Just Look At Me Now!!

*A Little Salty Language as per usual with this guy – so if you’re easily offended, don’t read it.*

February 4th

Hot Damn Book!!

Well, just slap my ass and call me happy!! Woot! You should see the look on Fnor’s face this morning.  I wish I had one of those goblin camera things, I’d take a picture and post it on the War Board in Orgrimmar. 

Okay, I was supposed to be restricted to the command post for the rest of the week but I did my usual thing of stacking stuff in my bunk and throwing a blanket over it so that I could slip out for a while.  All that damned armor is cleaned and I’m not supposed to have anyone looking for me anyway. So, off I went for some fun and games.

Well, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a few drinks and play some cards at Halfhill for a bit last night.  You know, being sociable with the guys isn’t a bad thing, you know.  What has me grinning from ear to ear this morning is the fact that I won a fucking farm, right next to Fnor’s place, to be exact, it’s right between his farm and his kid’s place.  It’s a bit run down and needs a lot of work. Hell, the cards were in my favor, I’m not complaining. I walked out of that card game last night with gold in my coin pouch and the deed to a farm.  Can’t say that Lady Luck took a whiz on me last night.  Guess I should quit calling her a bitch, except when it comes to my relationships with women.

Apparently, my letter of reprimand didn’t carry a whole lot of weight or something because I think I got promoted – had a new flying mount delivered to me this morning as I sat there in front of my tent polishing more armor that was just dropped off.   It’s kind of an ugly thing, looks like a goat, however, it flies real smooth and doesn’t bite…yet. That’s not all bad.

I’d say that things are finally starting to look up for ol’ Dawnglory and it’s about fucking time, isn’t it?

Looks like if I stay away from women, things just go great for me, however, a fellow has needs that he can’t always take care of by himself.  It’s nice to have some female to snuggle with and do other things, however, that doesn’t mean that I want to marry them or something.

Naturally, I did get my butt chewed out for leaving camp last night, however, Fnor was grinning almost as much as I was about the farm.  Now we can be neighbors – oh, joy of joys!  Oh well, I’m sure that we’ll do fine living that close together, it wasn’t like we were living all spread out in Dalaran.

Just wait until I sit down and write Miss Priss in Orgrimmar about how great things are going for me in Panderia, that ought to just chap her ass royally.  I still want to be friends and want things to work out, however, I’m not nearly ready to get married, pump out a few kids and have a wife nagging at my ass to take out the trash either. I’m not done sowing my wild oats yet, that’s what Fnor says anyway.

Oh well, guess I had better cut this short because duty calls and I have to go out on patrol with some raw recruits again.  Sure wish they would send us some trained men, however, I know that it’s hard to find hardened vets that aren’t already up here anyway.  I just hate having to explain to some of them about their gear, how to really get some power behind that bowstring.  However, the one good thing that I do know is that most of them don’t know how to play cards worth a tinker’s damn.

Well, Dawn is grousing at me about her new roomie.  Yep, found a kind of exotic pet to train while I’m up here and she’s always been a jealous little girl.  Yeah, she’s still my favorite of all time and I guess I feel about her just like Fnor feels about Pan.




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