Changwu’s Adventures

March 10th

Dear Journal,

My name is Changwu and my native land is Panderia.  I am a monk trainee and I have decided that I need to have more knowledge of my land and the world in order to become the best that I can be.  One cannot meditate without the proper knowledge of what one wishes to meditate on.  I have lived a very sheltered life here in Morning Breeze Village.

I think that I would have been content with my life if we had not heard tales of these strangers that have landed on our shores of Panderia.  Strange people they surely must be and they seem to be very angry with one another.  They have some misguided idea that they are here to rescue us from our way of life, this surely must be a misguided error in their way of thinking – we are not the ones that invaded our lands – this has been our way of life for centuries.   They have brought many strange new things to our land and new ideals.  These ideals are not the Pandaren way and I have heard that they have awakened the Sha that have slept for centuries – there is no harmony with these beings.

My family was not very happy with the thought of their eldest son wanting to take to the roads and travel.  In my heart, I was saddened by leaving them behind; however, my mind was excited at the thoughts of gaining more knowledge.  One of my younger siblings, Panmoshu, wanted to travel with me and I told her that she needed to stay home with the family; she was too young to go into the lands where I planned on seeing for myself.  I know that she was very upset with me for telling her that she couldn’t go, however, she is very strong minded and I would not be all that surprised if she followed me in a few days time.  She is a hunter with abilities and skills that have stood her well – however, she needs to find her own inner peace and harmony.  She and I have spoken many times of her strong will and I have told her many times that she needs to spend more time with Master Shang Xi and learn how to calm her spirit.

I have already seen many things on the Isle and my mind has been very enlightened.  In my travels I have met others that have had the same adventurous spirit and we have traveled together for many hours.  I suppose that we are the younger generation that is seeking out a new direction for our lives. 

We all have spent many hours with different Masters and have learned many things.  We heard more tales of our beloved Shen-zen Su – at first we scoffed at some of the tales.  How could it be that we have lived our lives on the back of a giant sea turtle – we have farms and villages that we have maintained for generations?  Now, I can tell you that this was not a myth nor a tale made up by our storytellers to amuse us. I have seen this with my own eyes.

I had heard of these strangers from their strange lands before I left my home, however, I had never seen them.  I can now say that I have seen them and experienced some very interesting things.  I now know that these strangers are of many different races and many different philosophies – this could be the reason that they have no harmony in their lives. One group call themselves Alliance and the other call themselves the Horde.   The Horde group seems to fight for Strength and Honor – I can tell you from my own experience that these things alone cannot a belly fill. The Alliance group seems to have come to explore our lands and to gain knowledge of our people.  The Horde seem to have the mindset of only taking what they feel they are entitled to have – taking things from others to only gain power is not good.  It only brings hatred and strife from those being attacked and will only awaken more evil in the world.

I met more adventurers in my travels, however, I never dreamed of the things that I would see or experience.  I will always remember the times that I spent with Asa, Ji and Jojo – I will always remember the enlightenment that I experienced with them.  This is where I found that Shen-zen Su was not a myth and not at tale.

It appeared that an Alliance vessel had crashed into our beloved Shen-zen Su causing him great injury, he was dying. I won’t bore you with all of the details however; this was the first time that I had met any of these strange people – the Horde and the Alliance.  Asa, Ji and Jojo were a large part of this adventure and we were able to help rescue and heal our Shen-zen Su.

I have fought in many battles in my travels so far.  I had never struck anything in anger before leaving my home.  Now, I can see the how this can be a part of any world.  I will have to admit that I would fluctuate from fear to anger as if I had no control over my inner being.  I will have to mediate for many hours to regain the balance in my mind – there is no harmony with these feelings and they must be taken into proper control.

I know that when all of the battling appeared to be finished to save our Shen-zen Su we retreated to the Temple of Five Dawns.  Walking back into the temple filled me with such peace, the calming atmosphere and the harmony of the people gathered there were as refreshing to me as a cool breeze.  I was trying to calm myself and regain my balance of harmony before traveling onward.  However, this was not to be.

My companions and I were approached by one of the Masters.  In order for us to travel further, we must choose which of these new people we would accompany.  Always there are choices in life and there are times when you must choose things that are not in agreement with your friends. After a great deal of discussion and soul searching, I decided that I would travel on with these new Alliance strangers. They seemed to be seekers of knowledge and not as warlike as the Horde.  In my mind and my heart, I wanted knowledge more than I wanted material things.

Climbing into the air balloon to travel to this new land was exhilarating and frightening.  My dream of being an adventurer was coming true rather quickly, faster than I ever imagined that it would. We arrived in a city called Stormwind.  It was huge and nothing remotely similar to the temples and villages that I had seen in my own land.  It was also very noisy and crowded.

Asa and Jojo had decided to accompany me to this Stormwind and we were all standing at the gates to this massive city and were told that we had to report to the King.  I think that we were very frightened by the sound of this; we drew on our inner strength and started off to see this King.

So many buildings and cobblestones on the streets that hurt your feet surrounded us as we made our way through the city.  Noise everywhere, people talking and rushing hither and yon to whatever destination that caused them to rush by us without a cursory notice of our being strangers in this city.  I will admit that we were intimidated by all of this and had to stop to ask guards on our way through the city to find this King.

The structure that we were directed too was very impressive, almost as huge as some of the temples that I had seen in my travels so far.  However, there was not the feeling of harmony that I would feel on entering a Temple.  I saw this rather large man standing on a dais and was told that this person was the King.  King Varian of Stormwind. 

I was very nervous when I approached this man of great importance as were Asa and Jojo.  The man was much scarred from his years in fighting, we assumed, however, you could almost feel the power emanating from him.  Yes, this man was truly a King.  I know that I was very relieved when he welcomed us to the city and actually smiled.  He also told us that he wanted to talk to us about Panderia as he stepped down from the dais and started walking away – we followed meekly and we were filled with curiosity.

I know that what happened next still has my mind in a whirl.  This King wanted me to hit him.  Was this going to be the end of my life and the end of my adventure?  I knew that striking a King was something that people would normally be killed for.  He just wanted to see how a monk could match up to “his” fighting skills.  I was very frightened and admittedly I was trying not to hurt him – Asa gasping didn’t help my emotions either.  Whatever happened with this fight could determine if all three of us were going to die in this garden where we had walked so peacefully with this man.

This King can hit very hard and he kept taunting me to hit him harder.  My fear of dying was almost overpowering my skills and I could feel that anger boiling up and clamped down to focus on my skills. I don’t know how long this scuffle lasted, however, it seemed an eternity to me.  The King and I traded many blows and I still can feel the ache in my body where his blows contacted.  I don’t know what happened – I know that I stood there with my jaws open as the King seemed to fly through the air in slow motion and landed on his back.  I didn’t know if I should try to run away or just wait for a guard to come up and strike a blow for their King.  The King started laughing; I have never felt such relief in my life when I heard his booming laughter.  After complimenting me on a battle well-fought, the King started to return to his throne room after welcoming us to the Alliance again.

This is definitely a strange city filled with strange people and there is much to learn and to meditate on.



2 thoughts on “Changwu’s Adventures

    • ROTFL I have Pandaren on both sides, Alliance and Horde and I will have to admit the scuffle with King Varian is always a favorite of mine and I can well imagine that the poor little Pandaren are wondering, am I going to die because I punched out a King? The welcome mat Hordeside isn’t nearly as welcoming, ranks right up there with how the goblins are treated when they arrive in Orgrimmar, IMO. Glad you liked it though and I’m sure there will be more from the little furries as time goes on – Monks are fun.

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