Making Money – The Goblin Way of Life

March 18th

My Journal,

Well, I know that some of the people aren’t going to be happy with a goblin deciding to put in another way to make money.  These mooks have no clue what it means to make money and to keep making it.  I’m a quick thinker and how to stay ahead in the market is the name of the game.

I sent a letter to the owner of the company while he is in Panderia fighting the war and he approved it.  Yep, yep, he’s not one of those stupid Blood Elves. He has good head on his shoulders and he sure does like to make money, although he leaves it to me, my sister and my Uncle Zed to come up with these new innovative ideas.

Here’s the idea sent to the Boss.

We already have a bunch of people out in the field, you know – hunters, herbalist, miners, you name it, we got it. We also have a few out there doing archeology – that’s where the big bucks are happening these days – anything old and buried in the dirt will make a ton of money.

We are going to make our field people study this archeology thing and start looking for those buried treasures while they are filling their other contracts. Now, I know that some of the employees are going to balk at this; however, I added a quota system that should make them more compliant.  So many finds and you get a bonus, after you turn in your finds to the company – already have an area in the warehouse set up where we can store them – then, we sell them. I mean it’s all old crap that most people wouldn’t want; however, the demand is still there enough to where we should be able to capitalize on it. 

I’m not your average shaman and I’m not your average goblin.  I’m in this job because I want to make more money than Gallywix.

As luck would have it, my first test subject just happened to be Dawnglory, the co-owner of the company and he said that he would be willing to give it a go.  He had come to Orgrimmar to check on the company and chase the Boss’s sister around a little bit – well, the sister of the boss is also the Office Manager and she’s probably upset that I sent this guy out to test my idea out.  He’s normally up in Panderia with the boss – well, he was taking a couple of days off and I think that he was looking for a way to get out of the city for a while. 

I know he brought in a bunch of stuff already – Night Elf treasures, some Dwarf stuff, some Troll stuff and a lot of those other things.  All kinds of stuff that most people would think are junk but I’ve already sold a bunch of it this morning, taking my cut off the sales while I was at it. 

Dooddah and Uncle Zednick have gone out to give their ideas on the project too.  They seem to like it a lot and Uncle Zed has brought back the most.  Well, being a mage, the can teleport himself all over Azeroth and that probably makes it easier than what Dooddah has to go through – land mounts, zeps and boats if she wants to go to the Eastern Kingdoms.

Now, the big money is definitely in Panderia.  Anything having to do with those Pandaren is nothing but gold in the bank.  People are just crazy for it.  It can be a shard of glass pottery and they are just crazy for it.  I guess they like to point it out to their friends that they have stuff from Panderia.  Jade, lots of jade statues and those crazy looking Mogu things.  I know that the Boss send some stuff back to see how they would sell – I didn’t even have a chance to put them on the shelves before they were sold.

Now, we just need to figure out a way to get this stuff advertised better.  I tried putting notices on the door and on the War chief’s Board and that seems to work, although, word of mouth seems to be working too.

I’m sure that the Boss is going to be happy with the amount of money this idea is bringing in and I hope that he gives me more of a bonus that he did for the idea being suggested.  He’s a nice fellow; however, he makes sure that his company gets the lion’s share of any profits.  I always take my cut out of the profits before I post ’em in the books, that way, he won’t expect more money all of the time.

Welp, I’m not going to sit here and just collect money – I can always go out and try this thing out when I can and sell it on the black market – yeah, it may not be the most honest thing but goblins like to make a profit.

We’re still turning a huge profit from the skins, pelts and gems coming from the rest of Azeroth, however, again, that Pandaren stuff is outselling everything.  Guess that Garrosh knows what he is doing by sending everyone up there – he’s probably rolling in the gold.

Well, I had better get busy and start putting this stuff on the shelves for when people come in to see what we have- I put a sign on the front door that we were now carrying archeological treasures and we’ve had quite a few visitors this morning already. The Office Manager isn’t too happy with people just walking in, so, she told me to get some more people to escort people through the warehouse so they don’t steal stuff.

Zippie Prattfall



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