Leveling in WoW

Leveling In WoW

One of the things that I have noticed in this expansion is the incredible rate that you can level your characters now utilizing BOA (Bind on Account – really bind on Sever Account) and RAF.  The only problems that I have found with this is that your characters can very easily out-level their professions rather rapidly. 

I actually have found myself debating if I want to “box” level these characters as much or not.  I don’t know how any of the rest of you deal with it, however, I am a bit of a completionist when it comes to leveling because I don’t want to leave any quests unfinished in a zone.  Now, what this has caused me to do is to not “box” my characters too frequently and give the individual character some time get their professions caught up, even if that means I have to go back into zones that I have completed form a quest perspective.

I have even done a few experiments in putting characters through part of the grind sans BOA and I am finding that you level pretty quickly regardless of how slow you want to take it.   Is anyone else out there noticing this?

I know that I have several friends that are running “teams” of characters through the game while utilizing RAF, however, it boggles the mind to think that these characters are able to keep up with the professions at the same time or are people doing the same “backup” like I am.

Don’t mind me, it’s just a thought I have running through my mind on a frequent basis since I am definitely one of those altoholic folks. With RP, you tend to build groups or families of characters and each one has their own little niche or personality to work with.


4 thoughts on “Leveling in WoW

  1. I typically don’t bother with professions. Fishing, FA, and Cooking is generally reserved for main character types, Jaeyn for instance, has all the secondary skills maxed. He also has JC and Enchanting maxed. Jaellynn has Mining and Engineering maxed, but nothing else. Aeramin, Inscription is maxed. He doesn’t even really have a second primary profession. I’m working on his cooking.

    I figure as long as I have one of everything, I’m good. I just need to get a horde BS now 🙂

    • That’s good to know, I’ve been pounding my head on my desk going “why am I going to all of this troule?” Not to mention a few other choice words that are better left unpublished. Still have my engineer sitting in timeout, so to speak, on the Alliance side as well as a blacksmith that is stuck somethwere in Outland at this point. I want to try some of the other professions out as well, however, there just aren’t enough hours in the days, weeks and months to get all of this in there. Thanks for responding – you are one of the ones that I just sit here and go OMG, they can definitely level the stuff out of their box teams.

  2. Yeah, none of my RaF have professions. It’s simply impossible to keep up with their leveling. My monk (with monk XP bonus and heirlooms) has the same problem, I’ve had to go back and farm to keep him current but I gave up and will just do it when he’s 80 or so.

    I’ll post up all my RaF teams once I finish on Tuesday 😉

    • You have so many groups out there right now that it is hard to keep up with them. LOL, I’ve been beating myself to death with my groups so they can get their profs going, however, it is getting to be rather daunting – I may follow your plan of attack, seems to work better.

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