A Step Into Nightmare…Deepholm

February 21st

Dear Journal,

I know that this is all going to be worth it someday when I am able to be with my beloved Sindorei in Panderia.   I know that things have been going rather well for us in Mount Hyjal or something got a lot worse somewhere else, however, my whole regiment has been moved to this place that is unbelievable.

I know that this all came about during the Shattering; however, I never realized that when Fnor talked about this place that it was completely underground.  I don’t know why I couldn’t think that way; I’m used to forests and trees, not being underground like some dwarf miner.

I feel so removed from the things that are even remotely familiar to me and yet, I know that there is a reason that we are here.  The Twilight Cultists have a stranglehold here and we need to eradicate in order to put the Earth Pillar back together again. If we fail to succeed in this mission, there will be no Azeroth, which means that everything will come to an end.

I know that we are all very nervous here, it’s our first day and we’re trying not to let the place spook us all that much.  I’m terrified of enclosed places like this even if it does appear to be vast from the steps of the Temple. Of course, we’ve heard the tales of where this place can go from the lava pools to ice pinnacles – yet, as far as my eyes can see, there doesn’t appear to be a single tree, blade of grass or even sparkling pools of water like we have grown accustomed to above ground.

I’m feeling very nervous here and I am wondering when or if I will ever get to see my parents or my sons at this point.   The creatures here mean nothing but harm to us from what I have seen so far.  There are so many elementals and so many creatures that seem to have escaped from a person’s nightmares to become reality in this place and time because it is the will of the Gods.  It’s an ugly place.  I know that I am not the only one that is feeling this way; there are others that are voicing their opinions rather loudly.  However, I will do as my orders have been given to me and I will do my duty for the Sentinels and for our world, as we know it.  All I can feel for the moment is a sense of foreboding; all of your senses are strained to make some kind of normalcy of this place – this underground abomination that holds the very structure of our world in its grasp.

Deepholm.  The name is most assuredly correct.  It’s like being buried alive and there is no way out except to fight for your life with the environment and the Cultists every step of the way.

I pray that Elune will guide our steps through this place, this abomination of a place that was possibly above ground.  I also pray that Elune will allow me to live through this and that I will be able to see my loved ones again.



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