Adjusting To A New Life

March 3rd

Dear Journal,

I saw Felley writing in her journal the other day and thought that I might as well blow the dust off of mine and write a few lines while we’re in Darnassus today.  Nope, haven’t written in here since the day before our Winter Veil trip to Ironforge.

Now, that I think about it, that was a marvelous time. I had purchased Felley a dress to because acted as if it bothered her not to have some female finery to wear when we there.  She looked so beautiful in that gown with her hair all done up on top of her head.  She’s a very beautiful woman in her human form and even more beautiful in my eyes in her wolf form.

Felley has accepted the fact that we have the Curse more easily than I have.  I know that I still have trouble with that inner yearning that precedes the wolf, however, it is getting easier to dampen that down a bit more these days.

When we were in Ironforge, we had so much fun.  There was drinking and dancing, and so much food that we both embarrassed ourselves with the amount we ate.  Of course, I was watching how much we spent because we don’t have that much between us, however, we had enough to enjoy everything and still had enough left over to find a place to stay at the Inn there.  We did share a room and a bed that night, however, we did get the bundling board to go between us so we wouldn’t accidently touch each other as we slept.  It was old fashioned and kind of silly, however, we observed the tradition just because it made Felley feel better.

I have to laugh about that at this point because when we got back to Darnassus, that all changed.  We both share the same bed and the same room now without thinking about it. I think we’re even more comfortable if we have to bed down out in the field if we are shifted into our wolf forms though – if someone should happen upon us, they would just see two wolves curled up together.  We’ve found a couple of caves that we like to use from time to time in Darkshore, providing they aren’t occupied by some of the resident wildlife.

I still find myself searching for my wife and daughters whenever we are in a city though. I’ll admit that it is with less frequency or urgency than it used to be in the past.  I’ve not completely given up hope that they will show up, however, there is always that faint hope in my heart.

Felley and I are close to one another as any man and woman can be but I’ve never told her I loved her.  Somehow, the idea of telling her that would betray my hopes of my wife returning. Oh, we’ve had a couple of battles about my longing for things in the past, however, Felley has never had a husband nor has she had children – there is a different feeling that you have once that has happened in your life.

It does make me laugh, that longing for the past.  I’m longing for my family and farm and Felley sometimes longs for the finer things that she had grown accustomed too in her home.  Occasionally we both play games with one another when I’ll be the Butler and serve her some tea or food, including all the bowing and scraping that I assumed they would do.   It’s a sad little game however, it does make us laugh.  I would make a terrible house servant because I can’t help but start laughing when I am doing my “job” and the look that Felley gets on her face – she tries so hard to do the role play, however, we both are terrible actors.

We’ve gone through some hard times here in Darnassus.  For one thing, the first meal that Felley cooked was awful.  I really tried to eat it, however, my gag reflexes took over after the fourth or fifth bite which resulted in her running into our bedroom slamming the door and crying.  So, I’ve taught her how to cook and the food is much better now.  Oh my, she didn’t even know how to do laundry, which we both found out in wearing soapy clothes and itching to death for a while.  She does know how to sew and can make the finest seam a man could ask for on a tear or even a patch.  I suppose she did a lot of that fancy sewing back in her home in Gilneas.

We do have a small pack of Gilneas wolves that we run with occasionally.  Sonshine is quite the wolf and I think that he would love to be an Alpha, if there wasn’t already one with the group – that Alpha is me. Oh, he and I have our struggles with our personalities clashing now and then, however, we had that problem in Gilneas before the Curse.  I think that he is a bit frustrated with the fact that I have already found a female to add to my life.  Plus, he’s a bit jealous of the friendship that Felley and I have outside of the home.

 It is actually kind of remarkable because I’ve never really had a friend like Felley – even though she came from a rich family, she is my equal out in the field.  She has learned so much in a short amount of time that it is almost shocking the way she has adapted to things.

If my wife and daughters do happen to show up, which I think is rather doubtful after all of these months, there will be problems.  Felley and I are very close and it would be extremely complicated.  Besides, not everyone in Gilneas was Cursed that I am aware of or if they were, they are better at hiding it than some of us here in Darnassus.

Well, I guess that I need to stop writing here because we are getting ready to go out and do some more hunting.  We have to earn our keep here so that we can have some better things in our human forms.  Sonshine found a new girlfriend too – Abigayle.  She’s a sweet little thing that seems to have no clue as to what is going on.  She’s not been changed as long as the rest of us and she’s still learning how to control the wolf.  It can be comical at times because every time something exciting is going on – the wolf comes out.  Our last trip to Stormwind as a group was rather awkward a couple of times – a rat on the wharf frightened her and “poof” the wolf was there. She’s learning and we are all trying to be patient with her – we’ve all been through it ourselves.


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