A Woman’s Mind – It’s Complicated

February 26th 

Dear Journal,  

Kal finally got back late last night and I am assuming that he had a good time in Stormwind and Ironforge. He has told me of some of his adventures with the dwarves from Ironforge and from the way he looked when he got home, they weren’t disappointing this time. At least he doesn’t have to report back to camp until tomorrow morning – this morning would not have been a good time for him. 

I definitely headed back to the farm as quickly as I could after a quick recon of the area that we were supposed to patrol, it was very light duty today, which I find rather odd, however, I’m sure that our commanders know what they are doing.  They keep talking about setting something up where we can patrol for so many hours and then have so many hours down time because there appears to be more going on that we are going to need all of our energy for.  I have a feeling that this may just mean that we are getting ready for another full on assault against the Horde. 

We have a board at the camp that shows how many kills we’ve made – so many Orcs, so many Sindorei, so many Tauren, so many Trolls and goblins.  We all kind of laugh a little bit because you have to kill more goblins for one point than any of the others – I think it should be the other way around, they do throw explosives and traps – harder to kill if you ask me.  If you kill an officer, you get so many bonus hours for leave.  Kal and I both have accumulated quite a few points between us.  Maybe I will talk him into taking some time off so that we can explore some more of Panderia before the Horde tries to take over everything.  Greedy buggers that they are.  I would be willing to bet that Kal doesn’t discuss this kind of thing with his Father. 

I had to laugh at him when he got back to the farm last night because he just kind of dropped his things at the door before he went out to check the fields.  Of course, he gave me a nice huge hug and a kiss on the cheek before he went off on this tour of his.  I put his one bag back outside because it smelled horrible with the reek of ale.  I would say that he had himself quite the drinking bout with those Bitterbeers, however, he hasn’t said what all they did.  I hope they didn’t have another naked race through the middle of Ironforge like they have done in the past.  No wonder those little dwarf women are all aglow when he comes to visit – that is a lot of man to take in at a glance. 

It’s pretty bad when a fellow goes off on leave and then has to sleep the first day that he is back in Panderia to recover from the leave.  Oh well, he has to have some time to sow his wild oats and kick up his heels somewhere because he knows that he is being closely watched here most of the time.   I am really surprised at how comfortable and how easily he seems to move amongst these people that would normally kill him because of his heritage, however, I think that he has ways to keep that at bay sometimes.  I know that I don’t notice the green in his eyes as much sometimes unless he is angry about something or if he’s got other things on his mind – they seem to glow green. 

I think that what makes him safer these days is the fact that he always has a Sentinel sigil on.  That does signify that he is the property of the Sentinel order which would protect him in most Alliance held areas anyway. There are times that I wonder if he really realizes what that really means. 

I want to ask him if he saw that human girl in Stormwind.  He’s not kidding me one iota, I know she’s a worgen even if he hasn’t come right out and told me.  She’s from Gilneas, what else comes from Gilneas other than the worgen with their Curse?  I know that there were a few people that escaped there without getting the Curse but they are a rarity.  Even the younglings may not show the Curse when they are small, however, I would be taking a good bit of gold from people that it will show up as they get older.  He has to know what she is, he’s not that naive. 

He’s laying on his bed all sprawled out like some huge meal presented on a platter.  He has no idea how tempting it is for me to get into that bed with him, however, I won’t.  I want too, mind you, however, until he is ready to drop this charade, I won’t.  I feel that the time is getting near to where he is going to make that next step in our relationship.  We’re friends, I want more than friendship from him and I think that he is starting to realize what my feelings might be even though I am trying my level best to hide it from him. 

I’ve seen Kal’s Father a couple of more times in the market and I keep watching him, trying to see the resemblance between the two of them.  So far, the biggest thing that I have noticed is the smile, they have the same smile – warm and friendly – it even shows up in his eyes, which tells me that it is sincere and not just a facial thing.  In watching his Father, I can see some of the same hand gestures when they talk and of course, Kal does have smaller ears.  I doubt that many people would notice the ears that much since there can be many reasons for a man to have shorter than normal ears other than their breeding.  

Of course, I’ve seen the blonde Sindorei with Kal’s Father a few times. He’s very attractive, even to other men it seems.  Of course, that doesn’t fit with his womanizing reputation that I have heard about.  I’ll admit that he kind of intrigues me like any forbidden fruit would be to a woman, however, I’d much rather be with the Kaldorei that I am living with. 

I wish that Kal would wake up so we could talk about his leave.  My curiosity is very peaked about his time in Stormwind.  He also brought back some gold that we got for our contracts that we filled with his Mother’s company.  He has some mail here from his Mother that he hasn’t even read yet and some from his grandparents.  I hope he did make an effort to go see his younger brothers in Dolonaar. 

I think that I’ll suggest that we go back to the Jade Temple when he wakes up so he can take care of that reeking bag of clothes and I think that I was almost successful with my little seduction ploy the last time we were there.  I haven’t been with another man for a very long time and I will admit that it is starting to cause me some issues as well.  I wonder if he was with that girl in Stormwind?  I hope not.



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