Old Memories…and The Joys of A Home

*Language warning – if you’re sensitive to swearing and blunt talk, please don’t read this.*


March 16th

Yo Book!

I’m just lying here in this new bed at the farm, enjoying the feel of clean sheets and feeling the joy of actually owning my own fucking house.  I never knew this is how someone felt when they actually “owned” something because I’ve never had the privilege before.  Fucking Awesome!!  I can look around the house and everything in here is mine – got a new armor stand, a new set of dishes, a new rug and some books to read when the mood strikes me. If I want to fart in my bed, I can – it’s my bed.

All of these damned years, I’ve lived in Ranger camps, in the orphanage in Shattrath and in Fnor’s houses.  I’ve never lived in a house that I hold the fucking deed on.  It’s not much, it’s mine though and I can kind of understand why Fnor always acts like he has to have the best in his houses – it’s just that pride of ownership and the ego that it feeds.  It’s not a bad thing, however, in wartime, you never know what is going to happen.  I mean, look at fucking Dalaran, the house that Fnor had there was a fucking palace – now, he can’t even go there and it doesn’t belong to him because that Alliance bitch confiscated everything.

As I sit in this bed this morning, I’m thinking about how Felessa and I grew up in Shattrath.  Sure, being an orphan isn’t the end of the world but it sure does give you a fucking rough start in life.  You don’t have anything of your own – you have to share with the other orphans or the Matrons get pissed off.  I can’t tell you how many ass-warmings I got when I wouldn’t want to share what I felt like was my stuff. We had to fight for everything that we held dear.  Poor Felessa always got the short-end of the fucking stick because she was so small, even by Blood Elf standards, and she knew that if she cried, they wouldn’t hurt her much more than they already had.  Yeah, I used to stick up for her and I was usually the one that got caught throwing that last punch. At least now she is living in Silvermoon and going to school and doesn’t want for anything thanks to the Morningstar family and myself.

Oh, the things that I used to do to keep us together in Shattrath.  Sometimes potential parents would come in to look at the kids in the orphanage and Felessa was always a favorite, however, most of the time, they didn’t want her older brother to come with her to their “new” family.  Oh, the things I used to do to Fel to make her ugly were terrible, I’d cut her hair ugly or put stuff like rocks or even a bug in her diapers that would bite her to make her cry a lot.  Sometimes the shoe was on the other foot and they would want me and not her – I would usually start swearing and acting like I was a bit touched in the head, which didn’t take all that much effort, come to think of it.  I didn’t want her to be taken away from me and I think as she got older, she didn’t want to leave her brother either.

Hell, even our fucking name is something that we’re not sure of.  Dawnglory was a name that the Matrons made up for us.  When our parents dropped us off there with just a note in Felessa’s basket and me sitting there like a lump, all it said was that they couldn’t take care of us and find us a good home.  Like we were fucking puppies or something.

Well, they found us at dawn, hence the Dawn part in the name and the glory came from the fact that Felessa was a beautiful baby with a glorious head of almost white hair.  Dawnglory – that’s the name they gave us. I knew my first name and I knew Felessa’s first name, so, we’re lucky they didn’t decide to hang some awful names on us like Liam and Delilah or something weird. Of course, there were a shitload of kids in the orphanage because that’s just how it is.  I mean there was some war going on somewhere and people were pushing out kids and then going ” Oh shit, I can’t take care of this kid.” and dropping them off almost daily in Shattrath.   There are quite a few people named Dawnglory in Silvermoon, I’ve found out, however, I don’t that we are related, it’s just a name.

It was a rough life, a hard life but I think it made me a fucking better man. At least we didn’t end up in that orphanage in Nagrand – that is one weird ass place, it gives me the creeps to just stop by there now and again.  Yeah, the Morningstars are constantly contributing to the orphanages when they can.  I give to the one in Shattrath more frequently than any of the others because it was my home for a long long time.

When I went to Silvermoon to become a Ranger, I took Felessa with me even though she was under-age still.  We had a room right off Murder’s Row – what a hell hole and dump that was.  I would made poor Fel stay in the room when I would go off for my training and bring her back food from the camp.  Poor little thing was frightened to death most of the time.  At least our lives took a huge change for the better when I met Fnor. He was kind enough to help us out by moving us out of that area – Felessa and Faendra actually ended up in the same foster home when we had to go out on assignment to the Barrens – that’s where they became best friends.  They are pretty close to the same age, from what I can fucking figure. Not only was Fnor my commander at that point, he became my mentor, benefactor and best friend – which is still pretty true today.

Wow, you’ve come a fucking long way, Dawnglory!  From real rags to almost riches.  I’m not a rich man but I can support myself and keep sending money home to take care of Felessa in Silvermoon – her schooling, clothing and whatever else she might want or need.  She won’t ever be one of those debutantes because of the lack of “bloodlines” in our background but she has a good shot of fitting in anywhere in that society that she chooses – money opens a lot of doors that would be closed to the less fortunate.

Oh, all of this strolling down memory lane is taking the buzz off my happiness – I like to think about it now and again and see how far we’ve come.  Felessa and I may not be the cream of the crop for fucking bloodlines, however, we can pay our own way.  Some day she is going to be one heck of a healer and I hope that she doesn’t have to go through all of the things that I have in my life.  I’d be happy if she set up a practice with some doctor there in Silvermoon – a good doctor, not one of the “quacks or us” kind of doctor. 

I guess I should get off my ass and start doing something other than just bask in the glory of my home ownership, however, it’s fucking awesome.  I can hardly wait to bring my sister up here to visit sometime – oh hell no, not now, she’d probably hide in the house and never stick her nose out.   I need to do a few more things around the farm today, I’ve had a virmen invasion near the fence close to Fnor’s farm and if they get over there, there will be hell to pay, I’m sure. Wish that dog would help take care of the damned virmen instead of trying to sneak into the house or be out there digging holes all over.

Fnar Dawnglory

Owner of Plantation Farm

Halfhill, Panderia




2 thoughts on “Old Memories…and The Joys of A Home

    • ROTFLMAO – well, he’s still amazed that he’s owning anything because he never has before other than his armor, mounts;etc. Kind of nice to have a place to hang your hat – of your own. He’s ecstatic, now, we’ll see how he does when some goes awry. 😀

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