Uldum – Panderia Is Getting Closer

February 28th

Dear Journal,

All I can think about right now is the heat and the sand.  I am also extremely tired at this point as well because I am getting back into the Sentinel routines more and more.  With the heat being a deterrent to a lot of the things that we are doing – patrolling and the scouting, we all have been doing most of this at night.

I will admit that my Sindorei told me how beautiful the moonlight was in Uldum and he didn’t exaggerate the beauty.  The stars seem brighter here and the moons shining in the sky are almost as good as having the sun without the direct heat.

I think that the Cultists haven’t dealt with Sentinels or Night Elves that much because they seem to relax at night when they think that the danger is at a lesser point for them.  Oh, they have guards placed around the perimeters of their camps, however, the light from their fires just pinpoints them for us so that we can take them as easily as one would remove a pie from an open window that had been placed there by some unsuspecting cook.  Easy is the one word that I can use for our night patrols – stealth is something that we’re known for as well as our ferocity.

We all try to sleep as much as we can during the day in our camp, however, the heat, the insects and the constant sand blowing isn’t very conducive to sleep.  So, we take short naps, which is going to get awfully fatiguing if we are here for very long. 

I am still amazed at the animals here.  Insects bigger than my mount and the crocs are very treacherous.  I can see why Fnar and Dawnglory liked to come down here – the game is plentiful and a challenge at the same time.  I know that when I don’t have duty to scout or go out on patrol, I pass my time with some fishing and hunting, just like my Sindorei would do. I know that the hides that I have been sending back to Stormwind have been plentiful and even managed to procure some pristine hides that will sell at a higher price than the usual ones.

Sleep!  I wish I could sleep today, however, my mind is busy with thoughts of my family and with the thoughts of how long it seems to take to get permission to transfer to a unit that is already stationed in Panderia.  That is where I want to go, that is where my heart is – my husband and my son are already there and I am sure that they are being careful.  I keep putting in my requests for transfer almost weekly and I still haven’t made the cut yet.

I am trying to get a couple of days off so that I can go to Dolonaar to see my parents and the little ones.  I keep calling them that and they aren’t so little anymore.  I did get a letter from Vashlan telling me that the boys are being their “usual” selves and that worries me.  My parents are pretty strict disciplinarians and I am sure that the boys are learning the rules of the house very quickly.

I did get a letter from Kal and it seems that he has been in Stormwind for a while and has gone back to Panderia already.  I wish I had known that he was going to be in the city because I would have wanted to see him, even if it meant only for a little while.  I’ve been very lucky so far with writing to him and slipping in a note for his Father and no one seems to have caught onto that yet.

Oh, the girls like to sit around and talk about some of their conquests here in Uldum and I just sit there nodding my head like some less intelligent being.  Of course, there are several women that are considered couples here and that I am used too, however, I think that I will continue on as a party of one until I can get back to my husband.

No, I don’t miss the domestic bliss that Fnor had in mind for me in Shattrath.  I think that I would have gone slowly out of my mind.  There was nothing there that I could get my teeth into.  How exciting is laundry and going out to buy bread in the Lower City.  Yes, we have friends that are there, however, I haven’t seen them since we immigrated from Dalaran.  That’s a much nicer word, immigrated, not the refugee although that’s exactly what we are.

I wonder if Lalli has had her baby yet?  She should have or is just about to have it.  I’m sure that she and Raleth are very excited at the prospects of having a baby. I wish I had had an opportunity to get to know them both better, however, we all had very busy lives in Dalaran.   Lalli and I had a lot in common with the fact that we were some of the few Kaldorei that have linked our lives with Sindorei males – add children to the mix and it is as permanent as it can be.  I hope that they are okay.

I’m really not making that many friends amongst the Sentinels that I am stationed with because I don’t want to get too friendly with anyone.  Who knows how nosey a friend can get?  Anyway, I don’t talk about my personal life around them except for the fact that I have sons in Dolonaar.  It’s not like I am ashamed of my Sindorei and the older boys, I would like to be able to talk about them sometimes, however, that would mean the death of me and how well I know it.  It does get lonely for me, however, when it does, Lumina and I head out for some fishing and hunting – that usually drives that loneliness away very quickly.

I keep hearing the tales of Panderia even here in Uldum.  How beautiful and exotic it is and how the Horde are committing more atrocities.  I wonder how much people even discuss what happened in Dalaran – that seems to be the subject that everyone seems to try to stay away from.   I guess it must be okay for that Jaina to do what she did and kill the people that get in her way.  I think the whole thing of having a neutral city was the glue that was holding Northrend together.  Now, you just wander into Dalaran, when the opportunity presents itself and leave as quickly and quietly as you arrived. 

The Horde!! I would much rather be fighting that war instead of having to fight a bunch of religious zealots.  I know that it has to be done to maintain the safety of Azeroth, however, I think that safety would be a guaranteed thing if we could kill off Hellscream.

I’m not making much sense here.  I was hoping that writing in my journal would let me relax some today – the morning coolness is quickly dissipating and I haven’t closed my eyes since we got back from our detail last night.  I did end up with some nice loot from pillaging a corpse of a mage – a nice staff for Vashlan – it doesn’t even look that used.

Okay, Amyn, stop dawdling in your book – take your sleeping potion and sleep for at least four hours or some Cultist might be taking my bow as a trophy tonight.



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