Living The Life In Panderia

February 15th

Dear Journal,

Well, seems like my Dad is going to go spend some time with Mother.  It’s about time, he was making me crazy with his questions.  No, she does not write more to me than she does to him – especially if you count personal mail versus business stuff for Stormwind.  Honestly, with as long as those two have been together, you’d think they would be able to handle this time apart a bit better, although, I know that he is worried about her.  Well, for Elune’s sake, she’s a Sentinel and knows how to take care of herself.  Ease up, Dude, you’re giving me a headache.

Kae and I both are taking some time off and staying at the farm, just to get away from camp for a bit.  It seems like we’re the popular team to send on recon these days, which is fine, we’re a good team because we’ve spend so much time working together that we don’t have to say a whole lot when we’re out in the field, we already know what we’re thinking.

It’s nice just sitting here writing in my journal right now.  Yes, I’m just sitting here in a loin cloth and Kae isn’t too much more clothed than that while she is working on some leather goods.  Funny how we can both just relax here at the house and not have people constantly yammering at us about different things.

Yes, I finally did tell Kae that her friend, Phaendra, made me feel very uncomfortable when she was here for dinner.  I didn’t tell her what she was doing under the table, rubbing my thigh and trying to get a better feel for other things.  I know that the more she tried that stuff the worse it made me feel, not only for myself but for Kae too.  This other Sentinel is supposed to be her friend and shouldn’t be making moves on the fellow that her friend is living with.  I was doing my best not to make a scene about it, however, I did ask that Kae not invite her friend back if I was anywhere around.

I really haven’t been with a woman in a long time.  Well, not since the family and I went to the Faire and Dad caught me with that girl in the tent.  At least he let me finish before he chewed me out.  As much as I cared about Josie, I did want to take her to bed, however, I had too much respect for her to just have a romp and leave her.  That wasn’t how it was supposed to be.  I never even really got to do much more than hold her, kiss her and let her know what my intentions were.  Maybe that’s what scared her off. I guess I’ll never know, still haven’t heard from her. I’m getting to the point now that it is sometimes really hard to have Kae sleeping under the furs with me when we’re out in the field together.  We have separate beds here at the farm, although there are times that the temptation is almost getting best of my good judgment.

I know that it would be very easy for Kae and I to end up in an intimate situation without much trouble, however, I am wondering what it might do to our friendship.  I mean, once you cross that line, things could change and I don’t want to lose that feeling that we have together right now.  We’re relaxed together and we can talk about anything we want.  One thing I do notice is that she never mentions another man to me, nor a woman, for that matter.  I’m glad she doesn’t because I don’t know what or how I might feel about that either.

Of course, we’re living next door to Dawnglory and it seems like he has decided to conform to the neighborhood a little bit better.  At least he’s wearing undergarments when he goes outside in the mornings.  I would offer to help him with the repairs to his house and things, however, I’m sure that he would get in trouble for consorting with the enemy, even though I’ve known him forever when we weren’t at war. Dad should let him have some more time to work on his farm instead of constantly sending him out in the field with the new recruits that the Horde always seems to be getting.

Of course, Kae is curious about the new neighbor and even more curious about my Father and what he does in Panderia.  She can be as curious as she wants because there isn’t anything that I could tell her about other than he is a Ranger Commander and that’s it.  He and I don’t discuss anything about how our military is doing things.

She doesn’t realize that I already know that the Sentinels had her watching me for a long time to make sure where my loyalties lie.  I’m not that naive, although, I think it helped us become better friends in the long run.  At least everyone acts like they can trust me now, even if a few can’t help but make a few snide comments now and again.   Maybe one of these days she will feel like telling me about it, I’m not going to press her.

I think a large part of Kae’s problem is that it appears as though she really doesn’t have a family of her  own.  I haven’t really pressed her about it, I just know that she never goes “home” for any reason and that must mean that she doesn’t really have one.  I know that when I talk about my family, she always tells me that I’m lucky to know and to have a real family like I do, even if it is a crazy mixed up thing. I’ll have to get her to come home with me sometime in the future so that she can meet them away from Panderia. 

I would like for her to meet my brothers because she just laughs so hard when I tell her about Vashlan and his antics with being a mage, the little guys would really have her rolling.  Of course, she doesn’t speak much in the way of Orcish or Thalassian, so, there would be a language problem with my Dad although his Darnassian or Common isn’t all that bad.   I’m sure that that the family would like her. Of course, she’s already let me know that she thinks that Blood Elf men are pretty sexy with the way they look, which, that makes me a bit uneasy about having Dawnglory so close by.  I wonder how she would react to my Aunts?  She already knows that one of them is a Death Knight, so, that shock wouldn’t have to be presented to her as a surprise if Aunt Felaran happened to be home.

I can’t believe how much our farm is producing these days.  We’re actually able to sell some of the produce to the market people in Halfhill, which isn’t too shabby. Of course, we both like to cook and we’re constantly taking samples of food that we’ve prepared back to camp to share with everyone.

Kae is getting real good with herbs lately and her skinning is pretty much on par with mine.  I know that the contracts that Mother sent to us are pretty hefty.  I think I need to talk with her and let her know that we do that stuff in our spare time and that there is a war going on here.  No, I won’t be pushy about it, I’ll just remind her that we aren’t available all of the time.  I wonder if some of these contracts came from the new office manager because Mother would have a better idea of what we’re capable of.

Oh, I got a letter from Andrew Bitterbeer.  It really made me laugh to hear the old dwarf tell me how much his family missed having me around.  I suppose that Hammon is giving him fits too from what I was able to figure out.  I thought that brogue was hard to understand in person, ever have someone write like they talk and you have to almost get an interpreter to read it to you?  That’s a letter from Andrew.  I really did laugh out loud when he told it was okay that I puked in the fountain the last time I was there because I had almost forgotten about it.  I guess I’ll have to go to Ironforge sometime soon to visit. 

Oh, looks like Kae is wanting to go fishing and some swimming near the Jade Temple.  Oh, it will feel good to get in some fishing and let’s just say that I could use a good long soak. So much for trying to catch up on my journal, I guess.



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