Soon…Business, War and Family

February 14th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here with a big grin on my face this morning because I got a love letter from my Sindorei, as if I needed that from him.  Oh, yes, he wants us to meet somewhere soon and I want the same thing.  It has been terribly lonely up here listening to the other Sentinels discuss their love lives while I sat there nodding my head like an imbecile.

I am sitting here blushing a little bit because I can almost feel those same yearnings from his words as I read them.  No, he doesn’t want to meet in Shattrath; he wants to go to our favorite spot in Feralas.  I’m sure that it will be very private with every one off to other parts of Azeroth with this war going on multiple fronts.

Right now, I’m not sure which I miss the most, my husband or my children.  I think I’m going to opt for the fact that I miss my loving Sindorei the most.  I know that the little ones are being well taken care of by my parents.  Vashlan was grousing about some books that he wanted to buy, which, I told him to get off his butt and go get them.  He has his own money unless he’s spent it all on robes lately.

Oh yes, I’m still worried about Kal living with his Sentinel in Panderia, however, there is not much a Mother can do when their sons are grown men and they have the right to make their own choices.  I know that he is still carrying a big heartache and torch for that little girl in Stormwind; however, I think he’s reconciled himself to the fact that he may or may not ever hear from again.  He was totally crushed when he didn’t see her over the Holidays.

Maggie seems to be running the office just fine these days and I did talk to her about treating the Bitterbeers a bit better.  They are the best producers that I have working for me right now that are still bringing in the Eastern Kingdom furs that the people are just clamoring to buy.  Oh, the Northrend product is in demand quite a bit, however, everyone is screaming for more stock from Panderia.  I’ll have to get in touch with Kal and his roommate, Kae, to make sure that they start shipping more to Stormwind.  I did have to laugh at Maggie sending me some contracts for the items in Mount Hyjal because she knows that I am here on assignment and I will send what I can.  At least she sent the contracts that didn’t have heavy due dates on them.   Oh well, when I get the time to go see my love, I will stop by the office and have a talk with her about the way that she is trying to act as if she has complete control of our company.  I will also talk with worgen in Darnassus and see what their problem is with their production of late.  Maybe it’s the “Love” holiday and they are off chasing each other.

Yes, I know that we’re trying to run a business and fight wars at the same time.  We’ve done it before and I know that we will be even more successful with our efforts now.  We’ve hired more people and there are more teams out in the field.  The only thing that has fallen off a bit is the mercenary work that we used to do; we just don’t have the people to accept all of the contracts.   I need to get to Stormwind and make damned sure that she isn’t putting the customers off with her attitude and making promises that we can’t possibly keep.  There is nothing that ruins a business faster than a bunch of contracts that weren’t filled in a timely fashion.  Word of mouth about a company being good or bad can make or break that company and we’re not going down the tubes by a long shot.  I need to hire more guards to make sure that our shipments aren’t getting “removed” from the docks.  Seems we’ve lost a few shipments of late.  Darn scum roaming the docks and pilfering things that they shouldn’t.

I think I know how Fnor was feeling before he went off to war.  It’s not easy running a business, a family and then having to honor your political commitments at the same time.  However, I don’t think that I will take up some of his habits, like drinking coffee at all hours of the day and night…and those cigarettes.  His office always smelled like an ashtray when he pulled one of his all-night paperwork sessions in there.

I do admit that although I miss my husband more than anyone could ever imagine.  I love being back with the Sentinels.  I feel “alive” again.  I never knew how much I missed being back with my people when I resigned to raise Kal and Vash.  Oh, they stayed with their grandparents now and again but it was a bit harder for them due to the fact that they both have that greenish tint to their eyes and the smaller ears than a normal Night Elf.  No, my parents loved having them there; however, they were very nervous about it at the same time.  Now, with the two little guys, that’s a different story – they are enjoying every single minute of having them there. 

My Mother informed me that I need to by her a new wooden spoon because she broke her old one when she was using it to warm up the youngest son’s backside for trying to play with explosives again.  That’s what I get for taking them to Dalaran and getting them exposed to that big city magic and life.  I will get Vashlan to pick up some spoons for her as well as going to check on the little ones.  He needs to get out of Stormwind now and again.  Naturally, he will slip into Dolonaar with his portals now, he’s learning so much.

Oh, I’m almost shivering with the excitement of seeing Fnor again soon.  I’ve longed to have his arms around me and to be able to see his face when I am talking with him.  Well, a few other things that I won’t write about right now or I’ll have to go stand in a cold waterfall somewhere.


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