Almost There

March 20th

Dear Journal,

I will admit that everything that Kal and my Sindorei have told me about this land has been true.  I’m still mesmerized by the beauty and the people. I can see how one could lose them here quite easily although; I have a goal that I still haven’t reached yet. So many rolling hills, plains full of beasts and large birds that will sometimes attack us from the air.  I can see snow-capped mountains off to the North and I wonder if it will be like Northrend in some ways, minus, the few remaining Scourge.

The fighting has been fierce a few times and I know that some of the other Sentinels are relishing every skirmish that we’ve encountered.  I am always catching myself trying to make sure that one of these people isn’t someone I know when we attack.  So far, I have hesitated once in drawing my bow and it almost cost me my life. 

When I look at the map, it doesn’t seem like that Halfhill place is that far away, however, it does seem that we are taking a circuitous route for some reason. It’s not my place to question what the officers are doing; I just have to follow the orders that are given.  I’m not even sure that Kal or my Sindorei are there, I’m sure that it is a huge area – it looks huge on the map and it’s made up of many different farms or so I have been told.  I’m just anxious to get there.

I know that I long for the day when I can finally see my husband and my son again.  There are times that I am filled with such yearning that it actually has caused several people to ask me if there is something wrong and I tell them that there isn’t.  Sometimes I tell them I am homesick for my children, especially after I have spent some time in a village talking with the little ones.  I do miss my children, all of them.

At least I know that I only have a few more days to wait before we reach Halfhill and I want to outsprint the rest of the group and get there faster.  What will await me there?  I have no idea what it will actually be like because I only know what Kal and Fnor told me when they were home at Winter Veil.  I am expecting all manner of things; however, I am expecting to find my husband there.

I have written to Kal a couple of times since I have been in Panderia and I always insert a small note for my husband.  I haven’t heard anything back from Kal and I ‘m not even sure he got the letters.   I’ve also written my parents in Dolonaar and I have heard back from them, so, at least I know the little guys are doing well and the mail service works in that direction.

The days all seem to flood together here, we are always on the move and we’re always finding more things that are new and fascinating.  So far, the Jade Temple was the largest of the temples that I have seen so far and it was beautiful.  I can’t explain how you feel when you walked into the Temple Grounds, it was a very peaceful feeling and I noticed that I wasn’t the only one that was feeling that because some of the other women were relaxing as well.  There was no danger here that we could perceive at the time.  Once again, I was astounded by the beauty of the place; it gave me a feeling of being home in a strange land.




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