Relaxing At The Jade Temple…

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

March 12th

Dear Journal,

I’m sitting here listening to Dawnglory snore his life away.  I guess the poor fellow was more exhausted than he even thought he was because we had planned on doing some fishing down here at the Jade Temple and just relax.  Well, we shouldn’t have brought the brandy with us because I’m afraid that we imbibed a bit more than we should.

I was just sitting and fishing and we were talking about what he had seen in Kun’lai province and how the troops are moving around in that area.  It almost sounds like a strategic move on the part of the Alliance to draw us away from what they might be doing.  I’ve seen them do this many times before in the past.  They actually will have stronger buildup of troops and garrisons being built in another area entirely.  I’m almost placing bets on the fact that we’re moving out of Krasarang too quickly – there is too much going on down there for it to be just reinforcements coming in.

I know that if I was in charge I would be bringing in reinforcements and sending out more scouting parties to draw the enemy away from what I was actually doing.  I know that when I took Pan out the other day for a jaunt sans a group of Rangers – we saw more ships coming in – too many to be just reinforcements.  I was in an area North of where we had assumed that they would be doing a buildup of troops and where we thought that they would start building up.  Pan and I were actually up in the area that we both kind of enjoy because of the turtles and fishing that we used to do undisturbed.  It appears as if there are obstacles being set up for troop landings – not where the people in Orgrimmar thought they might be.  Just to the North of the fishing village on the coast and the Incursion that the Alliance have based.

Naturally, I wrote up a report of the activity as soon as I got back to our base camp and shipped the information off to Orgrimmar by special courier.  I think that we’re making a mistake by moving our troops quickly to the North.  A huge mistake.

I still haven’t seen Kal in several days and I was in hopes that I would catch up with him in hopes of finding out if he knew anything about his Mother.  She also includes notes to me in his letters from time to time.  Of course I know he’s doing a lot of scouting work for the Sentinels that he has been assigned too. I had hoped that I would see him in the market at least at Halfhill.  I even stood around there like some tourist on a holiday for a while, just watching the crowds.

The dreams that I have been having lately about Amyn being in Panderia are becoming even more intense in their nature and more frequent.  I think that she is on this continent and we just haven’t been able to connect yet.  I’ve dreamed about her being in the Jade Forest, even in Krasarang, always the same kind of dreams because she is doing what we have done before.  She is with her Sentinels and I am with m Rangers – both scouting parties, each trying to avoid contact with the other.

I know that every single time I see a Kaldorei female with long white hair, I always do a double-take.  However, my Kaldorei wife is one of the few Sentinels that doesn’t wear the tattoos because she is actually allergic to the dye used.  I know that she had a small tattoo that stayed constantly inflamed that had to be removed by the healers. I’ll just keep looking for her here and I hope that we will be together again in the very near future. 

Winter Veil!  That seems like a lifetime ago and it was the last time that I saw my family together. I hope that we all can be together real soon.  Sure, I do get to see Kal here in Panderia from time to time, however, I miss the others – the little guys constantly getting into mischief and Vashlan constantly studying his magic and trying out a few things on them from time to time.  I even miss Amyn’s parents, which is saying a lot because there are times that I know that they don’t approve of me.  I hope that they have forgiven me for having them move to Dalaran, unpack and get comfortable, only to have them reverse the process and go back to their little house in Dolonaar in three months time.  At least I know that they are safe there for the time being.

Well, with Dawnglory sleeping our time away, I’ve at least been able to get my laundry done for the most part and have it spread out all over the bushes here by the Temple so that they can dry before I fold them up and put them back in my bags.  I’m just sitting here now writing in my journal and fishing a little bit – nothing real serious, mind you. I suppose that when I start cooking some of them, he’ll wake up enough to eat them. 

I know that Dawnglory is planning on going back to Orgrimmar tomorrow for a while and I think that I will try to slip away and join him too.  I haven’t seen Faendra for quite a while and I’d like to see how my sister is faring in the city since the riots a couple of months back.  Of course, I know that the company is still making money hand-over-fist every time I go to the bank, however, I want to check on how the people are doing.  I would also like to see what some of the other members of the council to Garrosh are thinking about these reports on the troop movements that we have been sending – I’m impatient and don’t want to wait for the dispatches telling me what I’m supposed to be doing next.

No, I won’t go and spoil Dawnglory’s plans for socializing a bit either.  I just want to get a feel as to how some of the population is feeling about this war effort of ours.  I know how the people that are involved in it on a day to day basis are feeling within my own troops.  I’d say it’s about split even, some are here to enjoy the excitement of it and some are here to do their duty long enough to where they can get back home again.

Home.  That used to mean something once upon a time.  Now it just means a place where you can lay your weary bones down and sleep a few hours.  It doesn’t mean the warmth and comfort that you had in Silvermoon, Dalaran or Shattrath anymore.  I know that I am not the only one that has had his family scattered to the four winds.  That’s why we call it the winds of war. I wand and desperately need my family back together the way we once were – I miss the cohesion of the family and the love for one another that we all shared.

Well, I’m going to start cooking some of these fish, I’ve already stuffed Pan and Dawn with as much fish as they can stomach and still have plenty left over to cook.  Maybe my sleeping friend will wake up and we can talk a while.   I also feel one of those drinking bouts coming on that we were known for back in the day.

Fnor Morningstar


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