So Much To Do…so little time

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

March 7th

Dear Journal,

I woke up this morning feeling worse than I have felt in a very long time.  I don’t know what the Warchief is thinking at this point but I know where I’d like to tell to go if it wouldn’t cost me my head and my command.

I just got some of the reports back from my patrols that have gone out in Krasarang and it looks like the Alliance are settling in for the long haul and half my forces are scattered between here and Kun’lai.   I haven’t heard much back from Dawnglory and his group other than they are finding more and more Alliance outposts in the area than we imagined that there would be – I hope that that idiot, meaning Garrosh,  is paying attention to these reports that we’re sending him.  He only has so many Sindorei that he can send out there before we start bringing up the babies and the old ladies to help out.

I have rarely left the camp these last few days with the information flooding in like something driven by the heavy rains.  I don’t know what the urgency is with this new push to the North unless we’ve already stripped everything from the Jade Forest and the coastal areas.  Knowing my faction as well as I do, it’s like some voracious monster that has an appetite that is insatiable that constantly needs to be fed.

I wish that I could say that I was sitting at the farm, which it appears that I know own outright, since Farmer decided that he was needed on the Council for the Tillers more than he was needed on his old family farm.  I know I was kind of depressed when he sent for me and handed over the deed.  No, he didn’t charge me anything for the land or any of the improvements that I have made since I have been there, however, it made me sad that he felt that he had to give up his family farm.

The real corker is now, we’re expected to produce our farm products for the war effort and nothing more.  I’ve already been fortunate enough to have a backlog of products that I can use for other things, which is how it worked out for me.  However, these work orders flying in every day for the same thing over and over is almost mind numbing. However, I am finding that I need more land, to plant more crops and I guess I will have to go to the Tillers to see if there is a way to do these things. Surely there must be a way.

I’m sitting here in camp looking at the paperwork and wish that I could at least take a break from that, however, with Dawnglory being in Kun’lai doing recon, it’s impossible for me to even take the time to eat a meal away from this desk.  I even moved my cot in here so that I could at least try to catch a few winks now and then.

Amyn, where the hell are you?  Kal, where have you been?  I just have a feeling that somehow all of these questions will be answered in the next few days for good or bad.  I’ve heard rumors that the Alliance has started shipping in more reinforcements and I am in hopes that my wife may be among them.   I keep hearing that “war is hell” and I have to agree, however, the biggest hell is not knowing where your wife and son are.

I know that I need to take a break here pretty soon or I am going to become unwound and unable to deal with the day to day problems of this command.  Someone has to realize that we’re not machines, we all need some time off and away from this or we will all become mentally and emotionally unbalanced.  Then what will the Warchief do?  Well, he’s the biggest nutcase of them all, maybe he doesn’t think about things like fatigue or errors being made because people are suffering from nothing more than sheer battle fatigue. 

I know that I need to find my wife, no matter where she is.  I wish that I could get a letter or a note from her. Without Kal being around as much, my source of information has pretty much disappeared and all I am left with is a worried husband and a worried Father.  If she is in Panderia, I hope she is in the Jade Forest, the fighting isn’t nearly as heavy there as it once was.

What am I saying?  I just want her safe and I want her with me.

Fnor Morningstar



2 thoughts on “So Much To Do…so little time

  1. Poor Fnor, I can totally relate to his worry.. its hard worrying about your spouse and your kids on normal day to day basis but add war.. the worry intensifies.Great read!

    • There are days when he just wants to go somewhere to escape it all and drink himself into oblivion – however, his drinking partner is away and he hates to drink alone. Thanks for reading and commenting, it’s greatly appreciated.

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