Uldum – How Long Will I Be Here?

March 4th

Dear Journal,

I am not usually one to complain, however, I am beginning to get rather sick of all of this sand and heat.  Not to mention, sleep deprivation is starting to make itself known to the majority of us.  Since the majority of our patrols in this miserable landscape start at dusk when we send out the scouting parties, sometimes the heat waves are still rising off of the sand making it rather difficult to realize if that is a mirage or if it’s real sometimes.

I know that going out across the sands and trying to cover our tracks at the same time is rather a chore, a palm frond does the trick nicely, however, when you glance back at the trail behind you, it does look a bit suspicious as if some large reptile has crossed the open areas.  It isn’t so bad when we can keep close to some of the oasis areas near the water, however, we then have to deal with the crocolisks.

Oh, pay me no attention, I’m just a bit cranky today because I had a bit of a run in with one those giant insects and have a nice laceration on my left arm that is just throbbing.  From what the healers have told me, I was very lucky that I only got a graze of the stinger on my arm and very little of the venom.  If it hurts like this and I was only grazed, a full attack must be excruciating.  I had to laugh when they were applying the poultices and bandages – keep the sand out of it – you can’t keep the sand out of anything, however, I will give it a try. They also gave me some more sleeping potions and another potion for the fever that I will be having because they can never get all of the poison out without cutting away at the flesh.

My Sindorei told me much of the beauty of this land and not enough about the dangers that lurk here, hidden away in the sands and shadows. However, we’re all learning these things for ourselves. The beauty, I have to agree with – the dangers are like any other place that you go that is different from where you were reared – you learn or you die.

As per usual, there are rumors in the camp that we are going to be leaving again.  It seems as though we just got here and our job is not finished, however, there are new reinforcements showing up to take “our” place.  If these rumors are true, I wonder what hell hole they are going to send us too next?

Some of the girls are talking about a place called Twilight Highlands that doesn’t sound all that appealing but if that is where the orders say we have to go, that’s where we will go.  At least it doesn’t have sand from what I am overhearing. 

I think the biggest part of my problem is that I am overly anxious to get to Panderia.  I keep putting in requests and keep getting turned down.  However, my last request went in three days ago and I haven’t gotten the refusal letter yet – which gives me some hope.

My group isn’t sending out its usual patrols tonight, just a few scouting parties and I have been told that I need to stay in camp and rest.  Well, that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It was just a scratch, it does hurt but it wouldn’t stop me from doing my job. 

I really miss my children.  When I have any time off that I’m not out with Lumina, I think about my children and all of the things that they must be doing.  Luckily for me, I was around for those “first” words and steps, however, they are getting to the age now where they can actually be fun when they aren’t getting into trouble.  I hope the two little guys aren’t running my parents ragged with all of that energy that they seem to have.

Oh, the one thing my Sindorei didn’t tell me about this land is that there are pygmies, little short fellows that wear turbans and try their level best to kill you.  One area that I seem to always get sent too is outside of Ramahken where they seem to be inhabiting a grove.  Never fails me when I trudge into the area with a large mallet and help clear the area out.  What is really funny is that they stack on top of each other so that they are almost as tall as a Kaldorei so that they can attack you at several levels.  So far, I’ve been able to avoid any injuries from them – they can’t sneak up on you either, they smell profusely of sweat and other things.

The fever must be starting and I have taken my potions for that.  I just suddenly started feeling very dizzy and I want to lay down for a while.

I hope my next stop will be Panderia. Oh, Elune, grant me this wish.


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