Staying At The Farm Alone Is Not Always Fun

February 20th

Dear Journal,

I will have to admit that the farm seems a bit lonely sometimes when Kal isn’t here, however, I always find plenty to keep me busy, what with all the animals and the crops.  I honestly think that blonde Blood Elf is throwing his weeds over the fence or that’s where my weed infestation seems to be the worst and I have to spend more time over in that area than I normally do.  Who knows, I’ll let Kal deal with that when he finally gets home from Stormwind.

I know why he went there, it wasn’t just to check on his friends and to see the dwarves in Iron Forge.  He wants to give that human girl one more try.  I don’t know what it is about her, however, he hasn’t totally given up.  Maybe after this trip he will be different and reconciled to the fact that that relationship was headed nowhere fast.

I did have a chance to talk with Phaendra about her behavior the last time she was invited over to visit and her answer was that she didn’t see any marks on the man that made him mine other than the fact that I was probably sleeping with him since I was living on the farm.  He was fair game as far as she was concerned and was betting with the other women that he could make love just like a Sindorei.  How would they know how a Sindorei takes a woman?  Besides, wasn’t he supposed to be servicing the women in our group?  If that was true, then, why was I keeping it all for myself.  There are a couple of other men that travel with us and they always seem to be occupied with their duties, Kal is the only one that seems to have avoided that so far.

Let’s just say that I asked for some time off before we got into a more physical altercation that what happened.  Yes, I did punch her right in the face and I hope I broke her nose too. No, I didn’t get into trouble but was reminded that it was part of my job to keep an eye on “him” and make sure he wasn’t collaborating with any of the Sindorei around Halfhill.  So, here I sit at Halfhill on the farm waiting for Kal to get back which should be any day now, as far as I am concerned.

I don’t know why Sentinels can be so hostile towards a man and then want him to meet their physical needs if they aren’t already aligned with someone.  Some of the girls like the way Kal is built and want to see more and possibly do more when they aren’t busy with each other.

I didn’t deny that I was sleeping with Kal even if we aren’t, there is always that possibility and I don’t think that I want to share him with the other women, no matter what my Commander said.   I know that I am probably being selfish, however, after all of the things that he and I have been through together, it would be different for us.  I don’t think that they would transfer him to another unit or anything if we got mated or got heavily involved, maybe they would.  I just don’t know what to do.

I just know that he makes me feel things that I never thought were possible before.  Oh yes, I have been with other Kaldorei men and I’m no innocent thing that just stepped out of the temple in Darnassus.  No matter what the rules are, if Kal and I do make that kind of commitment, even the Commander won’t step in, although she might decide that I need to stay in camp instead of coming home to the farm every chance that I get.  I think I just got the poor fellow in more hot water by having that argument with Phaendra. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens when he gets back to Panderia.

At least I have had the time to tan more of the leather that Kal and I gathered before he left to visit his family and friends in Stormwind.  We got some very nice pieces that should fetch us a nice price and I am shipping some of my herbs along as well since there was a contract for some of that in this last batch. 

I just want Kal to come home now.  I don’t want him getting more involved with this girl in Stormwind, it wouldn’t be a good thing for him if someone were to start blabbing around the city that there was a half-breed hiding in the population.

One thing I have noticed is that since he has grown his beard and let his hair grow out more, his eyes aren’t that noticeable.  Maybe he is safe in Stormwind.  He told me that he thought the green wasn’t quite as noticeable since he has gotten older, however, there isn’t much that can be done about his ears being shorter than a normal Kaldorei.   I just worry when he is away from Panderia because I know how crazy some people can be in the cities.

I did see Kal’s Father at the market in Halfhill, all dressed in his black and silver armor.  I guess that he had just gotten back in town and was picking up a few things before he went to his farm.  We’ve never really spoken, however, this time he glanced in my direction with a soft smile on his lips and he winked at me.  Kal must look like his Mother because his Father has that heavy long black hair that looks almost blue because it’s so dark – a touch of gray at the temples makes me think that he is even more handsome that the blonde fellow that lives next door to us.

Oh well, I suppose that I ought to go out and make the nightly rounds around the perimeter of the farm and make sure that we don’t have any surprises when Kal comes back.  I still want to do more than punch Phaendra in the nose though – I need to keep my temper in check.


2 thoughts on “Staying At The Farm Alone Is Not Always Fun

    • ROTFL…yeah, it wasn’t pretty. Poor Kal gets into trouble when he isn’t even at home. Thanks for reading and commenting. Yes, I’ve pretty much started writing here rather than on another site because it seems that it’s easier to do it this way.

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