Living With Sentinels Is Not Easy

March 4th 

Dear Journal,  

It’s been amazing since I got back from leave.  First off, I did get a letter from Josie, which did shock me silly.  I thought for sure that she would months in writing a note or anything as per her previous history. Maybe just starting “over” will have its merits for us, I hope so.  I do care for her a lot more than I’ve let on to anyone, however, you never know how these things are going to work out. 

I know that when I got back to Panderia, the farm looked marvelous and Kae has been working very hard to keep up with everything in my absence.  It was so nice to get back here and feel like I had come “home” again.  Let’s face it, it has become my home now because my family is scattered to the four winds these days. I never realized how beautiful Kae was either – maybe that old thing of “absence makes the heart grow fonder” has some merit or I am just extremely off-kilter in the libido department. 

I wasn’t too thrilled at getting called into the Sentinel Commander’s tent when I got back to our base camp though.  It seems as though I haven’t been doing all of my duties that I am supposed to do, such as helping to maintain the morale of some of the other women.  I explained very respectfully to the Commander that I haven’t even been maintaining my own “morale” in that area either for quite some time which caused her to look at me with a  bit of disdain as well as surprised. Just like everyone else in camp, she thought that I was sleeping with Kae, which I am but not that way.  She asked me if I preferred men – I think the look on my face told her everything that she needed to know on that matter.  

We did have a rather heated conversation about my heritage and the fact that some of the women didn’t trust me because of my heritage and then the fact that some of the girls wanted to see how a Sindorei made them feel physically.  I think I exploded at that point.  I’m only half Sindorei, I’m not even sure what the difference is between the two races other than size. Let’s just say that the conversation ended up on a not so happy note for neither one of us.  At least I’m not being put out to stud now because my feelings were quite open on the matter.  I understand about how males are viewed by Sentinels and I also told her that I didn’t practice any kind of birth control for my own personal reasons. Well, the corker was that she sent for Kae to report to the “meeting” that we were having. 

I don’t know who was more embarrassed at the time, Kae or myself.  Kae admitted that we were living together and that we’d not had any kind of physical relations at all during all of the months that we had been together.  The only response that the Commander gave was “Oh, I see!” with a smirk on her face. That’s when Kae put the icing on the cake and told the woman that I was seeing a Worgen – oh man, that really sealed the deal. 

Now, I’m being called a eunuch by the women in camp which is pretty damned insulting if you ask me, however, they aren’t trying to see which one of them can seduce me anymore.  Naturally, some of the other men in the camp just kind of laugh at me when I join them for any kind of male bonding.  I guess I’m being ostracized a bit for a while and the only companion I have is Kae. 

I get a lot of this got started by that Phaendra because of the fact that I didn’t try to jump her bones and then  the scuffle that Kae and she had didn’t help matters any.  Oh well, I’ll adapt to the “new” situation and keep on doing my job. 

I think I can understand some of the comments that Harrier had to make about Sentinels when I was in Stormwind really were true even though I tried to defend the order with him, which made him dislike me even more than he already did. 

At first, they wouldn’t let Kae and I do any scouting together, now, it seems like we’re being sent out all of the time together.  We’re also being sent out further than any of the other scouting missions, which seems kind of odd.  Instead of being gone for a few hours at a clip before reporting back in, we’re being sent further afield and never even report back to camp for days now.  When we do go out on patrol, we have to take point guard. 

I’m not a fool, I know why this is being done and they are in hopes that someday, we won’t come back.  Kae keeps apologizing to me about what has happened and I keep telling her that it isn’t her fault.  Things just happen for a reason sometimes. 

We rarely have time to get back to the farm and I’ve kind of let some of the people help us out there.  I miss being able to go there every few hours and at least getting to sleep there most nights.  Kae and I both have put in for transfers to a new unit, however, we’ve not gotten any positive responses other than from some of the groups in Kun-Lai.  Some of them will take Kae and not me, a couple have said that they didn’t care about my heritage, they needed people for fighting. So, who knows where we might end up next? 

I’m exhausted.  Sure, we’ve had our run-ins with Horde a few times while we’re scouting, however, there do seem to be even more of them heading North.  I wonder if there is going to be another offensive up there.  How spread out can we get before we start having other issues – supplies, people – you name it.  I’m worried about these scouting missions. 

Kae told me that she ran into my Father a few times while I was gone and that he seemed like a nice man.  I told her that I was a bit biased but I thought he was a good person.  Naturally, we’ve been graced by Dawnglory leering over the fence a few times but he’s been absent a lot lately since he blew up his outhouse. 

Oh, that was a real choice event and I am sure that most of Halfhill heard the racket.  Kae and I both had quite a belly-laugh out of that one.  We didn’t get to see it but we’ve heard the stories of the idiot Blood Elf and explosives.  Kind of reminded me of my little brothers in Dalaran. 

I will have to admit that I have been holding out on my Father a bit.  I know that my Mother is expecting to get to Panderia very soon because of the letters she’s written me.  I don’t know what she put in the notes for my Father but he just shakes his head when I have given them to him and gets this kind of misty eyed look.  I know he loves her very much, however, I hope that I don’t ever get that silly to where my emotions are out there for everyone to see like that.  It’s kind of embarrassing to see your Dad almost cry.  

Well, Kae and I do seem to have a couple of days off, so, we’re going to be here in Halfhill doing our farming thing and trying to rest.  I know that Kae is exhausted because her moods have been a little crazy of late.  She looks at me with tears in her eyes and then chews me out for the smallest things. She keeps acting like she wants to talk to me about something and then gets upset when I ask her what she wants to say.  Women are strange creatures, that’s a fact.

Oh well, guess we need to go take care of our laundry too.  I know I ran out of some things a couple of days ago and my lovely Sentinel told me not to stand upwind of her.  Well, hell, I can’t do laundry when we’re scouting. I did do some trading with a grummel and got some cologne that I’ve been splashing on myself to try to make things better – that’s some nasty cologne.  





2 thoughts on “Living With Sentinels Is Not Easy

  1. ROTFL! That’s setting the commander straight.. don’t see why it’s any of her business anyway.. Kal is there to fight not play stud to the overhormonal sentinels.!

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