Good Days And Bad…

February 27th

Ever had one of those days where you thought things were just going along swimmingly and then it takes a swirly dive down the toilet? 

Kind of like Fnar’s adventures with his outhouse.  I had a dental appointment yesterday that was supposed to be fairly easy – a crown replacement for one that was older than most of you are.  Everything was going along just great until I hear the dentist groan and say “Oh Shoot!”

You guessed it, the tooth that was to have received the new “crown” literally shattered.  This was not a good or inexpensive thing to have happen.  So, emergency dental surgery it was and I will have to admit that I am still not feeling all that great this morning.  So, if I seem a bit out of it, I am today more than usual.  I sincerely apologize for any bad grammar and punctuation in anything I write today.

I’ve gone to this dentist for years and I’ve never experienced anything like this happening before.

So, all of my big plans of working on various characters in-game yesterday kind of hit the curb real fast.  I did manage to get one through most of his dailies, however, not much else.  I felt better sitting up and concentrating heavily on getting some things done than I did when I tried to lay down.  What pain medication?  Nope, had to tough it out because of the other medications that I have to take.

Oh well, hopefully, later today I will start feeling more like myself and be a bit more social than I have been since my trip to the dentist.

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