Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

* Even gamers have to eat sometime*

Whoa!  Actually took some time off from the game yesterday to do some domestic stuff.  What’s so amazing about that?  I’m not real domestic.  If any of you remember the television characters Oscar and Felix – I’m Oscar.

My spouse and I decided that we were going to do battle in the kitchen with our infamous homemade chicken soup.  It’s not an easy task since it takes about two hours to get everything done the way we like it.

Homemade Chicken Soup

1 Whole chicken – you can use the cut-up variety if you’re less adventurous

1 Large Onion

6-8 Large Carrots

6-8 Large Stalks of celery

2 Cloves of Garlic

4-6 Bay Leaves

1 lb of Egg Noodles

1 Large box of chicken broth or chicken stock – adds a heavier chicken flavor


Clean the chicken thoroughly and cut it up, if you so desire,  or your pot isn’t big enough to hold it. Leave the skin on and place the chicken in a large pot of water.  This time we added the chicken broth at the very beginning for added flavor to the chicken.  Gently cook the chicken until the meat is tender before trying to debone it.

Remove the bones, skin and excess fat that may be on the chicken.  Dice the chicken meat or shred it, whatever is easiest for you. Add the meat back to the pot w/o sampling, if you can. Bring the heat back up to a low boil while you’re dicing the veggies.

Of course, clean the celery and carrots before dicing. Coarse grate your garlic gloves or chop them, depending on your personal choice.  We normally will just dice them up.

Add the diced veggies to the now simmering pot and let it cook for about 10-15 minutes so that the veggies are tender and not mushy.

Increase the heat on the mixture and add your egg noodles and cook until the noodles are done.  Test this by taking a noodle out to make sure that it is still firm and doesn’t feel gummy.

Add salt and pepper to your taste.

Ring the dinner bell and stand back as your family heads to the stove for their delicious bowls of chicken noodle soup. We think that it was some of the best we have made in a while.


I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my spouse and I do.  We don’t know how to make it in smaller batches, so, it is suitable for freezing some of it to eat at a later date.  We ended up with roughly 4 quarts of soup for just the two of us. Enjoy!!



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