Grinding Rep and Burnout Imminent

March 14th

Oh, I am so feeling the grind of dailies and questing.  Burnout could be imminent. Is it just me or do others feel the same way?

After getting so many characters to cap level, the grind of running dailies is definitely starting to prey on my mind and taking a lot of the fun out of the game and spoiling my character immersion a bit in the process.

I think my biggest issue is that I have two mains – one Alliance and one Horde that are definitely pulling at my heartstrings.  While I am enjoying the game as a whole, I have an issue with not enough Justice Points to move forward with the gear and hitting the Valor cap once and heading there again. I don’t run dungeons and definitely have had to curtail the scenarios, so, it’s dailies for the grind which really do slow down capping the Valor somewhat.

Somehow, through lack of knowledge or just not paying attention, I’ve been busy running dailies and trying to get rep through that, however, I forgot one big one that leads to the others at the higher level. I am still trying to grind enough out on the Golden Lotus to get to where one of my mains will be able to buy the commendation to make it easier for the ones following along behind.  Just to make it even more complicated, I was able to get the Lorewalker commendation and I’m still not exalted there yet – what all do you have to do short of hauling an entire temple into that bunch of archeology geeks do you have to do?

I had planned on getting my Alliance character high enough to where he could raid with the guild that he belongs too, however, I have gotten so disheartened with that challenge that it has almost made me stop playing more than a few times. So, I hopped back on my Horde main, which has been my main for the last eight years and he’s getting there.  My problem is that I would like to be able to have the time to get both of these characters up at the same time – ain’t gonna happen.  I’m in the same exact place in the questing chains with both of them – the Alliance character while geared a bit better in some things is still kind of lacking in his ability to run with the guild. I can’t really run Scenarios or Dungeons due to the close cap on Valor.

I also have two guilds of my own – my own personal guilds that I have pulled away from “active” guilds due to all kinds of reasons.  So, my two “vanity” guilds are kind of a solo effort since my members tend to take a more “casual” air about the game and are rarely on.  So, let’s just say that I spend a great deal of time alone in-game. Leveling guilds alone can be an arduous task, although I will admit that it is much easier these days than it was when my first guild came into being – was supposed to be a “bank” to hold all of my stuff which changed over to “let’s see if we, meaning me, can get this thing to a good solid level for getting the perks. 

I play on an RP realm and love to RP, however, that aspect of the game has died a horrible death in the last few months.  I rarely get the opportunity to RP these days and that is taking an emotional toll on the person behind the keyboard more than it is the pixels in the game.  I’m not really anti-social, I’m a bit more on the shy side and it had taken me a long time to make the contacts that I had in-game.  Now, I’m just doing the PvE thing and to be quite honest, I’m almost completely burned out on that.  So, I’ve been trying to establish more RP contacts in-game – it ain’t happening.  I know that prior to CRZ, the walk-up RP was a lot more open and you could pick up a few people to interact with rather easily – now, people just don’t do it.  I know that Blizzard’s intentions with putting more people in the world is there – however, they don’t talk, rarely group and usually do their damnedest to take your kills if they can.  So, World of Warcraft is definitely a more “solo” game now than it was previously, which is kind of sad if you’re a person that enjoys RP.

Hell, I was actually trying to strike up a conversation with a fellow that decided that the only place he could fish in the Wilds was right where I was standing  – in fact on top of me including his companion pet and hunter pet, which made it rather difficult to fish.  Since I was there first, I just decided that I would work around the obstacles and continue my fishing – still trying to socialize.  Stony silence.

Now, off to Halfhill to see if there is any RP to be had – nope, nothing going on other than people screaming in General chat about Galleon.  I’ve tried running with a few of these groups and have yet to “down” him and the only thing I’ve gotten is a hefty repair bill for my troubles.  Went to both temples – since I play both factions to see if I could even “lamp” into something going on.  Nope, all Thunder King and OOC chat for the most part.  Even tried sitting there and talking to myself – which ended up with me logging out, still talking to myself.

I’m definitely not one to barge into a conversation that people are having IC, so, I just wait for an opportunity to intrude if there appears to be an opening.  What I have found recently is that there are special “groups” that exclude any outsiders.  People wonder why RP might be dying out – no, it’s not dying out, it’s closing in on itself and ostracizing a lot of people that would like to join in.  I don’t think that I am a “bad” RP person and definitely not a “special snowflake” with the I’m a half-dragon, half-human, half-donkey, half rogue healing Highborn elf.  Nope just one of the “people” roaming around Azeroth. 

If this was just happening on my high level characters, I could understand some of that, however, this is happening over six accounts worth of characters.  So, rather doing something that I truly love, it’s back to constant grinding out reps and doing the PvE thing.  Burnout is definitely imminent because it is just not much fun lately.

So, if you see me romping around the game, a friendly hello wouldn’t hurt.  I am waving constantly at people to the point that they probably think I’m the Village Idiot out on a pass from a mental institution or something.  RealID helps somewhat, except, most of the people already have their established groups and storylines going that make you feel like an interloper when you do try to join in.

This really isn’t a QQ post, just some of the feelings that I have been having for quite a while that needed to be aired – publicly – because I know some people wonder what in the heck I am doing. 

Love the game, wish it was still as friendly as it used to be in the past and there weren’t that many douches running freely in it.

Well, back to the grind and more character immersion in my own mind – see ya and thanks for listening.

10 thoughts on “Grinding Rep and Burnout Imminent

  1. I totally hear you there.. I had to take a long break from my two 90’s because I was burning out on the was killing my interest in the game.. Since I don’t raid, and don’t ever do dungeons.. i don’t worry too much about gear anymore except if I need a certain piece of rp gear. However I totally hear you about the CRZ ruining world rp.. I hate that feature with a burning passion.. Blizzard was obviously on drugs when they thought that up.. other games won’t kill WOW.. Blizzard will do it instead.. I won’t let my kids play it because of all the scum running about .. they have Star Trek Online which is by far ,a friendlier environment for them to get the hang of MMOs .. it doesn’t hurt that it’s free to play either.
    I think we need to get together and rp for a bit sometime.. get something going, to keep us going 🙂

    • I’m not raiding at this moment in either faction – I think I got kind of burned out running LFR week after week after week in Cata – now, it’s a gear thing and I’ve really gotten to the point of “why bother, let the elitists go ahead there, they need it to survive” Bad attitude on my part, I guesss, however, I’m getting burned out on “trying” to get there. Sure, I’d love to get together sometime – you know most of my characters in both factions, give me a shout and I’ll blend in wherever you are with your storylines with whatever character – if not anything I’m flexible with my RP. 😀

  2. Leveling alone is kinda dull. If you’re Hordeside and wanna hang out, let me know. There will be FACEPULLING, CHAOS and ok maybe nothing exciting, but at least, not alone.

    Post Golden Lotus, I do dailies sometimes. For maybe one or two reps.

    • Oh, it’s turning out to be more like a job instead of a game at this point and the lack of RP has definitely put the kabosh on it. Sure, we can get together sometime – I play both Alliance and Horde.

  3. I know the daily burnout feeling 😀 I fixed that by only doing the dailies I feel like (if any) and not doing the rest. My part-time raiding character can get gear from raids so no dailies for her. The rest don’t really need raid gear so I do other gear stuff when I feel like it.

    I don’t know a thing about RP but I suspect people are closing ranks because of CRZ.

    But if you just want some in-game company I’m usually always on in the evenings (no life outside of work lol.)

    If nothing else we can compare Raid Floor Tile notes 😉

    • Well, one thing I’ve noticed about myself is that I start logging in less frequently and staying on as much – I run the dailies that I absolutely have to have due to the Valor cap that I am always just inches away from capping on my two mains. However, I do like to run around on some of my lowbies because I truly am an altoholic in a big way.

      As for the RP, I have sneaking suspicion that you’re right in that, however, I have played on Wrymrest Accord for quite a few years and have never seen it so “unfriendly” to people outside of specific guilds – I’m not in a “big” guild other than my Alliance character and the majority of them don’t RP except on their Horde characters, which I find rather ironic.

      Oh, I am a great one for examinining the tiles, blades of grass, clouds that are lingering near my corpse as I lay there outside the range of where the “boss” might have been kited at that point. I could tell you stories about the way some of the stones will change when you change your camera angles;etc. Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Sure, I’m always open for company, however, I am primarily based on Wrymrest – last time I went to another realm to help someone out with faction change-realm transfer it was a bit pricey – the crowning achievement for that was in less than six months after spending that money – they transferred the guild to Wrymrest. Let’s just say I didn’t rejoin that guild when I went back.

      • Don’t need to transfer if just grouping up for quests, farm for rares, do dailies, run dungeons or whatever – Battletags will let you do that now (so will RealID but of course you never use that with strangers – Battletags work the same and keep your privacy) 😉

        Best of all it doesn’t cost a thing. You can set up a Battletag in your Blizzard account if you haven’t done it already. it’s basically just an anonymous “username.”

    • Oh, awesome map – I will definitely be using that after doing the face/desk slam a few too many times just getting to revered.

      Yeah, I have to agree about the CRZ thing with RP. I’m in a stand-alone guild most of the time and my only other guild that is “active” is primarily a raiding guild that doesn’t RP that much.

      I’m actually getting a bit cheeky and approaching people just roaming around out there and have had some good “walk-up” RP in the last couple of days, thank goodness.

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