Protect Your Dooker…at all costs

March 13th

Dear Journal,

Well, I will have to say that this is a different kind of war or battlefield.  Strange things trying to eat you and even stranger talking things that want to do things to your body that they advertise when they run towards you.

“I’m gonna Ook you in the Dooker” must be a battle cry or something for these things that look like giant hairy apes that are need of a good grooming.  Well, I wasn’t too sure what a Dooker was but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stand around and let that happen.  I may be a Death Knight, however, I’m still a lady and I think I know what a Dooker is. It will be a cold day in hell before I have some hairy thing take liberties with me.  I’m proud to report that my Dooker is quite safe and secure.

There aren’t that many Death Knights with the group I’m stationed with at the moment, however, there is one that has caught my eye.  His name is Tylanlor Ravencrest.  Odd name I’ll admit, however, I’m sure that it was one that was given to him after his rebirth. He has a ready laugh and can fight like nothing I’ve ever seen. This is the first time in quite a while that I have interested in a man since my last error in judgment a while back with that mage.  We’re becoming good friends and have decided to partner up a bit here in Panderia.  I know we were laughing and talking about families the other night and he just grinned and said he knew he had a family because he didn’t think he was hatched by some bird somewhere.  He’s good company and sure does make a lot more sense for us to be together than trying to partner up with some simpering fop from Silvermoon. At least he’s Sindorei.

Panderia!  Well, I can see why that tick sitting in Orgrimmar wants a chunk of it for his own, however, I’m more inclined to go along with the Pandaren and their philosophy. Slow down, savor life – in my case, slow down and savor unlife.  I’ll do what I have to do get through this crap and then, I’ll disappear into the landscape.  People seem to be a bit more hospitable to my kind up here than they did in the rest of Azeroth.  They recognize what we are and accept it.

Oh, I did try out some of my cooking the other day and Ty even said he liked it.  He might have been just being nice but he ate some of it and didn’t hurl.  No, I didn’t blow up anything because I’m back to the basics again.

 Yep, how to cook using a campfire and pieces of your armor.  Made some great helm stew the other night – yep, caught the fish by jumping in the river and gathering up what accumulated in my chest piece – no, the boobs haven’t gotten any bigger and the blacksmiths always make the chest pieces too big unless you have them custom made.   Caught a few of those little gold fish things, popped them in my helm with a few veggies and let it cook away while I was taking a bath.  Yum!! Good stuff and it went well with some of the bread that I bought from the Innkeeper.

I have to laugh because this almost seems like old times to me.  Living off the land a little bit and fighting like there was no tomorrow.  I know that it makes my heart sing to see some idiot’s head go sailing off threw the air after he’s insulted me by calling me a “girl” – I’m not just any girl, I’m Felaran Morningstar – Death Knight – and your worst nightmare, hairball.

I don’t think I’ve been this happy in years.  I can be who I am and be what I am  without any worries of someone trying to take my head like they did years ago in Silvermoon.  I am definitely getting into this thing up here. 

Yeah, we had another group of Rangers go galloping through here a few days ago.  I can imagine that Silvermoon is getting kind of empty with all of these men up here now.  Wonder how the social atmosphere of that place is faring.  Probably the same drunks and the same whores wandering around because they couldn’t volunteer or maybe pass the physical to get into the battle.

One of these days, I’ll get somewhere where I can take a quick side trip to Orgrimmar and see how my baby sister is faring.  Yeah, even with all of her whining and all of her airs, I miss the little shit.  I did get to see Fnor for a few minutes the other day, he was in the area and actually took time out of his scheduled rounds to spend some time with me.  I forgot how much I missed that laugh of his and how much he feels like he has to pass on “fatherly” advice.  He met Ty while he was here and they talked a bit and I think he approves of my new friendship.

Oh well, time to put the armor back on and head out again.  Seems it’s time to protect my Dooker again. 



4 thoughts on “Protect Your Dooker…at all costs

  1. Oh yeah, I have a couple of them that are a bit more outspoken than the others – they each have their own personalities and I hope that it is captured in these blogs – you have the more sedate and diplomatic ones and the rowdies march in. Glad you enjoyed it.

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