Living In Orgrimmar

March 18th

Dear Journal,

Well, Brianca and I are enjoying our new digs in Orgrimmar, however, we’re not enjoying the noise or the dirt.  We had some noise in Undercity, not like here and we had a certain amount of dirt – not like here.  It’s also very crowded with people, living people, which is disturbing enough.

Sometimes when we wake up from our sleep, we’re covered in a fine coating of dust, the red earth that covers  all the streets are in Orgrimmar and we usually wake up to the sounds of some Orc yelling across the Valley to another one.  These Orcs don’t do anything in half measure – it’s always loud and it’s always one of those things that you can’t ignore.

I guess that everyone is supposed to get ready and head to Panderia as soon as they can.  We’re not going yet and it’s going to be a long time before we do go.  We take orders from our Lady and we will do as she says, not this Hellscream person.

I’ll admit that it was my idea to move here because I thought that it might be busier and I could find more work to do, even as a Forsaken, you need money to survive even in death.  However, we are both weighing the thoughts of that. Even Bri likes the idea of more money.

I had a Tauren step on my foot the other day and I am still trying to put the bones back the way that they should be, I don’t think that my big toe will ever be the same, it kind of sits off at an angle that I am still working on.  Makes my boots feel a bit off, if you know what I mean. It was much easier to find spare parts in Undercity and you didn’t have to make-do with fixing things yourself.  If I can’t get this toe fixed by tomorrow, we’re going back to Undercity to get a replacement.

Brianca and I have been enjoying the Barrens quite a bit because the game is so plentiful, even if we do run into a Blood Elf every now again that make a point of pulling out a handkerchief to cover his or her nose as if we smelled bad.  We don’t smell, we just look like we do. Well, I take that back, we might smell but we’ve either gotten used to it or our noses aren’t working like they should.  We just know that we are making money with our pelts and we do get a free meal out of it now and again.  Sometimes we even get too close to the barrier between Northern Barrens and have an occasional Night Elf. Tastes like chicken.

Traveling hasn’t been all that bad for us, although, we do seem to hit the hottest points of the day and there isn’t a tree in sight.  Of course, I’m sure that it wouldn’t bother most people, living people that is, however, you know when you’ve been in the sun too long and you get that sizzling sound coming off the top of your head.  Yep, we don’t get sunburned, we just cook.

We’ve found a couple of places in the Barrens that Ma and Pa would have approved of for farming.  We have been trying to find out if they are for sale or not because the more noise we hear in Orgrimmar, the more we think it might be a good idea to live away from the city.   The one place looks like it has been abandoned for a while although the buildings seem to be intact pretty much and there are hardly any ghosts hanging around – we think we can convince those to move along if we just take the place over.  Must have been owned by Tauren because we could have ten friends in the house with their coffins and we’d still have plenty of room left over.   Oh well, it’s something else that we can look into if we’re going to settle down permanently here in Kalimdor.

Oh great, Bri just woke up sneezing again.  Looks like we’re going to have to go back to Undercity much faster now than we were planning on going for my foot – I caught her nose before it flew out the window, however, I have no idea how to put it back on her face.

Hazey Smythe






2 thoughts on “Living In Orgrimmar

  1. Forsaken are those kind of races, you either love them or hate them. It takes a huge committment to carry them througth to the very end,and I commend those who can do it.

    • I definitely enjoy my two “girls” – they bicker and fight with each other as only sisters can and they are having a huge adjustment to doing things these days with Orgrimmar being so crowded. I don’t get to play them as much as I would like too due to the fact that I am spending more time on my capped characters grinding rep. ROTFL, they are actually the first pair of many that I started “box” leveling and they are a riot together.

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