What a Strange and Beautiful Land…

March 9th

Dear Journal,

I can see now why my Sindorei and my son seem to love this land so much.  It’s beautiful in its own way even though danger can and does lurk around almost every corner.  I find myself almost getting mesmerized by this place called Jade Forest. Just the actual forest itself feels almost magical and the strange beasts that roam this land all seem like things that you may seen in a dream – the cranes are magnificent and I’ll admit that they do make the most delicious roast fowl.

Fighting has been intermittent and hasn’t been as heavy as it was on our landing area.  I don’t think that a few of the Sentinels had ever seen such fighting, just the older and more experienced ones like myself. Our commander seems to take it all in her stride because she is an old Sentinel veteran of many battles – this was like a walk in the park to her, or, so it seems.

Our casualties weren’t nearly as high as I had thought they would be when we first arrived in Paw’ don Village, although, there are a few that will be sent back home for a while. A couple of our newer recruits are finding that the life that they wanted as Sentinels isn’t exactly what they had in mind and they are being sent back to Darnassus for reassignment.  They weren’t ready for this kind of fighting and they would probably getting the rest of us killed with their hysterics and lack of judgment when it comes to true danger.

I am enjoying the people here.  Yes,  I had met quite a few Panderian in Stormwind and in a few other places, even in Mount Hyjal, however, I didn’t get much of an opportunity to talk with them.  Now,  I am taking the time to talk with them.  I love their philosophy of moving at a much slower pace and the way that they care for the land.  Oh, the children are a total delight to me, however, I can tell that they annoy some of the other women.  The Panderian are just as curious about our group as we are about them.

One thing I have noticed is that they love their beer.  They spend a lot of their effort in getting the materials to brew the beer and , of course, they spend a great deal of time sampling it to make sure that they have it just right for a particular brew.  I will have to admit that I have taken a few samples myself and find it interesting, not as heavy as the dwarven brew, however, it is very tasty.  I have already purchased a couple of barrels of it to be shipped back to Stormwind and onward to the Bitterbeers so they can compare it to their own style of brew.  It would be nice to have their brewery going full tilt again even if it is with a “foreign” brew. Of course, that will have to be left up to the matriarch of the group as to whether she wants to do this or not, I’m sure that Andrew and Hammon wouldn’t mind it at all, it would supplement their income that they are making through their hunting efforts.

We were able to locate the wreckage of Prince Anduin’s ship and recovered quite a few supplies from it.  Of course, there were already scavengers trying to take what doesn’t belong to them – we killed as we needed to do and recovered the ships log and a few other items.  However, there was no sign of Anduin in the wreckage other than a few personal belongings that were more water damaged than anything and there didn’t seem to be anything else wrong with them.  There were a few bodies amongst the wreckage and we recovered them for a proper burial.

Pearlfin Village was a strange place – the strangest that I have ever seen.  These creatures looked like Naga and yet not.  They were very intelligent and they have the ability to talk to the “water” and it tells them things of their land.  Naturally, we couldn’t understand the language that was being spoken because it was the garbled guttural sound to it during their water ceremonies, however, they were able to furnish us with the information that we needed.

One thing that had us all rather uneasy is that we could see a few Horde mixing in with these villagers and while you had an overpowering urge to shoot them on sight, it was forbidden.  It seems that there are areas of this land that are trying to be neutral to the war.

We were fortunate that the Skyfire was only severely damaged and didn’t crash as we all assumed that she would.  The Sky Admiral was able to get her ship to safety and was able to make the vessel worthy enough to where they could head back to Stormwind with our reports and what little news we had of Prince Anduin. There are people from S:7 that are stationed with us and we will be continuing our search for the Prince.

Alas, we aren’t going to stay in Paw’ don for very long and are in the process of gathering up our supplies and moving on to the next town called Dawn’s Blossom. 

I am amazed at the Panderian.  They welcome us with open arms even if we have awakened the Sha in their land.  From my understanding, these things live because of our violent natures and the war that we have brought to this land.  I know that I wouldn’t be so hospitable if someone brought this kind of trouble to my homeland.  Things are definitely different here than they are in Kalimdor.

I did make some inquiries about this place called Halfhill.  That’s where I have heard Kal and my Sindorei talk the most about when they were home for Winter Veil.  It’s a farming community that is several days travel from where I am located now.  I did try to send out a letter to Kal with a note to his Father to let them know that I am in Panderia and I hope to see them both soon.  I know that Kal has a farm there and has another Sentinel living with him there – a roommate, he called her.  I wonder how long that will last, the roommate thing.  I also know that my Sindorei has a piece of property there as well.

I don’t know what it is about my husband that he feels like he has to have real estate wherever he travels.  It’s not like his position will allow him to be “home” all that much, however, if it is something that makes him happy, then, I suppose that it is something that I will continue to marvel at even if I don’t understand it.  I think that Kal with his farm is also kind of strange too, Kaldorei aren’t really farmers and yet, he seems to love the land. Maybe this land ownership thing is from his Father’s side of the family.

I will just have to bide my time until I can make it to this Halfhill.  Then, I will get to see my son and my husband again.  I hope that they are there…I know that their duties could take them anywhere in this country at a moment’s notice. 

Now that I am in Panderia, I want to race across the country to be with my son and my husband.   I know that there are times that I want to run away and just go find them, however, I probably wouldn’t last long with some of the tales that I have heard from some of the other Sentinels that have been here longer.  This country is definitely beautiful, however, I can’t afford to have the beauty dull my senses to the dangers that lurk out there.

I know that Lumina has rarely left my side since we landed.  It’s as if the new land scares her a bit with all of its strangeness and all she wants to do is stay close to me.   I know that she is laying next to me as I write with her head resting on my boots under the table, however, I can tell that she truly isn’t sleeping because her tail is moving the way that it does when she is “standing guard”.  She and I have been through a lot of changes in the last few months.  I feel more alive now than I have in years and the closer I get to my Sindorei, the more my heart yearns for him.

The Panderian say “Slow Down” and things like “Enjoy Life” when you talk to them, however, I will be able to slow down once I’ve accomplished my goal.  I haven’t figured out how my Sindorei and I will be together, however, there have to be neutral areas where we can spend some time together…alone, we have the forests to explore together.   Of course, I’m not forgetting my duty as a Sentinel, however, there is one Horde man that I won’t kill when I see him – I have other plans. Oh, I can’t afford to allow my mind to linger on those thoughts for very long.




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