Slow Down…Life Is To Be Cherished

March 15th

Dear Journal,

This is indeed a strange land that I have brought myself too.   I can also see why these people have awakened the Sha in my homeland.  As I wander the streets of Stormwind, all I see is a constant rush and press of people – their emotions are raw and fully exposed at all times.  Is there no one here that tries to control themselves in the manner of my people.

I saw a group of little children fighting with one another on one of the bridges about a dolly.  Oh, they fought fiercely for something so trivial and you could feel the anger in the air.  Even their children let their emotions fly out into the atmosphere without any thought of the consequences. 

My Masters would be appalled if we had acted like this as cubs and I am sure that our parents would have been quick with their own discipline. 

I am filled with wonder and awe at the city and its people and saddened at the same time. They have no thoughts of taking things in moderation.  They rush like ants from an anthill to gather what they need to carry back to their homes where I am sure there must be fighting there too.  Our teachings of taking things at a slower pace must be lost on the ones that are in my homeland. How do their leaders keep control over such mayhem?

There is a beauty to this place though.  It is different and everything seems to have to be made of stone and wood to make it last.  I found their place called a Cathedral and I will admit that I stumbled a few times as I entered the door.  From the outside the building is huge, however, on entering the building, it is even larger than I expected.  I did not get the feeling of inner peace in there as I would have felt upon entering one of our temples though, which is what I was searching for.

I know that I am holding fast to the disciplines that I was taught although it is rather difficult.  The constant pressure to rush from one place to the next is almost palatable. I find myself even starting to hasten my pace from one task to the next and spend many hours meditating to alleviate the stress that builds up in one’s mind after several hours of exposure to this.

Slow Down!  I was trying to explain this to one of the people that I had met and they looked at me not only as a stranger in their land but one with diminished reasoning power.  I was trying to explain that it takes hardly any time to stop and look at a flower – see how the petals are attached, see the way the veins in the petals are feeding it from the roots to make the flower grow and live a longer life with its beauty.  Slow Down!  Enjoy and savor life – do not rush through for you may never see it again. Take joy from the small things in life, it isn’t always a good thing to have a better thing than your neighbor – at what cost will it take from life to have these things.

Ah well, I have found another monk here in Stormwind and we try to rationalize the things that we are seeing and are finding that we need to seek out higher wisdom.  We are both rather baffled at the urgency that this people seem to crave or need in order to exist. 

I have found several places here in the city to take some time to rest – there is a place where their mages go for learning and  a small park there.  I rarely see one of the citizens take the time to look at the beauty and to admire the trees.  It is truly beautiful and if you get away from some of the buildings, there is a certain kind of natural peace that will envelope you for a short time.

This is indeed a strange land and very much unlike anything that I have ever seen.  I will study these people and try to understand what drives them so intensely.


2 thoughts on “Slow Down…Life Is To Be Cherished

    • Poor Chang is roaming around being totally baffled by this new land and it’s people – rush here, rush there – he is totally perplexed by it all and is working very hard to try to understand it.
      ((ROTFL his frist exposure was having someone fly in and take his ore that he just finished fighting a mob for – yep, he’s perplexed. ))

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