Life Is Complicated

February 18th

Dear Journal,

I thought that by coming to Stormwind for a few days that it might help me clear my head a little bit of my personal stuff and start getting on with things.  However, that may have been my intent at the time and it was well thought out before I left Kae on the farm and headed to Stormwind.  I also wanted to get up to see the Bitterbeers in Ironforge for a few hours at least.

I wanted to get my head cleared out and just put a few things behind me.  I think that I needed to get some closure on a few things in regard to Josie and be able to tell myself that it wasn’t something that I had done wrong, in fact, it might have been something that I had done right.  I still don’t know what is really going on, however, at least I have some ideas.

When I got to Stormwind, the warehouse was extremely busy and the new office manager really was giving me fits as to whom I was because we’d never met.  I had to prove to her that I was whom I was by showing her the key to the apartment upstairs, which, bless the light of Elune, Vashlan happened to be there.  He assured her that I was indeed Kaldor Shadowmoon, the son of the owner of the company and I hadn’t come there to rob the warehouse.  So, at least she didn’t feel like she had to summon the guards that were on duty to remove this strange person from the premises.  It was good to see Vash again because we hadn’t seen one another since Winter Veil and we had a lot to catch up on.

Naturally, my room looked like it had been turned into a changing room with Vash’s robes lying all over the place and a few crates that he had shoved in there with books in them that he had already read and hadn’t sold them nor decided to put them in the bookshelves.  So, we spent the next couple of hours cleaning up my room so I could at least use it with me chewing him out for being such a clothes horse amongst other things.

We talked about how things were with Mother and Father and I’ll admit that he was relieved that they were going to be seeing one another in the next few days for some private time alone.  He was afraid that Dad had gone off on another one of his adventures – which would mean that our family would be torn apart again and we’d have to start over again.  No, I don’t think that we have to worry about that sort of thing happening again because I think that Mother would just shoot him if he got that kind of wanderlust again.  Besides, I think that Dad has finally realized that we are the family that he has always wanted and needed in his life – he does seem happy enough other than worrying about Mother being in the Sentinels again.

I guess that Vashlan has seen the little guys recently and they are growing like weeds and he thinks that they are actually going to be taller than the two of us.  Well, they are pure Kaldorei and that means that they will not have to deal with the things that we had to growing up and still have to deal with from time to time.  I guess that Vashlan has been able to cover his bloodline up by telling people he had an accident with fel magic that he wasn’t supposed to be messing around with and that’s why his eyes are a little on the green side.  Guess he’s gotten smarter as he’s gotten older.  Accidents can happen with magic, the wrong incantation, the wrong potion, whatever – poof, you could be scarred for life.  He might set up a portal while I’m here so that I can get a chance to see the little monsters before I have to go back to Panderia.  I miss them a lot, especially the stuff they used to pull in Dalaran which they don’t seemed to have stopped completely even in Dolonaar.  Vash had to take some replacement stuff to Grandma because she had broken a few wooden spoons warming up their backsides.  Something about the Moonwell and explosives – will they ever learn that there are some things that you just don’t do?  I guess that Mother was fit to be tied over that little stunt when Gran wrote her about it.

I love Panderia, however, I do miss the family times that we used to have when we were living in Dalaran.  I don’t suppose that we’ll ever have that very often anymore.  What with Dad being in Panderia and Mom being in Mount Hyjal, the family is kind of scattered all over Azeroth these days.

Maggie had told me about some filching of the shipments that we were sending out and I thought that I would go down to the docks to see what was going on.  I wondered if the guards were getting to be a bit lax in their duties, which could happen I suppose.  Stormwind is a busy port and with all of the war supplies going out, it would be ripe for a bunch of thieves to start taking their wares.

I was standing on the dock to Darnassus checking the last few crates when I started remembering a lot of the things that had happened to me on that particular dock.  That’s where I met Harrier and Josie the very first time.  Oh that did bring back some of my more harsh memories of Harrier disliking me quite a bit. 

As I was leaving the dock, I noticed a fellow sitting by the tree that I knew I recognized almost immediately.  That purple hat is a definite give away, he always wears that hat down over his eyes so you can’t see what his eyes are doing.  Yep, it was Harrier.

He and I chatted for a while and it appears that I’m not the only one that has been away from Stormwind for a while.  I have no clue where he has been because he’s always very secretive with the way that he does things.  Naturally, I told him in passing that I hadn’t seen Josie in quite a while nor had I heard from her.  I told him that I thought that maybe she didn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore for whatever reason.   You could almost see his eyes light up with that thought.   I guess that Josie does talk about me from time to time which can’t please him at all.  I don’t think that I will ever figure out that relationship at all.  Naturally, I also asked him about The Lady and he said that she was doing as well as she always does – whatever in the heck that really means, I’m clueless.

As we were chatting there on the docks, or should I say, trading words.  I kept feeling like I was being watched and I would glance around to see if anyone was nearby and couldn’t see anything.  I was beginning to chalk it up to being in a warzone for too long and not being able to turn off that particular radar when I’m away from it.  Besides, I didn’t have Kae with me to cover my back and that always makes me a bit nervous – I’ve become very dependent on her being with me, which may or may not be a good thing.

Yeah, you guessed it.  It was Josie slipping around from the back of the tree and I guess she had caught her gown on one of the bushes there – it was the only reason that I noticed her at that point.  It’s kind of odd how you see Harrier and Josie isn’t too far behind.  It always makes me wonder about that relationship.  Josie says she doesn’t like him and he doesn’t like her, however, they sure do seem to be inseparable.

I didn’t know whether to be happy to see her or angry to see her.  I mean, it’s been months since we had last spoken and I even quit sending her flowers after the Winter Veil debacle and her never getting in touch with me.  I was ready to chalk the whole thing off and get on with my life.  She says that she’s been extremely busy at the shop and hasn’t had time to do anything else.  Well, I’ve been off fighting a war and that didn’t mean that I didn’t have time to think about her at least.  Oh well, I suppose there are excuses that you can accept and some that you have to take with a grain of salt.

I’ll admit that my heart skipped a couple of beats when I saw her and I know that I had a huge grin plastered on my face.  I told her how beautiful she was and that I was glad to see her.  I know that my knees were shaking and I could feel my heart pounding every time I opened my mouth.

We chatted for a while with Harrier sitting there like some chaperone or something.  I told her about the farm and the fact that I had been assigned to a group of Sentinels in Panderia.  I guess Harrier doesn’t care for Sentinels all that much.  Anyway, the subject came up about the farm and I was telling Josie about it and she asked if I had help with the place because it sounded like a lot of work. 

I had no intentions of telling Josie about Kae, however, I wasn’t going to lie about it either.  I didn’t lie when I said that Kae doesn’t live with me all of the time, most of the time she does. I definitely didn’t go into any details about our sleeping arrangements either.  No sense in building a bonfire and standing in it.  I did invite Josie to come visit at some point.

We were all talking about Sentinels and Harrier kept making comments about how Sentinels don’t like men for the most part.  Well, naturally, I was trying to smooth that over by saying that not all Sentinels felt that way.  Men were just a lower level of the social strata around Sentinels.  I didn’t want to broach the subject that men had other uses when there are group of women.  Can’t say that I have been called on to provide that particular “service” since I’ve been in Panderia, however, I know it’s happened to some of my buddies. Josie thought it was horrible that men aren’t treated as equals and I spoke out that the relationship between my parents was very equal.

Oh well, I’m sure that Harrier filled Josie in on the situation after I left.  Josie and I decided to remain friends and start our relationship over again by writing.  We’ll see how that works out.  At least we parted as friends last night.  Oh Elune No!  I am sure not going to share the fact with Kae that I ran into Josie again because I have a feeling that a bit of jealousy might happen there, maybe not. 

Kae is still my best friend in Panderia and I don’t want to rock that boat for something that may or may not happen.  If Josie and I renew our relationship on a different level, I’ll tell Kae then.

Well, I had planned on doing some other things here in Stormwind today, however, I am feeling rather exhausted this morning.  I really didn’t sleep all that well last night with all of these thoughts about Josie running through my head.  Oh yeah, I did ask about the little boy that Josie had been taking care of and she acted kind of weird about that when I did.

 Part of my dreams last night weren’t real pleasant, I was being chased by a pack of wolves and I kept hearing one of them yelling my name and for me to stop.  I knew that if I stopped, I’d be one dead man.






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