Yikes!! No Internet!

March 18th

Oh, the joys of technology and the woes of the internet.  I’m already going through the withdrawal of not having access to the internet – you don’t realize how much you have become reliant on that means of communication until it freaking dies on you. Now, I’m waiting for the repair guy to show up and hopefully fix my issues.

At approximately 11:15 p.m. last night I was busy in World of Warcraft, grinding out those last few point for archeology before I took my character to Panderia to claim the riches up there.  I haven’t ever been a real fan of Archeology, however, since the treasures in Panderia have some good trinkets and weapons for my alts – I’m on it now.

I never realized how much fun it was because the old content Archeology used to be a royal pain in the backside.  You’d get maybe three items from each site and you’d fly most of the time to the next spot with the same result – incredibly  a grinding chore.  Now, it’s a lot faster and you get more loot from each site than you did before – amazing.

My poor character was actually at the last site showing on the map, at that point, in Kalimdor for Night Elf treasures and was actually in the process of getting an item when my internet kind of took a sabbatical on me.   Poor fellow is still out there and trying to pick up that loot as far as I know. I’m having thoughts that my poor guy is out there getting chewed on and unable to move – yeah, I know, you disappear when you disconnect, however, in my mind he’s still standing there.

Put in the call to my ISP and was told that there was an outage in my area, which doesn’t happen all that often.  Of course, I got up this morning at my usual ungodly hour to retrieve my poor character and start the day with a few more treasure troves to max out the profession – however, no internet – no email, no blogs to read with my cup of coffee.  Yikes!  I’ve been moved back to the Stoneages without any other recourse other than calling the ISP again and getting an appointment that will be between ten and noon.  Seems my modem has decided to give up the ghost and since I “rent” that as part of my service- you bet that I am going to wait.

I haven’t started drooling or pacing yet, however, it might happen soon.  I hate sitting here with my computer, all dressed up and no place to go in Azeroth or even to read my emails.

At least my appointment window will be soon – not the Blizzard kind of soon or I’d probably be outside chasing parked cars – I’m old, so they have to be parked for me to catch them.


Obviously, the crisis of no internet is now over!! Even modems have a lifespan, I guess.  However, I’m back and ready to pick up where I left off.


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