We Need More Troops


Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

February 25th

Dear Journal,

I know I am sitting here at the farm again.  I’ve already done my duty at the command center this morning and dispatched my patrols out with much else to do other than to report back as to the encroachment of the Alliance soldiers into areas that we are already trying to hold. The Alliance seem to have a sizeable force that seems to be moving closer to our location in Krasarang Wilds.

As a Ranger, I prefer the hit and run tactics that we can use in this jungle area.  We’re able to blend into the surroundings quite easily and the only time that we have had any issues that have brought on dire circumstances is when we have collided with Sentinels.  The humans are unbelievably fast in their reactions to our patrols that have hit them with the wrath of the Light and have been caught off guard.

I am truly thinking that we are somewhat outnumbered in this War with the way that there always seem to be fresh reinforcements for the Alliance and we struggle to keep our ranks filled.  I suppose that there are fewer Sindorei these days or at least fewer Sindorei Rangers being sent out from Silvermoon.

Jungle fighting is pretty much the same as the tactics that we used in Northern Barrens years ago.  Hit and run – just keep moving.   I honestly don’t recall running into as many rogues in the opposing forces as I am here in Panderia.  Damn, the training they must have to have gotten before they sent them to Panderia must have been wondrous.  We actually caught a little gnome not more than twenty paces from the command tent yesterday – he didn’t live long enough to report anything that he might have overheard, however, it was rather unnerving.

I think that a large part of the problem is a number of us do not have our hearts in this war.  We’re also getting hit with unadulterated fatigue.  You can’t keep men out of the field for an indefinite period of time without some kind of relief – leaves are either cancelled or you have months to wait before you can get one approved.  Something is not right.  I know that when men are fatigued, their reaction times slow down and their brains aren’t as sharp as they could be – we need more reinforcements and we needed them yesterday.

I know that I am lucky if I can get two days away from the Command Post right now without someone coming to the farm to tell me I’m needed back at camp. At least I have a couple of people that were willing to help me with the farm because if it weren’t for their help, I’m afraid that the farm would go back to the wild without much trouble.  Not only are the Panderian extremely hospitable to the people invading their lands, they are also teaching us that there doesn’t need to be fighting all of the time.  I have to laugh at the constant “Slow Down” tactic that they use. 

Too bad our Warlord won’t heed those words because all he wants is more land, more resources – for what?  We only have so many ships coming in daily with a minimum of troops and we can only ship so much material back to Orgrimmar.

At the moment, I’m just sitting here in my house, drinking some coffee so that I will be able to keep my eyes open and then I might be able to go out and do something in the fields. 

I’ve sent several letters to Orgrimmar for Faendra and several to my wife without any responses yet.  It seems that mail services are being hindered.  I’ve even sent out several dispatches for replacements to Orgrimmar and Silvermoon and those have fallen on deaf ears as well.

Desertion rates are still climbing and as much as I hate the thought, I am going to have to start rounding some of these fellows up and bringing them back into the fold.  No, I won’t be sending them back to Orgrimmar in chains, I need their bodies on the lines with the rest of the group more than I need to see punishment being dealt out.   I may take the policy that once, you’re forgiven, twice and you’re shipped back to Orgrimmar regardless of how desperate we need them here.

I think that I am going to stay overnight here in Halfhill just to see if I can see any signs of Kal on his farm.  He hasn’t been there for several days that I can ascertain because all I have seen is that Sentinel that lives there with him.

Maybe I can convince Dawnglory that it’s time for the two of us to head out to his favorite spot near the Jade Temple for some much needed rest and relaxation.  I know that I can feel the tension n my back and neck right to where it is almost painful to pull a bow string.  I know soaking in those hot pools is more inviting to me at the moment than it should be – plus, it’s laundry time for me.   How in the heck is that I can’t get an orderly up here – I’ve had orderlies that took care of that sort of thing in the past, now, it’s every man for himself, it seems.

Light! I hope Amyn is safe.  She is constantly on my mind and the worry is adding that much more stress to my plate.  I don’t even know where she is right now and that causes me to worry even more.  Yes, she’s a Sentinel and, No, I wouldn’t want her stalking me up here in Panderia if that was what her duty was  – I’m just a worried husband.  I am a very tired and worried husband and Father.


Fnor Morningstar

2 thoughts on “We Need More Troops

  1. Slavya was pretty much shanghaied into service the moment he got to Silvermoon after he got Magellanic home,Once he got there, he could already see the signs of people breaking ,as they pushed harder.He doesn’t have a good feeling ,and its making his hackles rise. Great read!

    • Oh, Fnor has been involved since the beginning. He got his orders directly from Silvermoon before he knew about everything that was going on. He saw the results of Theramore and he headed off to war with that heavy in his heart and the constant worry that he has with his family.

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