Things Are Looking Up

*Some language – very blunt descriptions of life in Panderia*

March 2nd

Yo There Book!!

Sorry, I’ve been drinking a bit – well, a lot. I’m celebrating the fact that I am not a friendless bastard anymore and things are looking up for me with my farm.  None other than the head honcho of the Tillers is my new fucking best friend.  What a shocker that was!!  Well, I fed him enough of that Tiger Steak to where he should be doing more than gaining weight. He’s even coming over to help me out some with the farm.  My next shocker was the fact that the girl at the market decided to be my fucking best friend today too – got a mailbox.

Let’s see, I have a dog that doesn’t do anything around the farm except to sniff and probably help the virmen dig in under the dirt. I have a large beast that just seems to eat and make big dumps out in the open area by the house. I think the dog would like to sleep in the house when Dawn and I are there but she won’t have anything to do with that.  She acts like a housecat and hisses at him and even takes a few swipes at him if he persists in trying to come inside the doorway. Oh well, he smells bad anyway from rolling around in the dirt and wading around in that pool of water that must have something to do with the irrigation system.

I probably broke a few fucking rules by taking some of the recruits to the farm today too but I don’t really care.  Had them dig the new pit for the outhouse and this time I put in some wire mesh on the sides to keep the virmen out – they better not be carrying little virmen-sized wire cutters with them when they start digging around there again.  Got the outhouse almost completely rebuilt and got the roof thatched on the house.  I’d say,  it’s been a fucking great day for me. Oh, I have a different kind of door for the outhouse too – it’s got an upper and lower opening – so, you can sit inside with the bottom half closed and the top half open. Oh shut the fuck up, it’s different and I didn’t feel like putting in a full door today.

I did go to the Inn last night but that was a sheer waste of time other than the fact that I just sat there watching people and did my level best to drink myself under the table.  Didn’t happen, however, thought it best that I head back to my farm when the sun started coming up.  I sent word to the camp that I wasn’t going to be there today due to illness.  So, I lied, I’m not sick, just a tad bit too much in my cups to try to do a patrol today – I’m sure that Fnor will cover for me.

Things just seem to run together up here in Panderia.  We are always working and there really doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of socializing when we do get off from work.  Or, maybe it’s just me. I might put in for a couple of days off and head to Orgrimmar to see Faendra and maybe take a romp through Silvermoon. 

I must be slipping up with my moves in the social settings here because I talk, I get no answers.  I flirt, get no responses.  Oh well, I guess I can be a hermit surrounded by people although it is kind of boring as hell.  I miss those days of having a good time with some of my old friends but that’s okay, I’ll get through this.

I need to take a jaunt up to where our new base camp is going to be.  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow as part of a training exercise with some of more experienced Rangers.  Oh yeah, they do let me out with people other than raw recruits, which is a nice change.

For now, I think I am going to sleep this off and head down to my spot by the Jade Temple and take a nice long soak.  I honestly don’t think I’ve gotten all of that shit out of my hair yet. Armor did clean up although four hours of cleaning and polishing should make it just jump on my body all on its own.

Fnar Dawnglory



2 thoughts on “Things Are Looking Up

    • He’s afraid of Panda women like you wouldn’t believe. He’s been flirting with anything that moves though, a fellow gets desperate after a while. Almost thought about showing up in Shattrath a time or two.

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