Snow And How To Deal With It

February 25th


After waking up this morning to over a foot of snow stacked outside my door- I think that this is a good time as any to rejoice in the fact that I am retired and I no longer “have to” go to a job by risking life and limb in these rather horrendous driving conditions.  However, I do have to call and cancel a dental appointment that I had for this afternoon due to road conditions – being older also means that your reaction time is not what it used to be when you were twenty-five or so.


One never knows how the road conditions are going to be when you have a wind-chill factor that has stayed around 0 degrees or lower.  I know that I was awakened rather early this morning, 4:00 a.m.,  with the sounds of people digging out their cars, scrapping windshields with the engines running to get their mechanical steeds ready for the trek to work.


This was definitely a record breaking snowstorm for this time of year in our fair city.  We usually get the real heavy and high snow-drop rated storms in March, along with the winds that make it even more of a blizzard than this current storm has been.


Naturally it was a two cat night in the bedroom last night since neither of the felines realize that there are other warmer places in the house other than curled up between my husband and I.  It would be so much nicer if they would curl up or even stretch out lengthwise on the bed, however, they both like to lay in the middle of the bed stretched out horizontally forcing both the sleeping people to sleep on the edges of the bed.  Bossy critters that they are.


Today will be another day for me to log into World of Warcraft, get rained on in Halfhill in Panderia whilst being attacked by the vermin hiding in the mounds of dirt with your plants.  At least the pixilated characters will be out there working away and they don’t have to look forward to going outside to shovel snow in the blustery wind.


Oh yes, totally missed one of the Sha of Anger raids put on by one of the guilds that I belong too due to the fact that these old bones decided that it was a good time to take a nap and get some extra warmth going.  Yesterday was a good day to just play some WoW, sleep a bit when the opportunity presented itself and just be lazy. 


Who knows, I may actually get an opportunity to write a few lines for my busy characters today, providing my brain will get over this fogginess of sleep.

6 thoughts on “Snow And How To Deal With It

    • My cats are critters – I’m from the South and they aren’t big enough to eat me.:D I fell asleep and in my mind I may have been stil in-game, however, my body was definitely prone on the couch under a nice comfy blanket.

      • Oh it is a comfy couch – we try not to lay down on it often because it must have “instant sleep” built into it and you sleep like the dead. I am in hopes that the people that shovel the walks in our community will be out shortly or I have that to face in the next hour or so – yech, I do hate shoveling.

    • Don’t worry about the couch – I have to fight my cats for it most of the time because it is really comfy and “old” – well, not that old but it could use some refurbishing. When we do finally spring for a new one, I’ll ask that they not put the “instant sleep” thing in it – LOL I’ve lost four or five hours for just a quick “nap” sometimes.

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