As It Should Be

Written in very cursive script denoting the maturity and education of the author.

March 19th

Dear Journal,

I made it back to the farm where I know it is peaceful and calm for a few hours of respite.  My bones are weary from too many hours in the saddle and too many hours running with my troops.  I’m definitely out of condition from sitting behind a desk for too long and it is taking its toll on my body. As weary as I may be and my body aches from the unusual activity that I have been away for too long, I’m actually happy, I feel more alive than I have in months. Not since Winter Veil and I was able to enjoy some time with my family – that desk was killing me.

I’ve already taken my armor off and put it on the stand, I’ll clean it in the morning, it needs cleaning after the action that I have been in for the last couple of days. I did what I love to do, recon and stalking the people that don’t even seem to know that I am there – I still haven’t lost my touch there, although I was a little sloppy on the first one, he was able to get out a cry that warned a couple of his friends before I ran my blade through his throat.

 The skirmish that incurred at that point was minimal, Pan did his job that he has done all of these years and was able to cover my back as I dealt with one fellow that apparently didn’t realize that a Ranger has all manner of weapons at his disposal.  My bow is my lifeline, yes, however, it also serves me well for close fighting on occasion. Yes, the adrenalin that I thought was no longer a part of my life made its self known and I was on that high for several hours. I think that I impressed some of the men on our patrol, they didn’t realize that the old man had done this activity long before some of them were out of diapers.

I’m sitting here at my table at the farm, the warm candle light flickering from the breeze coming through the open windows while I write in my journal and have a nice glass of brandy. I know that it’s after midnight and I took my time drawing the water from the well to take a proper bath, which I was sorely in need of.  The hot water eased the stiffness of my sore muscles to some point, however, the brandy is taking care of the rest. Just sitting here listening to the night noises of the insects and enjoying being in a robe for a while. Of course, I’m smoking and making sure that I am getting the majority of the smoke out the window as well.  It wouldn’t do for someone to walk in here and start commenting on my smoking again.  Dawnglory hates the smell, I enjoy it and Amyn scolds me because it’s bad for my health.

Yes, I’m exhausted physically, however, my mind is still thinking about the things that I have seen.  At least I know that the officer I was with and his group really seemed to appreciate the pointers that I had to offer and took action with them.  How far you send out your scouts is not only important to guarantee the safety of your squad, it is also important to the scout – they don’t need to feel like they have been hung out to dry and are expendable.  A scout is the lifeblood of the Rangers and should be treated accordingly. Ah well, it was worth the effort and definitely worth the action that we saw.

I really liked the idea that Zippie sent me for the employees working out of Orgrimmar for getting a few extra bucks with archeology.  I’m not going to tell everyone that they have to do it because I know that it is something that not all of us like to do.  I happen to enjoy the activity very much, however, it is something that I do in my leisure time and not a part of my daily activities.   I know that Kal enjoys it as much as I do, although, we haven’t had a chance to discuss it very often…or much of anything lately.

The farm looked good from what I was able to see in the moonlight. Of course, there are always shadows and the night will sometimes hide things that are readily apparent in the daylight.  It still looked good and it felt good when I came in tonight.  It is truly my safe haven from other things in this land and I don’t take advantage of it as often as I should.  It is hard to get away from camp these days without thinking about it even when I get to the farm.

I sent another letter off to Orgrimmar requesting more reinforcements for Krasarang Wilds  because if we’re splitting the battalion up and going North to Kun’lai we still need to keep the troop level fairly high so the troop movement isn’t readily apparent to the Alliance.  

I can’t understand the lack of reinforcements because we’re still fairly early on in this war. Our initial groups that landed in Panderia were for scouting purposes and were treated accordingly, however, since our Warlord has decided that his need for war is more important, we need more troops to support that. I will wait a few days to see what kind of response I get from the powers-to-be and if it isn’t positive, I’ll have to make a trip back there personally to see what in the heck is going on with the Council.

Still no word from my wife. I have tried very hard to not let this take over my every waking moment, however, there are days when it is preying constantly on my mind.  It’s not like her to not get word to me like this.  All she has to do is to get word to Kal that she is okay and that she is here in Panderia, if that is true. She has to know how much I love her and that I am not going to wander away from the commitment that we made to one another when we were married in the Sindorei fashion a few months ago.  Was it only a few months ago?  It seems like it has been years in some ways – we were mated in the Kaldorei fashion for years, however, she wanted the Sindorei ceremony to make sure that all of our bases were covered and we were more acceptable as man and wife with the friends that she had made in Dalaran. She has been my mate, wife, lover and best friend for years even if I was too stupid to realize it. 

I do think about all of the years that she was relegated to being my mistress instead of her proper station in life and I am ashamed of myself.  I was young and shot in the backside with romance and adventure back in those days.  I could afford to keep a mistress and our children hidden away from public view, not realizing how it must have made Amyn feel.  I’m surprised that she put up with it for so long.  I’m glad that things turned out the way that they did because now, even with this separation, I am happier than I have ever been in my life.  My family life was fairly stable before all of this activity started in Panderia.  We can thank our Warchief for the stupidity of the war.

I still think about Dalaran and the changes that have happened there and it saddens me in a way that it shouldn’t.  I had spent years accumulating wealth and fashioning a home there and for all of it to be wiped away on the whim of a some mad woman in retaliation for what happened in Theramore is almost beyond my comprehension.  Of course, the wealth I was able to shift my family and my wealth and family before all of the trouble came to visit, however, the home that I had built there is lost forever.  A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the building of that home and I don’t think that I will ever do that again.  The months and years that I spent there, remodeling things to suit my tastes – long before Amyn and the children came to live there. It was a symbol to me of my success in life – I could afford to live in Dalaran and isolate a part of my life from the rest of Azeroth.  Now, there truly is no safe haven like that for any of us. I wonder how many of my old acquaintances actually survived the holocaust that visited that fair city? Sure I have other properties and places to call home, however, they will never hold the meaning for me that the house did in Dalaran. The house in Nagrand will probably be the one that I will truly feel more comfortable in due to the isolation of its location and the privacy it offers.  Oh well, I won’t dwell on this for long because our family won’t be as it was again until this conflict is resolved.

I have heard the rumors here in Panderia that Shattrath has become quite the haven for Blood Elves.  I can well imagine that the area has become a bit crowded if most of them immigrated from Dalaran when that debacle came to pass.  It is the only neutral city that we have left, so, I can well imagine that there are all kinds of people of all races living there, as they had been allowed to live in Dalaran.  I would have never guessed that Shattrath would have turned into such a hub for the humanity. I can well imagine how the property values have soared and how crowded it has become in the last few months.  I know that Amyn and I used it primarily for a place that we could raise the children and live together openly, even if there were a few that disapproved of us – it didn’t matter, much as it didn’t matter in Dalaran.  I have heard that a lot of our acquaintances in Dalaran have moved there, however, I haven’t heard anything from that group since I came to Panderia.  Oh well, passing friendships are things that you learn how to accept, I suppose. Maybe one of these days I will get enough leave time to be able to go back and see how things have changed and to enjoy some time in the house in Nagrand.

Oh my, I guess I have been writing for quite a while and drinking this brandy because I can tell that dawn is about to break and I haven’t even gone to bed yet.  I suppose that I will be rather fatigued by staying up like this, however, I think that I needed to take this time for myself. Pan is already lying on the rug next to the bed and snoring, silly cat knows how to sleep without a care in the world it seems. So, it’s off to bed with me.  I hope that Kal is home on his farm when I wake up, I need to talk to him at some point – we can meet outside of town so that we won’t garner any added attention.  I hope he has had some word from his Mother.


Fnor Morningstar


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