Why Can’t Dreams Be Real

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

March 8th,

Dear Journal,

I know that there is an old saying that I have heard out there in the world from time to time that is probably what is hitting me at the moment.  Oh, the old saying is “A Dream Is A Wish That Your Heart Makes” – I think the dreams that I have been having of late may have something to do with that.

I know that I have been worried to death about Amyn.  I still have no idea where she is and I haven’t seen Kal or the girl on his farm  in days.  I managed to slip away from camp last night and I am sitting at my table on the farm, just enjoying the peace and quiet.   I know that people are probably looking for me, however, if they have two brain cells that collide now and gain, they will know where to find me quickly enough.

Last night I arrived at the farm rather late and from what I could tell, the place looks as good as ever even in the rain.  It was pouring down last night which is probably what put me into such a sound sleep, plus, the added fatigue.

My dream seemed so real that I almost thought that when I opened my eyes, I would be there in  the Jade Forest with my beautiful Sentinel lying there next to me.  It was a marvelous dream – I could hear her laughter and we were running through the forest like a couple of children – very well armed and geared children, however, acting like children. I know that we actually ended up at the Jade Temple before the destruction of the huge statue – it was a beautiful sight to behold when I saw it the first time and it looked exactly the same – still under construction and almost finished.

We sat there at the Temple for a long time, just holding hands.  We were talking to one another as if we had never been apart.  Everything just seemed so surreal – it was surreal because it was a dream.  Her face looked almost like it was glowing in the moonlight there and her white hair shimmered with the light.  I know that we were both happy there and we were just enjoying the time, talking, holding one another and it still brings tears to my eyes this morning – I was so happy and she seemed to be as happy as ever.

What a disappointment to wake up and find out that I am asleep in my bed at Halfhill.  Now, this is not the first time that I have had this dream during this past week – it wasn’t as realistic as it was last night, however, it also makes me think that my wife is here in Panderia.  I can almost feel the nearness of her with my every waking moment.  Knowing her as well as I do, I would almost expect her to walk up to the door of the house here.

It actually would not surprise me to find out that she is already in Panderia and is working her way to where she thinks that I might be.  That’s another reason why I have been trying to get back to Halfhill – not just for the farm but to see if there are any new people in the town.

 There are a lot of new people and the majority of them seem to be Alliance when I went to the market this morning.  I saw more Sentinel insignia than I have seen for a while.  Oh, we’re not outnumbered in the area, I was just looking to see if I could see a certain white-haired Sentinel in the crowds of people that are in the area right now.

Naturally, I couldn’t ask a whole lot of questions of anyone because that would definitely tip my hand that I am looking for a certain person – or a group of people that I shouldn’t be associating with.  Damn it, I wish Kal would show up here soon.  If his Mother is here in Panderia and that kid has known it all along, I think I might hug him before I hit him.

Dawnglory should be heading back this way today too.  I know that he was ordered back, however, I know how long it takes to make that trek. 

Well, I guess they figured out where I am already.  They are all getting to be rather smart at tracking me down when I don’t want to be found especially when I’ve retreated to the farm.  Guess, the dispatches couldn’t wait and the orderly is going to wait for me to finish reading them through and signing the orders.  I told him to wait outside and feed the pigs while he’s there.  I just heard a squeal and I don’t think it was a pig.  Guess I had better get this paperwork taken care of and the kid can go back to camp and tell the others that the old man was sitting in his house in a robe, unshaven and might have had a drink or two – maybe even a woman too.

I love to start rumors sometimes, however, that is all it would be.  There has never been a woman in this house on really on the farm unless you count Kal’s Sentinel chasing down one of their pigs that thought mine might be a better group to hang out with.

Amy, wherever you are, I can feel it in my mind, my heart and my soul that you are getting nearer. I think that you’re in Panderia now and haven’t been able to send me word yet.  Oh Light and Elune, how that meeting will be if my heart is telling me the truth.

Fnor Morningstar


2 thoughts on “Why Can’t Dreams Be Real

  1. Soon Fnor ,soon , you will be back with your loving wife.. I hope his dream comes true.. poor guy needs a break from all that crap that keeps getting shoved his way.

    • ROTFL ain’t that the truth – it’s been a long time since he’s seen her, not since Winter Veil. No leaves for the Horde and if they are granted, it’s basically a 48 hour thing. He knows she’s here in Panderia, he can feel it in his bones.

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