Raise Your Hand If….

Please raise your hand if you’re an altoholic.  I think we should have meetings or something.  I think I may have to resort to rolling dice as to which characters to play on what day sometimes.

  This means that your stable of characters has grown to the point that you have to keep a “roster” of who, what, level, and where.  I knew I was in trouble when I was thinking about a character this morning and couldn’t remember which account they were on.  So, for grins, I put together a roster of all of my characters and which accounts they were on.  Hehe, they are all on one realm.

Much to my surprise, not really, I have quite a few.  Not all of which I RP on , however, I do enjoy playing them.  I came up with a total of 41 characters as of today’s date.

Here’s a brief list so you can have a chuckle if that’s your desire.

26 Hunters – various races and levels

3 Death Knights

2 Shaman

2 Druid

2 Mage

1 Priest  ( she heals better with bandages than casting – not the character, just bad person behind the keyboard.)

1 Warlock

2 Monks

1 Rogue

I’m just posting this for laughs and sheer amazement at my addiction to The World of Warcraft.


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