“Known Bug”…not by me

February 7th

Well, I’ve had a bit of a surprise with my accounts in World of Warcraft. 

I have multiple accounts because I am an altoholic.  Yesterday, I moved several characters from one merged account to another without any trouble, even threw in a realm transfer from one realm back to Wrymrest-Accord.   Much to my surprise and chagrin, I logged into my main account to discover that a few of my “paid for” mounts were missing.

I spent several hours on the phone with Blizzard Entertainment yesterday trying to get this issue resolved.  They would put the mounts back, I’d log out for a while and log back in to find the mounts gone again.  This didn’t happen once, it happened three different times. As of today and several discussions back and forth via in-game communication, the issue has not been resolved yet.

I was informed that this was a “known” bug, me being me, asked where this information was.  It’s known by Blizzard, not the general public.  If you happen to have multiple merged accounts and you are relocating characters from one account to another under the same ID – you could have this issue.  I did ask when it would fixed and I was met with stony silence.

I’m just posting this out here for those of you that have multiple merged accounts that there is this possibility of this “bug”.  Obviously, I won’t be transferring characters again anytime in the near future.

Love the game and always will, just hope they get some of these “known” bugs fixed in the very near future.

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