I thought possible.  It is actually the first time that we have been alone like this without any servants or anything of that past life and it has been enjoyable.  Amyn cooks most of the meals, the boys clean up afterwards while Amyn and I sit there at the table and just talk.  It is as it should be, just family.   It’s different, not having everything done for us but then, it’s something that we can get used to having that way in time.  No, I don’t think that I will hire servants for the house in Nagrand, I think that we are fully capable of maintaining the place on our own.  It will definitely save money for us in the long run that we will be able to use on other things that we might enjoy.

I know that I will need to take a quick trip to Orgrimmar to talk to Faendra and to check on a few things for the business.  It does seem to be going extremely well these days and considering that it is war time, we always seem to show an amazing profit during that time.  It’s terrible to think that we’re furnishing goods to the military so that they can send off more young people to take part in the battles and possibly never return to their homes.

Fnor Morningstar

Guests Have Gone…Alone Again

January 2nd

Dear Journal,

It’s actually nice to be able to sit down here at the kitchen table and let out a sigh of relief.  Most of the people have already headed home after the holiday this morning and I just look around at the mess that we will have to clean up so we can feel more comfortable.

Oh, I think that everyone had a good time and I know that I enjoyed having all of the people and family here, however, it’s nice to just have the house back to where it’s just the little boys and my Sindorei now.  I think my face hurts from smiling all of the time and I know that I have never laughed so much at so many jokes for a very long time.  Some of the jokes were old and stale, however, being in our new home almost made them seem like they were fresh and not so time worn.

It was nice having my two oldest sons home together for a while, however, I think that poor Vashlan felt a little awkward around his big brother because there are so many differences between them now. Kal has been out in the world and Vashlan has been sheltered away in Dalaran or Stormwind since he left Shattrath.  Oh, they put on a good front, however, I could tell that Vash was a little envious of his big brother and his independence. Kal was very generous with his brother with his gifts this year and I think that it was a good thing for him to do, however, I think it made poor Vashlan feel bad because he had spent all of his time putting together a new journal for Kal that had some magic worked into it so that others would be unable to read it other than Kal, himself.  It was a beautiful book and I could tell that Vashlan was very proud of it.  Kal was very gracious for the gift and he was very pleased at how Vashlan looked in the new robe he had brought for him and that staff that he gave him was magnificent with all of the jade worked through the staff head – I was actually kind of envious.

I actually felt kind of bad for Dawnglory while he was here.  His sister was driving him crazy with all of her begging to stay in Shattrath, however, he stood his ground and told her that she was going back to Silvermoon whether she liked the idea or not.  Oh, she definitely can be a pouty little thing when she wants to be.  Of course, I also think that everyone was expecting Dawnglory to pop the question to Faendra or at least give her a ring of some sort and he didn’t do it.  I could tell that Faendra was more than a little disappointed with him this trip.

Fnor and I had a wonderful time with the family being here, although I could tell that he was really exhausted most of the time and would have loved to have spent more time in bed sleeping.  He gave the two little guys some beautiful bone bows that they are still anxious to try out, however, they promised that they would wait until Fnor took them to Nagrand to do some hunting – I do hope that they will be careful, that’s how I lost my mate, their Father.  It actually sent shivers up my spine when they were talking about taking the hunting trip down there.  History repeating itself? 

I’m just letting Fnor sleep this morning for as long as he wants.  He looked rather exhausted yesterday and acted as if he was half asleep most of the time.   I think he was just tired from having to be constantly on the go with all of the people that were here and feeling like he had to be the good host even if they were mostly family.

I know that he will be happier when the house in Nagrand is completely finished and we are able to go there for most of our time. It’s much larger than our house here in Shattrath and I will have to admit that he is really trying to make it almost as comfortable as the home we had in Dalaran. Oh, no, not nearly as large as that was, however, it’s big enough to accommodate the people that might be visiting there from time to time.  I know that our bedroom is as big as the old one and the bathroom is just as luxurious, however, it won’t have that constant flow of hot water that we got so spoiled with in Dalaran.

I know that I shouldn’t say anything but I have never seen anyone pine for a place that they have lived in for a long time like Fnor has been doing for the house in Dalaran.  It meant more to him than just a building and to have it wrested from his hands like it was has been very hard for him to take.  Maybe someday we will be able to return there again and take the house back.  Who knows what is going to be going with this war and the stupid politics that are involved.  I just know that some crazy woman is in charge up there now and it almost makes me physically ill to think what might be happening to our old home.

I know that my Sindorei is wanting to find a healer like he had in Dalaran.  As vain as he is, that scar on his neck is still an angry red and is very noticeable since it starts below his right ear and disappears into his collar, no matter what he wears.  I might make the suggestion that if he can’t find one here in Shattrath that he go back to Silvermoon and find one, I know that they have the best there now.

Well, I just got finished giving breakfast to the two boys and they are off to school.  My Sindorei is still sleeping and I can tell that it is a very deep sleep.  I always laugh to myself when I see him sleeping like this because he will end up with only the furs wrapped around his waist and the rest of his body exposed.  Silly man only sleeps this deeply when he’s home, where he knows that he’s safe and sound.

Oh well, I guess I should start cleaning up and I’ll make some food for Fnor when he wakes up and maybe we can spend some time wandering the stalls in the Lower City before the boys get out of school.  I want some fresh fruit and I have been smelling the freshly baked bread all day.  

I’m just thankful that the holidays are over and we can settle down for a few more days.  Fnor will be home with us for a couple more weeks and I am looking forward to spending some time alone with him.





No, I Don’t Want To Get Married Yet!!

January 2nd

Yo Book!!

Well, I’ll have to admit that it was fun spending time with the family and all that but it almost feels like I have been released from jail for some misdemeanor when I head back through Orgrimmar to Panderia.  Fuck!  It was fun, however, I kept feeling like everyone was expecting me to do something that I apparently never did do.

I know what it was, I’m not that damned stupid.  I think or I kind of know that Faendra was expecting more from me for the holiday than what I did for her as far as gifts went. No, I didn’t give her a ring, I had one in my bags but something just kept telling me not to stick my neck out that far.  I did give her a jade necklace and some earrings that looked awesome on her with the dark green velvet gown she wore to dinner that night with the rest of the family.  I don’t think I’m quite ready to settle down with that white picket fence and rugrats tripping you up when you walk from one room to the next.  Fnor can handle it much better than I can because he was an old man when he was still young.  I’m not ready to get married yet – there is so much more out there to see and people to meet. I’m not ready for those conversations that I hear some of the other married guys having with their wives -“Yes, Dear”, “No, Dear” and my favorite one of all time “Of course, Dear, you’re always right.”  Nope, I’m just not ready for that yet.  How can you tell someone that love that they are always right when you think they are dumb as a stick and couldn’t find their way out of a room if the doorknob wasn’t so obvious on the door.

I’ve always cared for her and I’ve always wanted to take her to bed, however, I don’t think I am quite ready to make that a permanent state of affairs just yet. If I was ready to settle down, I would more than likely take her as my wife, however, people have just got to understand that just because I want to sleep with someone doesn’t mean I want them tied to me forever, you know? 

Besides, I’ve known Fae since she was just a little toddler and we’ve always been friends, she’s just become more desirable as she has grown up and I don’t think that her brother can even recognize that – she’s damned sexy and attractive and I’m sure that a lot of men would like to hit that.  She’s intelligent, she’s fun to be around and she definitely is a good huntress, however, does that mean that I am madly in love with her and want to be tied to her for the rest of my life?  Not yet, no, not yet.

Going through Orgrimmar on my way back to Panderia was fun this time.  I ran into a few people that I hadn’t seen in a while, so, we decided to sit down and throw back a few drinks while we were waiting to get transport back to our stations.  Yeah, there were a few girls there that were making goofy eyes at me and I tried my best to ignore that because after what I have been through in the last few days has put a bit of a damper on my libido.  Of course, I picked up a few things before I headed back that seem to be a little hard to come by in Panderia, just some buckles that I don’t see often enough unless I go through the trouble of going through all of the pockets on the corpses that I run across – that’s just disgusting to even think about.

I thought about going to Silvermoon for an few hours and go to the jeweler where I ordered the ring that I had for Faendra and selling it back to him.  Oh, I know, I’d take a major hit in the gold for doing that but it seemed like it might be a good idea.  I did decide against that idea and just put it in my bank vault with all of my other crap.   Who knows, I might change my mind one of these days and it would be handy to have that ring already made up.  Right?

I’m sitting at Fnor’s farm right now and I can’t help but notice Kal’s Kaldorei girl working in his fields right now.  Now, that’s one attractive lady, I don’t see why that kid is just pining after that little worgen girl in Stormwind.  He was supposed to meet her for the holidays, however, I’m not sure that he actually did that or not.  I just know that he was acting like some lovesick dopey elf for most of the time that I was around him.  His Dad just said that he was sure that whatever happened would be okay with him because he’s not getting involved in any of it – I think that part of that was directed at me without him coming right out and saying that to me.

Oh well, I suppose I ought to head back to the command post and see what kind of mess has been done while we were gone.  After all, I’m supposed to be second in command and all that crap.  One thing I have noticed is that there seem to be a lot more people  that are just kind of wandering by the farm since I got back and that bothers me a bit.  Wonder why they are so curious all of a sudden – it might be that we’re just being watched since Fnor blew his cool and killed that dude.  Oh yeah, the rumors were flying before we left anyway.

Fnar Dawnglory