Making Inquiries

March 2nd

Dear Journal,

Oh, well, I guess I need to have to write in a journal so that I can keep track of everything that I am doing.  First off, my name is Hanllan Darkstrider and I am a Ranger – well, not yet but I am going to be one when I finish my training here in Silvermoon and then I’ll be shipped off to the latest war. I decided to keep a journal because there are just some things that a fellow can’t talk to his acquaintances about. Besides, this is one of the last things that my Mother gave me before she died – she always kept one, I don’t know why, she never did anything interesting other than go to a few parties with my Grandparents.

I’m still going through my training for the Rangers and while I like it very much, there a few things that I would like to change.  Oh, I know, I’m just a recruit and I have a lot to learn, however, if we supposed to be Rangers, we shouldn’t be doing some of these menial chores.  I mean, they could get some kid to run errands for them and not use us like little errand boys.

Silvermoon seems different to me since my Mom died and my Grandparents kicked me out on the street pretty much.  I had already completed most of my studies at the Academy, however, I really didn’t have any means to earn a living.  I suppose I could have joined those people in Murder’s Row and hijacked a few people – that didn’t appeal to me at all.

At least my Mother told me who my Father was before she died.  She just said the man was named Dawnglory and that he was a Ranger.  She didn’t even know if he was still alive or not but she knew he was the man that had sired me.  She wasn’t one of those other ladies that plied their trade through the streets of the city. 

She came from a good family even if they didn’t have tons of money. I know that my Grandparents seemed to punish her for me being born because they couldn’t make a suitable marriage for her anymore because she was “used” – that always made me angry.  I was well taken care of regardless of the fact that my birthright was highly questionable and was given the family name.

So, with the war going on in Panderia, the Rangers were taking open enrollment for their ranks.  It was better than being drafted – I volunteered.  At least I can live in the barracks and eat there, even if the food does taste like something that should have found its way into the nearest trash can.

I’ve made a lot inquiries with the Rangers about a fellow named Dawnglory.  They had several on their rolls, although, there was only one that had been in Silvermoon during the end of scourge invasion – that has to be him.

I know that one of the trainers looked at me rather strangely when I asked him if he knew of a fellow named Dawnglory or not and told me that he knew of one, from a long time ago. He said that the last he knew of him was when they had shipped out a bunch of Rangers to Kalimdor to The Barrens. He also told me that if I wanted to find Dawnglory, I could look for another fellow by the name of Morningstar because they were always friends and together.  He said he remembered Dawnglory being a bit wild and a womanizer back then.  They just chalked it up to his being from Shattrath and not Silvermoon.

So, I went to the headquarters, sat in the hallway for a while until I could steel up my nerve to go talk to one of the Magistrates.  I finally went in and explained that I was looking for someone and I had hoped that he could help me. 

I told him that I was looking for a relative, a fellow by the name of Dawnglory and he gave me a list with about two hundred Dawnglory on it and I also asked him if he knew anything about a Morningstar.  That list was shorter but not by much.  Of course, that led to more questions and more answers that were given out with some very terse language.  I finally saw that one of the Morningstar names had a star next to it and asked about that one.  I was told that it signified that the Ranger had left the service and returned to a high ranking position. So, me being me, I asked where this fellow was stationed and was told that they didn’t give out that information.  I gave the Magistrate a small pouch of gold and asked again.  That’s when I found out that this fellow is in the war in Panderia.

Great!  If my Father is with this Morningstar fellow, then they are really out of my reach at the moment.  I think that I will write to him and hope that I get some kind of response. Oh no, I’m not going to tell him that I am getting in touch with him so that I can find my Father.  I will ask him if he knows of a Dawnglory though.  I’ll just tell him that I am looking for a long lost relative.  My name is Darkstrider, there shouldn’t be any way that there could be a connection with this Dawnglory fellow.

It’s really important that I find my Father because he’s the only family that I have now.  My Grandparents have pretty much disowned me since Mother died and they won’t even let me in the house anymore.  I guess being a bastard child is like you don’t exist.  All the years that they let me live there with Mother, they treated me differently than their other grandchildren and I always felt left out, however, they were the only family that I knew. They are still supposed to be my family, right?

I guess I had better stop writing in here and try to write a somewhat intelligent letter to this Morningstar fellow and see if I can get some answers.

Han Darkstrider




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